Announcing the Beauty of the Web event for IE9 Beta Launch

Announcing the Beauty of the Web event for IE9 Beta Launch

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Starting today, a select group of VIP web developers, designers, bloggers and press begin receiving their invitations to an event we’re holding in San Francisco on September 15th to celebrate the Beauty of the Web and to mark the launch of the IE9 Beta.

Reception for IE9 has been very positive since MIX with over 2.5 million downloads of the platform previews. The most recent platform preview – our 4th – was released last week.

Since space is limited at the event and not many invites have been sent out, I captured what the invite process looks like so everyone could see. Invitees get an e-mail invitation with a link to a special HTML5 website. To RSVP, they have to complete a word puzzle by typing the letters shown on the screen :

Unlock the _ _ _ _ _ _ web

The letters they have to work with are V E A N T I and the solution is a single word.

Once the puzzle is complete, the RSVP button appears so they can RSVP for the event.

Beauty of the Web Invite_sml

Developers are already working hard on some amazing new web experiences enabled by Internet Explorer 9. On September 15th we’ll be able to show you a more beautiful web that feels native on Windows.

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  • raffo92
    1 Posts

    I've tried ie9. The problems are:

    - inability to drag and drop the bookmarks;

    - anomalies for the loading of an address;

    - incompatibility with some toolbar that cause loop error reports;

    - lack of content management;

  • So far I like IE9 Beta. One thing I tried that didn't work was which uses HTML5. Also, Yahoo! mail sometimes doesn't render well.

  • FireRx
    5 Posts

    IE 9 is beautiful. But there is an issue. It will not install on a Windows 7 SP1 beta 172. You have to remove the SP1 beta to get it to install. Hopefully MS will fix this down the road since their both beta software.

  • Obbles
    1 Posts

    I don't like IE, it's been a really crap browser for far too long. It's pretty clear from the blog that these guys are STILL not in the's mentioned in such a perspective that is clearly from one not in the marketplace.....a capitalist will always put their own agenda and that's ok, but, soz dudes, there's viable alternatives....might want to fix your agenda.

  • Looking forward to IE9. When exactly will the download be available. When the announcement is made at the event or tonight at midnight? Thanks.

  • Konally
    2 Posts

    I would be really excited, but I'm still on XP and cannot afford 7 right now. I really hope that the IE team will consider at least revising IE8. You know that it could just be a possibility that people want to upgrade, but can't?

    There is one website that I visit where I have to use Firefox just to get the page to load. With IE it freezes for some reason, and I've done a new installation, I've tweaked it for the best performance, but still the same. Also .gifs run slow, flash isn't optimized as much as it is on the other two popular browsers, some text with Chinese print doesn't show properly on some sites, and another site I visit, the graphic design that's .png won't load in IE, but the other two it does.

    Also I had to use a registry tweak in order to get websites to report that I was using Internet Explorer 8, and not Internet Explorer 7.

    Please at least fix these problems in IE8 since XP users will be stuck with this one permanently.

  • Hey Microsoft please do something unique. You must beat Mozilla and Chrome.

  • Damien
    5 Posts

    @hrasdt Yes yes, bringing it so far above standards from "years ago" that it's even above firefox and chrome today! i think that's pretty good, don't you?

  • Imani
    12 Posts

    @hrasdt I'm sure IE9 will be available for Windows 7.

  • hrasdt
    1 Posts

    So I.E. 9 is bringing its family of browsers basically up to the standard alternatives were at a few years ago? Yay! Now if only they release a version for the better OS...

  • I would certainly love to get a reg code. Can't wait for the beta and all it's goodies. ;)

  • WOOHOOO!!! YES!  Great job MS!  You guys rock!  I am really looking forward to this next release!

  • Windows XP is almost 10 years old... and as hysonmb said, there were a lot ofd people that didn't want to move from 98SE to XP... and I'm sure that's pretty much the same people that now doesn't want to move from XP to 7.

    I started to use XP as soon as I could, even ignoring the fact that my computer was so old that it ran very slow. But I think that all chances in technology are for a good reason. I used Vista and now I use 7. You could say that Vista was a bad OS (it doesn't matter to me if it was or not), but Windows 7 is pretty much like a "finished" Windows Vista. Is all we wanted from Vista, and it works great. I think that the decision Microsoft took about the backward compatibility with XP is correct, and only shows commitment with their new OS.

    ...Anyway, the life cycle of such an old OS as XP is near to its end. Its time to face it.

    I'm sorry I've got a little appart from the main topic of this post: IE9 ;) But talking about new technologies, I encourage you to take a look to the past and current Microsoft Future Visions.

  • IE9 PP's are great.

    And ACID3 score is as delightfull as HTML5 support.

    But it is not enought. Web still suffer from IE 6/7/8 and IE9 wont change it in near feature. Also I have some doubts about development process of IE (will you still improve engine after release or just skip to next version). What about XP users out there? etc.

    However I'm still happy that after IE9 webdevs will have to make just one version of website for all popular web browsers, and second for older IEs.

  • hysonmb
    6 Posts


    Windows 7 is on the fast track and is the fastest selling OS in history. It is finally time for the cold hands to be pried off of XP and users forced to move on if they want to keep up with technology.

    Not supporting XP as I see it shows a stronger commitment to Win7 than there was with Vista. The new Live Essentials will not support XP either and I've got no issue with that personally though not all will agree with that sentiment. The way I see it, if you have to keep supporting old tech, you have to code for the lowest common denominator. This will restrict features that you could get out of Windows 7 because Windows XP wouldn't be able to handle them.

    Reasons to not support XP can go on for many many more lines so I'll just say I am happy that MS is taking a stance and hopefully they continue the move forward from XP. Not saying there's anything wrong with XP, with the amount of people still using it, there is vaild reason for consideration, but at some point we all have to move on. If we didn't there would still be people yelling about how they'll never get rid of Win98SE (remember that battle when XP came out?)

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    Microsoft really tries hard to push the "we want developers to have the same markup everywhere" mantra yet fails to face the reality. That Windows XP is the most dominant OS and that IE9 must support it otherwise around 2012, only Vista Business and Windows 7 will be left for running the oh-so-awesome browser.

  • @waded Do you mean the RSVP button in this blog post?

  • waded
    4 Posts

    The RSVP button doesn't appear to be working.

  • Let the troll alone ;)

    On the other hand, I'm pretty excited about this launch. Is there going to be an online event too, or just that at San Francisco?

    Anyway, I hope I can download it on Sep-15 :)


    Wasting money? Have you used the 4th test drive? It is doing better than firefox in MOST aspects. If you have nothing positive to say move on. Honestly I see you as an anti-IE zealot that would bash IE even if it was the best browser in the world hands down.

  • @greg465... that's your opinion, but it's pretty useless to come to the IE blog and say it in quite that manner. Frankly, most users still use IE, even those of us who use alternative browsers primarily still fall back to IE for sites. Besides, their continued development of IE is what keeps the alternatives busy and viable.

  • Why MS keep wasting money on IE, screw IE, move on

  • Web Guy
    19 Posts

    Nice work I am looking forward to this!

  • For the curious and the stumped, click here for the solution: