Introduction : James Pratt

Introduction : James Pratt

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Ryan mentioned in his opening blog post that you’ll be hearing from lots of people who work on or around Internet Explorer– both people who work at Microsoft as well as our partners. I wanted to quickly jump on the blog and introduce myself. My name is James Pratt and I’ll be both contributing posts to the blog as well as working behind the scenes with other authors on their content. Outside of contributing to this blog I spend a lot of my time talking to our customers whether they’re individuals who browse, developers, IT Pros and business people. It’s an exciting time to be working in the browser space and I’m especially excited to be involved in the dialog between our customers – Windows customers – and the Internet Explorer team through this blog.

There’s a few different ways you’ll be able to connect with me. I’ll be actively responding to comments on the blog but please, as Ryan asked in our first post, keep them on topic. You can reach me with off topic comments through Twitter at @Soyale or via the more traditional means of e-mail : first name + first two letters of last name at microsoft dot com. You’ll also start seeing me cropping up at technology events. I’ll be sure to let you know through this blog and through Twitter where and when you can find me.



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  • @raghupathy Have you tried disabling poorly performing add ons through Tools -> Manage Addons? The load time column tells you exactly how long it takes the add-on to load each time you start a new tab. Sometimes it can add up to a significant delay. There's more detail here :

  • Hey I have a suggestion for IE. Just make creating new tabs(CTRL+T) seamless.There is always a glitch while openig a new tab.Seriously it's annoying :(. Every other browser in the world can do this then why not IE?

  • Welcome to The Windows Blog James! Great to have you onboard blogging IE awesomeness :-)