Welcome to the Exploring IE blog – the blog for Internet Explorer customers

Welcome to the Exploring IE blog – the blog for Internet Explorer customers

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We’re pleased to announce that today we’re launching a new Internet Explorer blog as part of the Windows family of blogs that will cover a broad range of industry and business topics to complement the existing Internet Explorer Engineering blog.

Since 2004, the Internet Explorer engineering team has been keeping a blog on MSDN: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie where we’ve been covering the development and release of new versions Internet Explorer. Our Internet Explorer Engineering blog will continue to be the definitive place you’ll hear about release milestones, our engineering point of view on topics like video codecs for HTML5, how we’re implementing standards, how and where to file bugs and detail on how we design and implement specific browser features. It is the quintessential voice of the team building Internet Explorer.

Here on the Exploring IE blog we’ll be covering topics we don’t usually cover on the engineering blog to give a broader context to the work we’re doing with customers and partners around Internet Explorer:

  • The Business of the Browser: where we’ll cover some of the interesting trends and discussion topics that surround the browser business. We’ll also provide our point of view on relevant industry discussion topics – for example the recent privacy discussion that resulted from Facebook’s changes to their privacy controls are a good opportunity to share how we think about privacy with Internet Explorer.
  • Around Internet Explorer: where we’ll cover what’s going on around the Internet Explorer business. We’ll cover things like our recent partnership with MySpace and let you know when you can find people from Internet Explorer out on the road and at events like TechEd, MIX, SXSW.
  • Internet Explorer Around the World: the core Internet Explorer team is based in the US but we’ll share some of the neat things happening with Internet Explorer around the world. For example, did you see the IE Experts campaign run recently by our German subsidiary : www.IE8experts.com
  • Tips and Tricks: where we’ll cover some of the ways you can customize and tweak Internet Explorer.

There are some topics which will continue to be covered elsewhere, although we’ll be sure to post links to articles that pertain to Internet Explorer:

On Exploring IE you’re going to hear from several members of the Internet Explorer team, including frequent guest posts from our industry partners and the Internet Explorer community.

Please participate in the discussion by posting in the comments. We’ll be moderating comments using the same basic policy we use for the Internet Explorer engineering blog. In addition to that policy we ask that you keep your comments on topic.

The team and I are excited to start the conversation.

Ryan Gavin

Senior Director, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing

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  • Nice. I'm looking forword to experiencing the IE9 beta version. Here I put forward some new characters I've expected.

       First comes improved, greater functions. Just take the tabs in ie8 as well as ie7 for example. I like surfing different web pages in different tabs, but unfortunately, if one tab gets stuck, I can neither close this tab or turn to other tabs. The only thing I can do is to close the ie window or wait for its response. Hoping ie9 will give me a pleasant surprise on this hand.

      Next follows the interface. Microsoft gave us a new interface when ie7 was released. It is said that ie9 is of a brand new interface. Is it true? Awaiting the surprise arrives!

       At last, as I see it, the icon of ie9 could be in green face.  Ie9'll be born in a time when people focus or concentrate on environment protection. This idea is also available in IT area. With a green logo, ie9 may be more popular and smart. Meanwhile, it sould be a sign reminding users of environment protection.

       Thank you for reading my suggestions.

  • That's awesome Paul.  You should post a picture so people who weren't around in '96 can see what the shirt looks like.  And BTW We've been in touch with kpod here and hope to have something to share with our readers soon!

  • This is interesting and very cool. I am sitting on my front porch having some snacks with my wife and kids. It is hot in Pittsburgh PA (July 2010) so my ice cold Sangria is going down nicely. My kids starting laughing at my T-Shirt that is worn and dated, Midnight Madness 1996 Glow-In-The-Dark. That's right, I am still wearing it, and yes I stayed up and won the shirt that night by hitting the refresh button. I laughed that night because I was certian that most people were filling out the form over and over again without fully understanding that the refresh button was submitting the form over and over until I received success. Wow!! is that elementary for today's technology, but now my daughter (16) is laughing at me and she was only 2 at the time. At that time, I was one of 26k MCSE's before the certification became popular. After tonight, thinking back that far and how much technology has changed since Midnight Madness and how cotton could go through so much over time and still have meaning I have decide to retire my T-Shirt. I am not sure what the future holds for it, maybe frame it, burn-it like an American flag when it is worn out, or auction it on ebay to see if there are any crazy geeks who always wanted one but never thought of hitting the refresh button :-) or donate it to a geek museum. Thanks for bringing it up KPOD. God Bless! Paul in Pittsburgh. paul@3riverswebhosting.com

  • @ James thanks, i'll check it out

  • I like IE 8. I'm really wanting IE 9 now. It will be out later this summer? I hope so!

  • @kpod I have something a bit special for you. Mail me at my first name + first two letters of last name at microsoft dot com.

  • Thanks everyone for the welcome and your kind words.

    @webguy Where/when are you seeing IE display Unknown Zone?  I'll pass your feedback on.

    @Thomas Shields Add-ons can certainly slow down Internet Explorer.  We have a whitepaper that explains how you - and your friends - can investigate and disable poorly performing add-ons.  It also helps with other possible performance issues.  You can download it here : http://is.gd/cRzGC

  • (not to mention  IE8 is the most secure browser in the world)

  • I love IE. But more specifically IE8 + Windows 7. However. It seems wherever i go i am told IE defines slow. But this is anything from true. On speed tests i ran doing a fresh boot of the browser to Bing.com, IE8 came in second, behind Chrome and once or twice behind Firefox. Chrome is fast, but its incompatible with multiple plugins and ActiveX's.

    IE8 is the best combination of speed and compatibility there is. Jonahemery is right. IE gets a bad rap. but not for no reason...its because OEM's and Installers for other programs sneak Google toolbars and other junky addons that grossly diminish  IE's boot time. If Microsoft could stop this, more people would use IE. The problem is, most people don't want to give it a second chance. That's wherer your advertising campaigns you just started will come in helpful. Great job Microsoft. :)

  • Web Guy
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    I know some people get confused when IE displays "Unknown Zone".  You guys could choose more descriptive text.

  • agree with you @jonahemery. I use IE8 now a days and it much much better than any other browser (firefox, chrome).....i feel more secure while using it. if some will ask me to do my e-tarnsation on any other browser i will say NO WAY. And i must say IE has given me enough reasons to feel confident & secure.

    I use IE and i recommend it.

  • Cool. I look foward to the IE posts. I think IE gets a bad rap for no reason. I've been using since IE6 and absolutely loved IE7. It has the best interface by far.

  • kpod
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    I am still waiting for my IE3 Midnight Madness glow-in-the-dark T-shirt to arrive.  I stayed up all night  in 1996 downloading IE3 and received an email from Microsoft indicating I would receive a T-shirt.  I'm still waiting!  Is it time to for me to "let it go"?  Thank you.