Gilt: Redefining the Designer Shopping Experience with Pinned Sites

Gilt: Redefining the Designer Shopping Experience with Pinned Sites

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Last week, we talked about how Internet Explorer 9 puts sites at the center. Today, we’ll look at Gilt Groupe and how they are redefining the designer shopping experience.

Gilt is an invitation only lifestyle site that offers highly coveted products and experiences at insider prices. Each day, Gilt provides its members with a new, curated selection of merchandise, including apparel, accessories and lifestyle products for women, men and children, home entertaining and decor, along with luxury travel packages and fantastic offers on local services and experiences. Most sales start at noon ET and last only 36 hours, making Gilt an addictive destination for aspirational shoppers from coast to coast.

Gilt recently designed their site to take advantage of IE9 Pinned Site features. When a sale hits, the members are notified and pulled right in. Gilt measures “fast” in terms of customer access and satisfaction. See how Esther Park, Senior Product Manager at Gilt, says it:



Gilt made a designer site experience to match their designer products:

Members are Primed for the Sale – Members of Gilt visit often. They read the Gilt Blog for fashion trends. Sales run daily. So, Gilt Favicons feature a slick GiltMAN logo personalized for men’s style. Women get the classic Gilt logo. About half of consumer usage of the PC is outside the browser. Now, Gilt’s brand is always visible on the members’ Taskbar. It’s one-click away.

A Sale Hits – The Taskbar flashes the Gilt logo when a sale starts. Members are ready for it. Their best 36-Hour Sales sell-out within 15 minutes! Seconds matter, because 10,000+ members hit the site within that minute to purchase. Inventory sells out quickly. Those that pinned the site have an advantage.


Members Come Back Often – Members want to track their purchase. They want to know if an item they missed is back in-stock. Gilt also displays new offers through Gilt City and Jetsetter. Static Jump Lists provides a great solution with quick access for members. Dynamic Jump Lists track the last 10 viewed products.


“Gilt is about inspiring our customers every day to express their personal style.  The new features in IE9 help our customers find their style and engage much faster at the point of sale.” – Chris Connolly, Engineer, Gilt Groupe


Success to Gilt is about customer access and satisfaction. They wanted to:

  • Build their brand and grow membership loyalty
  • Create an inspiring experience that grabs the member at the point-of-sale
  • Be a “fast” experience: get members what they want


Gilt in IE9 is a great example of the new experiences that are possible with sites at the center. Members get what they want quickly without the browser getting in the way. Learn more about how to take advantage of Pinned Sites with demos and code samples.

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  • Wiil the final release load extensions on pinned sites? (for example LastPass)

  • ... I really hope the IE team fixes rounded corners in twitter and the facebook chat issues. I want this to be my main browser but I can't unless things like that are fixed. I have seen so much about website pinning, is it really that important?

  • @xeneize_12 mmmmk... they have like 60% total market share I don't see how that is dead.

  • You have lost the market IE. You are dying out and I'm laughing at you HAHAHA

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    @Ziad, thank you for confirming.  Hopefully the IE or Windows team(s) will address this in vNext.

  • @JohnCz - Updating the overlay icons does require that the site is running. There are other things you can do while the site is not running. For example, try pinning When the site is not running, the jump lists gives you direct access to all the "stations" that you have created.

  • JohnCz
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    Can Overlay icons be updated/activated without a IE9 browser session running?  I was under the impression that wasn't possible.  Are pinned sites actually running a hidden IE instance?  I would try it out myself but I had go back to IE8 due to some other software I'm running.  Thanks