A New Browser for the New Year - IE9 Hits 20 Million Downloads

A New Browser for the New Year - IE9 Hits 20 Million Downloads

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As 2010 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look at the changes this last year in the IE world.  At end of 2009, IE 6 and IE7 accounted for 38.51% of internet users, while IE8 had 24.15% of users worldwide.  Fast forward twelve months later, IE6 and IE7 have shed over 40% of users and now only account for 22.98% of users worldwide - with IE6 hitting an all-time low of 13.81%.  IE8 usage on the other hand has increased by almost 40% during the same time.  Combined with the near half-percent of users of newly introduced IE9 Beta, the modern Internet Explorer browsers now account for 34.07% of users worldwide according to Net Applications.

We also launched IE9 in 2010, and the response to the IE9 Beta launch on September 15th has been overwhelming.  IE9 Beta has been downloaded 20 million times since launch in September, and IE9 now accounts for 0.46% of internet users worldwide at year end.  In the three months since the beta launch, we have also released two platform previews and became the leading browser in JavaScript performance as measured by WebKit SunSpider.  We have continued to invest in consumer privacy by introducing Tracking Protection, which helps consumers to identify and block many forms of undesired tracking of their online activity.  We have also seen third-party validation of the security safeguards for consumers built into IE9 with a recent NSS Labs study showing how we lead the industry in protecting our customers against online threats.  And, we continue to see partners tapping into the capabilities of IE9 with over 900 sites having created experiences like Jump Lists and notifications from their pinned sites in Windows 7. 

On behalf of the Microsoft Internet Explorer team, I wish everyone a happy new year, and we look forward to bringing you a more beautiful web in 2011.


Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Product Marketing

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  • hah,IE,growing fast,for me,I'm still waiting for the right time to try IE,though the main use is....



  • This is a bug report on IE 9.0 color management problems:


  • @Spindel: No. I'm sorry, but it doesn't and I'm not the only one who found out that. It's actually a nightmare when you use a IE9.0 on a wide gamut monitor.

    The reason why you don’t notice it is that you probably use a regular sRGB monitor where the problem is not that easy to spot. Try a wide gamut monitor like Dell U2410 and you’ll see what the problem is.

    There are two steps that a Color Managed application needs to support:

    1. Conversion from the profile embedded in the photo that we would like to view with the application. These embedded profiles could be sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto, etc.

    2. Conversion to the user’s monitor profile.

    My tests show that IE 9.0 beta supports the step one correctly, but it fails on the step two.

  • But really, there are so many things that need to be fixed in IE 9. I'm afraid it will never happen and we will, yet again, be going to alternative browsers. Why can't we stop focusing on stupid HTML5 games and fix stuff?

  • Please, if you really want to have a lasting and positive effect, just leave the browser market and delete all copies of IE world wide.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Piotrek
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    Any chance RTM will support some MS apps, like CRM?

  • Ali8
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    What about IE security? Why is that many known unpached exploits?

  • Any estimates regarding the release date?

  • Spindel
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    Peter Kremzar: ICC v4 works fine in IE9.

  • I´m using it since the first day, but it stils a beta. When do you think it will be finished?

  • I really hope the RTM version of the IE9 will be a color managed application as all the major competition is. The beta version isn't color managed but as far as I remember CM was mentioned on the feature list.

  • When will all of the WordPress Dashboard disfunctionalities be solved ? This is driving me nuts having to switch to compatibility mode only to drag a widget from one place to another. Well, this is disappointing.

  • I can't wait till it's finished. I really wanted the rounded corners issue in twitter to be fixed :D