A More Beautiful Web Launches on March 14th

A More Beautiful Web Launches on March 14th

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I mentioned last month that we would be down in Austin, TX for SXSW. Since then there has been plenty of speculation and interest as to what might be happening. Exactly twelve months from the first Platform Preview of IE9, on Monday March 14th we will celebrate the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us.  We will release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 for download beginning at 9 p.m. Pacific.

Dean Hachamovitch and I sat down with Channel9 to talk about this upcoming milestone.

And we still have a few surprises left. There are a lot of new amazing things to share, and we want you to join us.

In Austin we will be joined by some of the most exciting websites and web heroes out there, including Ze Frank. We also have a heck of party planned celebrating the amazing developers and designers who are creating a more beautiful web. We’ll feature live music from Yeasayer, the Head and the Heart, and Fences at Austin City Limits Live the night of the 14th.  It’s a party you won’t want to miss.

But if you can’t make it to Austin, don’t fret. We also want to announce that Dean Hachamovitch will be the Day 1 keynoter at MIX 11 on April 12, 2011. Last year at MIX 10 Dean announced IE9 Platform Preview 1 with hardware accelerated HTML5. Eight platform previews, one Beta, one Release Candidate, and one final version of Internet Explorer 9 later he’s back for more.

In the meantime, we’ll see you in Austin on March 14th! The night will kick off with a press event just before the party. Bloggers, if you are going to SXSW and want to join the press event, send us an email.

And if you’re going to SXSW, follow us on Twitter @IE to keep up with some cool things we’ll be doing on the ground leading up to the party. More to come…

Ryan Gavin

Senior Director, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing

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  • amw52
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  • The March 14th release also resolved the issues (Bug 648598) with the http://www.HTML-5.com/ site.  Thanks!

  • dkb1898
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    "And we still have a few surprises left. There are a lot of new amazing things to share, and we want you to join us." - I saw none of that in the keynote! I like IE9 a lot, but that line was another over promise, under deliver! Are you all taking cues now from the PR disaster team that funs Windows Phone Vista? I'm beginning to lose serious faith in MS, but I definitely do enjoy IE9, the RC and final.

    Now stop the BS, your creating hype and not delivering on it!

  • abm
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    mattc, have you ever used winebottler or similar windows-emulation-environments in ape's apple's mac? It might help you run IE.

  • mattc
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    Hey, would be great if it ran on Macs to.  Not knocking MS here but I can run Safari version 5 on a Mac or a PC, why not IE?

  • Good job IE team. Can't wait. 9 PM central time here, waiting! :D

  • madhon
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    Jordan Ewbank - 4am tomorrow morning

  • What time is 9pm Pacific in GMT? because I really want to watch this live event

  • I am really enjoying IE9 , but I'll keep up with Chrome for only one reason: extensions. I can't browse without then anymore.

  • awesome, the bad thing is that i will have to wait till the 15th, cuz it'll be 12 am when they release it on eastern time, ugh!

  • ...........Awesome....that means uninstalling firefox.......Great

  • I think u done a good job but i dont think it lives up to firefox. No addons and i dont know why but ie9 is still not very smooth

  • Does the RC version have to be uninstalled prior to installing the final version?

  • 7flavor
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    @AlexD77, a separate search box enables things that can't be done with an integrated address bar search. For example, searches you do in Google or Bing do not sync with the one box. Textual descriptions for search providers are no longer shown except in a tooltip when hovered over making it difficult to identify search engines which do not have a favicon. Keyboard usability due to lack of search box is poor in general. For example, it is no longer possible to press Ctrl+Down after Ctrl+E and type the first letter of the search provider to search with it. And *after you have searched with one engine*, you have to type the same search terms if they want to search using a different search provider.

  • abm
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    @commentator, in your connect ticket, you can edit the post with this URL: social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../f69911f0-4459-46af-88c6-da6e93d599a0  (right-click & copy shortcut) and shrink the post.

    @Ryan Gavin, would there be any "feature" update (other than bug-fixes or security patches) in IE9 after the final release? Or those would be scheduled for next version i.e. IE-10. (that would confirm the nature of feedback you guys are expecting for IE9 in future)

  • Down with the DumbBox. There's no way I'm upgrading to IE9 MSFT. IE8 is the last MSFT IE Iteration i'll be using. You've dumbed down this iteration far too much. Firefox 4 will be my upgrade choice. It allows me to use all the features you've removed and justified your decision "By Design". Sorry, but you should have listened to your users and not massaged your UX designer's egos.

  • @chromeuser: Can you please point us a the ratified standards for "CSS3" and "HTML5"? Neither are yet anywhere near complete. Neither are anywhere near being fully implemented by ANY browser vendor. The fully ratified versions aren't expected until 2023 ish.

    As a professional developer of MANY years (I built my first websites in 1994), I can understand your pain in getting IE < v8 to render HTML correctly. But as has been pointed out frequently, IE < v6 came from a time when web standards were few and far between and were very poorly specified which led to VERY poor implementations. Try getting your site to display correctly on Netscape Navigator 4.6/v6 and you'll see what I mean.

    Yes, things are very different today and today (or, in just a few days) Microsoft will be releasing its fully supported, blazingly fast, highly standards-compliant browser. Sure, it's taken them 18 months since IE8 was released, but since this includes a completely new Javascript compiler & execution engine along with a hardware accelerated Trident layout and rendering engine, I think they can be forgiven for making damn sure they did a superb job. I'd have rather waited until now for IE9 than have them ship it last summer when it was half-baked.

