New Internet Explorer TV Ad Goes Live Today

New Internet Explorer TV Ad Goes Live Today

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As Brandon mentioned in last week’s post, we’ve started a TV campaign that recreates some notorious internet scams to show how easy it is to fall victim to online attacks. In the first ad we showed real customers giving personal information like their social security number, mother’s maiden name and ATM password to a fake bank to get $500 for opening an account.

The second ad airs tonight during “So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX, 8PM EST. This time, you’ll see customers willing to have a DNA scan and give hair samples.



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  • @achalddave Although I'm not implying a completely causal relationship - browser adoption dynamics are very complicated - but we did see a lift in IE and IE8 share WW and in the US this month.  Check out the latest blog post :

  • @James Pratt

    I understand that the ad would target an audience unlike myself, so I may see the ad as useless. But I tried looking at it from different perspectives, and I still couldn't find an audience that should/could be targeted. It seemed to me like the ad targeted the common, non-geek user. But what I didn't understand was that this common user probably has not switched to Firefox/Chrome/Safari or anything else, and probably doesn't even know what a browser is. That's just what made me a bit frustrated with the advertisement.

    As for my background w/ browsers, I use firefox. I'm a huge fan of Microsoft products, but I'm waiting for IE 9 before I come back to Internet Explorer. I use Windows 7 and Vista. So, I guess I'm the exact opposite of what the marketers hoped for in an audience.

    I guess my final question is, could you tell me what kind of user these ads hope to target? I know you are probably not a marketing executive, but just from what you would think. Please, anyone, add some thoughts.

  • @achalddave I can't really speak on behalf of our senior leadserhip and board who are ultimately accountable to our shareholders but I can share my perspective from the POV of someone who works on the IE Business.  I hope that's OK?

    Let's assume for the sake of argument that we value browser usage share for IE.  I agree it would be fiscally irresponsible to do marketing and ads if we didn't value browser usage share.  There are many reasons that users choose and switch between browsers.  There are 100s of millions of users on the web and it's sometimes tempting to project our personal model for choosing a browser onto the larger market.  From a couple of blog comments, it's difficult for me to be sure where you would fit into our view of the market but it's possible that this ad is targeted at a different group of customers than you.  That's OK.  An ad which tries to appeal to everyone often ends up appealing to no-one.  

    If you're somebody who loves to be on the leading edge of what's happening around browsers, you might want to drop in at and check out demos like Flying Images, Flickr Explorer and Map Zooming to see how we're using the underlying hardware in your Windows PC to deliver amazing performance for the next wave of web applications.  Try the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview alongside your current browser of choice to see the difference.

    I hope this gives you a little more perspective.  Thanks for your question - and persitence in asking it.  Keep up the dialog and interaction!


  • Also, as a different thought, why is my Windows Blog account not linked with my Windows Live account? What were you thinking? [I'm just asking... I'm sure there was a reason, I just want to know what it was.]

    And as I asked earlier, why is there no way to specifically reply to someone's comments and for that someone to get a notification? I asked this earlier, but I don't think I got a reply [I need to check where I asked that, since I wouldn't have gotten a reply if I got an answer.]

  • Being a Microsoft shareholder, I'd really like to know why the corporation is wasting it's money on this advertising campaign. '

    I'm going to repeat what I said/asked earlier here:


    Being such a big company, I'm assuming you all have already thought of this, but I was wondering, why are you advertising Internet Explorer? Advertising will not affect those who made the voluntary choice to switch to another browser [which means everyone who is on Windows and isn't using IE]. Mac users, I doubt, would switch to IE, and even if they did, it would be a very small amount. Linux users would probably only use open-source software.

    I don't see any audience that would switch to Internet Explorer through this advertising. Unless the point is get the IE 6 and 7 users to upgrade to IE 8... I guess then this campaign may actually be helpful [but I doubt this would get many converts to IE from other browsers]. I, like many of my friends [who use firefox/chrome], are not even thinking about switching back to IE, at least not until IE 9 comes out.

    I don't mean to attack IE 8, I just found it odd that Microsoft is advertising IE.

  • filenox
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    I like the add, but I agree with Linux-user: this will not help to get your users back.

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  • mbadsey
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    yeh the statics show that its most used browser, that because I.E is installed by Default,  and is one of the first browsers out, but it is not the best, it is slow, it easy gets viruses, i don't hate Microsoft, they do have good products they just come out slow and take a lot longer than other company's to pick-up there act

  • linux user...u have lost the plot. microsoft runs 90% of the world's computers. it may not win all the battles but it has won the war. IE is good...if it wasn't then 60% of the users of the world won't be using it. it's microsoft's product and it can dish out it's products as it feel likes to it's consumers.

    if you have something better, go use it...stop complaining.

    okay now keep ranting...because with ur safaris and chromes you would not go much further on the internet.

  • mbadsey
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    i agree with "Linux-user", while your promise to users is safe and speed, i feel that is wrong, even from a fresh install of the OS I.E takes its time to work, then you have all of them tool bars, i recommend Chrome or Firefox due to it being quickr and well safer , two things I.E is not, if you plan on taking the market back you need to use all the tricks you have, and get feedback or even use ideas from other browsers and make I.E a must have ,

  • Can Microsoft please stop this ridiculous campaign? Your browser sucks and your campaign only tells lies. Those advertisements of Internet Explorer on the television are driving me crazy. Your browser isn't fast and it isn't safe. It just completely sucks. Please, stop telling those lies.

    The market share of Internet Explorer has dropped from 95% to 60% and Internet Explorer is back at the market share it had in 1999. Now Microsoft wants their users back and keeps on pushing out one advertisement after the other. All of them are full of lies and they only make me laugh. Everytime I see them, I think: "Look how Microsoft is trying to get their users back."

    You've lost the browser war. Just accept it and stop developing browsers. With the release of Windows 8 just don't pre-install a browser. On first boot, just let your users choose between Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

    I've got to agree with achalddave. What are you trying to achieve? Internet Explorer only runs on Windows and those running Windows already have Internet Explorer pre-installed. You're trying to convince people to use the software which already is installed on their system? How about advertisements to get people to use the pre-installed calculator?

    Those who aren't using Internet Explorer just don't run Windows or they're smart enough to switch to another browser. They won't come back if they see those advertisements. Their switch wasn't without a reason. It was a well-thought decision.

  • nice add.

    i agree with starts badly but in the long run it brings good products.

  • @mbadsey Starts off poor? Don't think so dude lol. Doing this stuff is not easy, and stuff always gets better with time.

  • mbadsey
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    Like with most windows things, Microsoft Starts of poor, then slowly drags on to release something good, for example, Office 2010, and maybe The new Windows Live Essential Set but as the beta is like a couple weeks away, so time will tell,