DEVELOPER SPEAK: Music industry professional Brian Mulligan helps Jamestown Revival fans connect via universal Windows app built with App Studio

The Agency Group is a global talent agency that services top talent from numerous industries, including music. Brian Mulligan, assistant to the senior vice president, manages bands’ tours, and their show schedules. In the course of his work, he became concerned about the fragmentation of his bands’ identity across the myriad social media properties fans… Read more

Windows Phone 8.1, the smartphone of choice for business

In April, we announced Windows Phone 8.1 and with it we introduced several key features that were developed specifically with business customers in mind. Today, Windows Phone 8.1 is the smartphone of choice for many businesses – across the globe and across industries. Windows Phone 8.1 is uniquely differentiated in a number of key areas,… Read more

//publish/ – connecting the world’s developers results in innovative apps

In May this year, we wrapped up the incredibly successful //publish/ event series—imagined by developers for developers to connect developers worldwide at the same time. While Microsoft organized events across 60 locations, Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) community organized numerous satellite events all over the world. //publish/ succeeded in both of its goals. First, we… Read more

Wordament: The developer story of one of Windows’ most original and compelling hit games

If you’ve been following Windows Phone for any amount of time, you are likely familiar with the popular game Wordament. This multiplayer, original word puzzle game was initially developed by two Microsoft employees in their free time. Neither were professional game developers, but they had a passion for software that was clearly demonstrated in their… Read more

Opportunity: Target Windows with your Unity Games. Hands-on training and offers to help you get started

If you are a game developer today, you know how critical Unity is; the Unity toolset and cross-platform game engine is used by developers to build some of the most compelling games being released today. Microsoft is taking steps to ensure that it’s not only easy to build outstanding Unity games for Windows, but also… Read more

Swarm now available for Windows Phone

In 2009, Foursquare launched aiming to help people do two things: to help people keep up and meet up with their friends and to discover great places. Over time, Foursquare realized that when people opened their app, they were almost always doing just one of those things. So in May, Foursquare announced that they will… Read more

Respond to reviews and PayPal payout option available to more Windows Phone developers

Expanding Respond to Reviews to more developers Last April, we announced that the option would be available for developers to respond to user reviews. This new capability enables developers to respond to reviews of Windows Phone apps directly from Dev Center. The feedback from all developers who have been able to respond to reviews has… Read more

4 tips for a standout Start screen on your Windows Phone

For me, the Windows Phone Start screen was the catalyst for leaving my iPhone behind. It’s just SO much better in terms of customization, personalization…basically any kind of -ization you can think of. (You probably already know how to resize/move/add/remove Tiles on Start, but I have you covered if you need a refresher on Tile… Read more

Award-winning GamePho app and Windows 8.1 empower gamers with multi-screen, converged experiences

Emre Taş recently received support from App Campus to develop and launch the two-match puzzle game, Witch Potion, in the Windows Phone Store. Taş is the CEO of the Turkish development firm Alictus. Impressed with the features and performance of the 8.1 platform, he is excited about porting his award-winning motion-controller app, GamePho, to Windows…. Read more