  • Microsoft taking over a year to release a new version of such a key and widely used program is still to slow, its good progress and a good product but you need it innovate with products like this faster, the competition, especially chrome, is seemingly releasing new versions every couple of months.

  • And how about this bug connect.microsoft.com/.../ihtmleventobj-put-keycode-fails-in-ie9-rc   which breaks the MSN search field! Also, no response for this issue as of 3/10.

  • "And we still have a few surprises left. There are a lot of new amazing things to share, and we want you to join us."

    suprises? oh boy!! :D  The only bone i've got to pick with IE is that i've got both the Bing Bar and the Favorities bar enabled and installed, but i'd like the Bing Bar to be below the Favorites bar, and no matter what i try, i can't get it. Oh well. Great Job!

  • Sure looks a lot like Chrome- except that it's not as secure, and took a bajillion years to get developed.

  • This is excellent news!

    *** But please listen: ***

    It's essential that you provide an IE9 installer for Windows XP. If necessary make it dependent on a new service pack! People aren't buying the excuses about the OS. Many of us remember IE4 which completely overhauled the OS. The executives behind this strategy must sit in an ivory tower, where everybody in the organisation uses Windows 7. It's not like that in the outside world. This will be a momentous missed opportunity.

  • AlexD77
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    @7flavor  why do you need an extra search box? It's pretty seamlessly integrated now. You get more space for url and search queries, instead of having 50/50 or even less. What is more annoying  is a missing spellchecker. Windows Live has one and i don't really get why IE9 cannot integrate the one...

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    IE9 removes UI elements without any user preference and makes IE GUI very less customizable. Without a dedicated search box and functional status bar with progress bar, I will never install IE9. Even Safari's GUI is more customizable than IE9.

    There was no reason to REMOVE choice which Microsoft gould have given using a simple checkbox preference. Instead you forced the same design on everyone.

  • AlexD77
    9 Posts

    Good. I hope you fixed the problem with crashing of SAP GUI after IE9 installing.

  • It's funny you use the "it's not a standard yet" as an excuse to implement how ever you want. If the fact that there is no standard is the problem, then why to all of the other browsers in the market hover around the same level of compatability while MS browsers are way off on their own. The lack of standards is not the problem, it's your behavior that is.

  • Doesn't matter. All my clients are stuck on IE6 because your implementation was so poorly done and left unchanged for so many years that you left them isolated, with no migration ability out of the dark hole you put them.

    Your browser making privileges haven't been revoked, but the shame you feel for crippling the world of web technology for a decade and counting should have stopped you from afflicting us in the development community.

    You will never be forgiven. Focus on other technologies.

  • Congratulations Microsoft! IE9 is great browser.

  • @chromeuser Yeah, I'm concerned about CSS3 and HTML5 support in IE9--because those technologies are not finalized, thus they are not "standards" (Recommendations to be accurate).  All the standards zealots want a browser that tightly adheres to the "standards"--plus all of *their* chosen technologies that ARE NOT FINALIZED, but none they wouldn't choose.  I think it's ridiculous that they are in there at all.  If you want standards-compliant browsers, you're stuck with old technologies.

  • @Gilly3  I'll concede that talking about ie6 is beating a dead horse- sorry about that. Does anybody else think it's ridiculous that it's taken this long for IE to add in CSS3 and HTML5 support though? Seriously... it's been years. The fact that IE 8 has a "compatibility mode" illustrates that Microsoft's browser has issues.

    Sorry if I come off strong- but if you could see how many hours (which translates to dollars) I've had to spend getting things to work in IE, you would understand.

  • Thanda
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    Showcase HTML5, stream the live music and the parties!

  • I admit I was impressed with the beta but ran into several difficulties that forced me to uninstall it after a couple days. However, I've been running the RC with absolutely NO issues and have really been enjoying it (aside from some cosmetic UI gripes). It's an impressive release, and I'm actually enjoying using IE again.

  • gilly3
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    @chromeuser and all the other MS haters - When IE6 came out a decade ago, it was revolutionary.  No other common browser had the CSS support and speed of IE6.  IE was driving standards and making waves.  

    Yes, by today's standards IE6 is an unfortunate thorn in our sides.  It's unfortunate that it isn't easier for users to upgrade from IE6.  But, if you were there back in the days of writing separate code for NS 4 and IE 4, you might not have as much loathing for it.

  • What an impressive improvement over previous versions.  Great work!

    I look forward to the official release and the addition of a "open previously open tabs at startup" checkbox, like I have in my current default browser.

    (You did add that, right?)

  • ilcredo
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    A nice browser. But one thing is haunting me : why did you change the look of the tabs in the RC? It was very good with round corners and inverted gradient. Anyway, it will be the way it must be.

  • Congrats Windows... it only took you 5 years or so to do what everyone else already does. At least you're now doing your part to rid the world of IE6 or "The Black Plague" as it's known around the web dev office.

  • SvenC
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    Looking forward to the release. Any information about changes to font smoothing? Can we disable that in the release version? See connect item: connect.microsoft.com/.../cleartype-is-always-used-even-when-disabled-in-ie-options-and-window-7

  • This is great! However, I really hope that installing the final release will actually address and iron out this bug connect.microsoft.com/.../new-tabs-not-loading-webpages-successfully that I reported some weeks ago with no response to date! :( Otherwise, it'll seem like I'll be left with a mysteriously broken version of IE9 on my otherwise spotless HP laptop! :\