July 6, 2009

Can we break it?

We all know how tough Nokia devices are generally (heck, to survive me, they must be!). Every now an then though, one appears to be a little bit tougher than those that have gone before. Some have been designed for sport, some have been designed to withstand more extreme environments. One thing knits them together though, and that’s that they’re tougher to break than regular Nokia devices.

When a new rugged device was shown off internally last month, we felt compelled to put it through its paces. We’re not scientists though, so the tests we proposed were a little more, erm, real world, than those done in the Nokia reliability labs.

What’s more, we got to video all the tests, so over the next few days, we’ll be revealing each test and the result. So, did we manage to break our test devices? Remarkably, no. Each video you watch is genuine and in each instance the phone worked at the end. No, we didn’t use the same device for all the tests as we wanted to give the device a fighting chance, so in most cases we picked a brand new device to conduct our, erm, experiments.

Watch on, and let us know what you think in the comments below. And yes, I know I need to lose weight, improve my swing and learn to catch. Not nearly as much as Mike needs to learn how to make Jelly though!