Inside Windows Platform – Inside Microsoft OCR Libraries

In this episode of Inside Windows Platform, we talked with Ivan Stojiljkovic, the Dev Lead of the OCR team at Microsoft. OCR is acompelling developer scenario which can empower all sorts of useful mobile apps. Microsoft has been developing OCR functionality for its apps for some time now. In order to get real world data, the OCR team first published… Read more

Windows 10: A Store That’s Ready for Business

I’m excited to share this next chapter in our Windows 10 blog series, focused on enhancements we are making to the Windows Store – all of which are designed to help organizations acquire, create and deliver apps the way they want. This is a logical follow-up to our post on manageability choices in Windows 10…. Read more

Redesigned Foursquare app now available for Windows Phone

Foursquare makes two apps today: Swarm, which helps you keep up and meet up with friends, and then Foursquare, which help people discover great places. They launched Swarm for Windows Phone back in August. And today, they are launching their redesigned Foursquare app for Windows Phone. If you already have Foursquare installed, you should receive… Read more

Developer Matthew Carlson’s ‘touchable’ email app relies on Windows 8.1; creates a superior user experience

TouchMail leverages gestures, visuals, and the power of touch in its innovative email app that makes it possible to find and organize email faster than ever before. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Carlson along with CTO / Co-founder Alex Frank built TouchMail for Windows 8 and easily transitioned to 8.1. Their usage data revealed that developing… Read more

IT Pros: Want to learn more about Windows 10?

We will be hosting a webcast through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, exploring the enterprise capabilities in Windows 10. You can sign up now for this four-hour event, hosted by Simon May, through the event sign-up page on the Microsoft Virtual Academy website. During the webcast, we’ll talk about the enterprise vision for Windows 10, as… Read more

Passionate Windows developer, Rudy Huyn, shares how he obtained 15 million downloads

French developer Rudy Huyn is a passionate Microsoft MVP whose apps have been downloaded over 15 million times. He has successfully monetized his apps by engaging and communicating directly with his users. A big fan of Windows Phone, Huyn suggests that his recipe for success is that he cares more about responding to users and… Read more