Join us for IE’s #CakeOut in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 30th

And now, to relay a message from the IE Interns…

It’s a #CakeOut! The IE11 Developer Preview is now available for Windows 7 and to celebrate, Internet Explorer is delivering Kara’s Cupcakes to San Francisco developers! And what goes best with free cupcakes? How about some free web tools to make testing and coding your site easier! With the free tools available on modern.IE, targeting IE has never been easier—in fact, it’s a piece of cake!


Follow @IE and stay tuned at modern.IE all day to see where we’re stopping. If you’re in SF, tweet us your office address and we just might make a special delivery. Not in SF? That’s okay – tweet us anyway because you never know what city we might be coming to next…

The IE intern team loves Kara’s Cupcakes and San Francisco and we’re very excited to meet and cake out with you. And as a bonus, if you tweet #CakeOut, we may get really excited and cake a few interns!*

With love & cake,

The IE Interns

*No interns will be harmed during the #CakeOut. (It was actually our idea!)