WordPress.com Provides Pinning to 20 Million Bloggers!

WordPress.com Provides Pinning to 20 Million Bloggers!

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We’ve mentioned the IE9 features WordPress.com is utilizing in an earlier post, but the more we think about it, the more impressed we become. So, we want to dedicate some time discussing a really unique roll-out of pinning and dynamic Jump Lists with IE9 on Windows 7.

As many of our readers know, WordPress.com is popular blog hosting site that lets people create their own blogs with limited effort (and no requirement for backend blogging knowledge – a big perk for non-technical users). They have an incredible user base of over 20 million sites that rely on WordPress.com to share their news, stories, and adventures. You may recognize some of these sites that are hosted on WordPress.com: TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and many others.


To continue providing their users with a truly great web experience, WordPress.com has implemented pinning and Jump List support for every one of their blogs. This means that blogs hosted on WordPress, like the Crazy4ComicCon blog we mentioned a few weeks ago automatically have the capability to pin their site to Windows 7 taskbars. Once pinned, customers can right-click on the favicon and see the last five blogs posted to the site via a dynamic Jump List.

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Why this is great for bloggers?

Like we describe over on buildmypinnedsite.com, pinning gets powerful results! Here are some stats about patterns they’ve noticed from their IE9 users who have pinned their sites:

- Hi5 saw a 200% increase in activity

- 34% of Flixster users read more content via their Jump List and stayed on the site 57% longer

- Huffington Post saw a 49% increase in time spent on the site and Business Insider saw 95% increase in stories read

- Killers’ website noticed that visitors stayed on the site 103% longer

- Pinned users of Gilt.com visited 39% more often and Gilt recognized 45% more complete sales

Additionally, for those WordPress.com bloggers, there’s no work! Because it’s a feature that’s built into IE9, it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. Bloggers should consider all of the Windows 7 customers who visit their site, and encourage them to pin their blog to the taskbar. It’s a great way for their readers to have one-click access to their favorite bloggers’ latest content.

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WordPress.com has taken pinning and dynamic Jump Lists to a new level and is offering their bloggers a tremendous opportunity to drive even more traffic to their blogs.

We encourage you to visit your favorite WordPress.com site in IE9 and try out pinning for yourself!  And, if you are interested in creating a personalized pinning experience for your site, visit buildmypinnedsite.com for more information.

Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Product Marketing

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  • pcolmer
    6 Posts

    It looks like you have to click on the pinned icon to revisit the blog in order to get the jump list to update to the newest content. That is a shame and, to be honest, not what I was expecting. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I had expected the jump list to be able to update itself automatically so that you could quickly see if anything new had been added before going to the website.

  • Nice, great for WordPress users.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Pinning and jumplist are the coolest things besides IE9's performance compared to its predecessors. I use Hotmail jumplist most frequently. I find it a great example of ease-of-access for the web arena.

    Nevertheless, there are few features I would like to have in IE, related to tab management and pinned sites. At the moment, we cannot change the parent site within the pinned item having multiple sites. For an instance; I have pinned Hotmail as an app on my taskbar. Now I have added twitter and Facebook in the homepage of the pinned Hotmail app. Now, considering that all tabs have equal weightage, would it make sense if we expect the jumplist items for fb and twitter as well OR just showing the Hotmail.com entry in the homepage would suffice the user to be able to replace the parent entry (i.e. Hotmail) with the subsequently added ones (Facebook & Twitter)? Right now we can only rearrange among the children tabs and hence the icon adapted from the parent site is glued and to change this behavior, we need to break the group and remake it with desired arrangement. Moreover, it would be great if we have can perform some more batch operations on such groups such refreshing all tabs within the pinned item etc.

    Final question; as there is nothing in jumplist from YouTube till date, but I have pinned my youtube channel on taskbar. In future, if they start providing jumplist tasks would the old YouTube pinned item get updated/refreshed by itself or I would need to recreate it?

  • It's Tumblr time! I can't pin Tumblr to my taskbar, It don't even get the favicon. =\