11 unforgettable Windows themes

A day or two after I published my last blog post, I suddenly realized that I’d completely forgotten to mention one of the new themes I’d been the most excited to bring you – Panoramas of Europe! So this time, I’m making sure to talk about it first. This theme is huge in several ways… Read more

Windows themes from dawn to dusk

Do people still read the Iliad? I studied it in school, mumble years ago, and one of the few things I remember about it is that every single time sunrise is mentioned, it is described as “rosy-fingered dawn” or “dawn’s rosy fingers.” I don’t know about you, but I have never once looked at the… Read more

Windows 7 themes: the quirky wonderland of Chang Fan-Hsuan

Most of the Windows 7 themes on the Personalization Gallery feature photography, but we also have quite a few themes that feature painting, illustration, cartoons, calligraphy, and even sculpture. Some of these themes were coordinated by my teammate Zin, in Taiwan, who reached out to several local artists through Original Content Creator, an association formed… Read more

Windows 7 themes: Escape to the seaside

Some days, all I want is to sail away… or to lie on a beach somewhere, hearing the pounding surf, while I drowse over a book. My two newest themes are for all of you who need a virtual vacation. My hope is they’ll bring you a little bit of seaside relaxation, without requiring you… Read more