IE9 with SmartScreen Leads Malware Protection Once Again

IE9 with SmartScreen Leads Malware Protection Once Again

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While the web is a wonderful place, there are many dangers online that can put you and your computer at risk. Your browser is the first line of defense against attacks on the web, and it plays a critical role along with anti-virus and other security software to help keep you safe online. With Internet Explorer, SmartScreen helps protect users from socially engineered malware attacks by stopping them before they have a chance to infect your PC.

NSS Labs, an independent security research and testing organization, released two reports today that show SmartScreen continues to offer industry-leading protection against socially engineered malware. According to the global test conducted by NSS, “IE9 caught an exceptional 96% of the live threats with SmartScreen URL reputation, and an additional 3.2% with Application Reputation.” The graph below compares the test results from various browsers and shows that Internet Explorer blocks up to seven times more malware than other browsers in the global test.


Source: NSS Labs, August 2011 – Global Socially Engineered Malware Protection

Other regional tests released by NSS for socially engineered malware targeted at users in Asia Pacific and in Europe showed similar and consistent results. In all cases, Internet Explorer 9 leads across all browsers in protecting users from these live threats of malware.


Source: NSS Labs, Asia, Global, and Europe Reports (2011)

We continue to improve the quality and protection SmartScreen technology offers to our Internet Explorer users. You can see these improvements in how much faster SmartScreen is in blocking malware over time. Since the October 2010 NSS report, the average time taken by SmartScreen filter to block a threat has gotten 28% faster - and if Application Reputation is considered, then the average time has improved by 85%. Not only has the effectiveness of the technology improved, but so has the speed at which it is able to identify socially engineered malware. For our Windows customers, this means fewer infections and headaches for you.

Internet Explorer is designed with your security and privacy in mind. Innovative features such as SmartScreen and Application Reputation are examples of technologies that help protect you as you browse from an increasingly prevalent threat – socially engineered malware. According to Bruce Hughes from AVG Technologies, “Users are 4 times more likely to come into contact with social engineering tactics as opposed to a site serving an exploit.” As this threat becomes more common consumers need better protection and the SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer is designed to directly address this threat.

When it comes to browsing the web safely, your browser choice matters. If you haven’t already done so, download Internet Explorer 9 and experience a safer browsing experience.

Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Product Marketing

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  • Wow great,  now how about not making this crappy browser not such a pain to code for. Seriously do you guys even look at standards or CSS3. I cant believe how small the list is of features it actually supports. All those annoying work arounds that we have to deal with as web developers is because of IE. Here is an average day of how things go, hey looks fine in firefox, chrome, safari. Lets check IE. Nope.

    Theres a good reason why IE is only 22% of the usage these days with even chrome surpassing it now. Perhaps you guys need to rethink what youre doing.

  • Web Guy
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    Roger, we love IE9 and use it at our firm.  We do have a problem with "Trade Gothic" font however as it is our company standard.  It is rendered as gibberish in IE9. Please direct me to the appropriate resource to help in this regard.

  • I own a repair and retail computer corporation and have not experienced  the problems with IE8 and IE9 that some people complain about. What IE problems most of our computer users are experiencing are usually caused by outdated software from vendors or viruses due to illegal downloading. IE8 and IE9 have had some minor problems but we have always been able to resolve them or they have been fixed with future updates. Overall I have been satisfied with IE as our main browser usage.

  • You HAVE to be kidding me.. Nothing in my life , not my ex, not my teenage daughter has given me more grief than IE. IE is the single source of wasted of time and effort I have ever encountered in my life. IE is garbage. A skid mark on the ass of humanity. Just die already or rewrite it or base it on webkit

  • cobolz
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    HO Why You boasted he is rotten and bug bug bug

    Internet Explorer 8 or 9 are the ones that made ​​me go to Firefox because they are really not good.

    At my job of 68 computers of my customers 65 of them to be bug.

    No virus and spyware

    The image "because this page has an error" or "iexplorer has caused an error" is so common that I think emme it comes with 9 and  iexplorer8

    IE8 is the least bad can a small

    Internet Explorer 8 or 9 = slow and bug and incompatibility for more pages

    This is the value of 7 and 7.5 have been their best

    Since 1997 I use and recommend iexplorer but now unfortunately I recommend others.

    I hope the 10 will be better if never in my computers and my customers there will be IE.

    Tank You

  • Google Chrome plus OpenDNS gives you better protection and a better browsing experience. Plus IE 9 is not available for XP computers which is a major drawback. Looks to me like Microsoft is more interested in driving sales of Windows 7 than protecting users from online threats. Why not allow IE 9 to run on XP?

  • Has the issue with IE9 breaking MMC plug-ins and the Exchange Management Console (EMC) been fixed?

    Exchange 2007 SP2 EMC on Server 2008 needed to be killed by Task Manager to close. Uninstalling IE9 to go back to IE8 resolved the issue.

    I push IE9 to Windows 7 users since it is faster and tests compatible with my intranet sites, but the servers are staying IE8.

  • That might be so - what no-one is saying is that it plays havoc with your Windows 7 installation and will BLOCK you from being able to do any meaningful work on the OS - great BLOCK Microsoft.  If you block us out of the OS how could we possibly be vulnerable to malware?  And before anyone thionks to ask _ I am a systems builder and can guarantee that once IE9 is installed that PC will be returned for an OS reinstallation as files/folders get locked down and desktop icons suddenly srat disappearing - been there done that on more than 100 PC's now - IE( is the worst possible browser to use - in a word, it "SUCKS"

  • Congratulations for such a great achievement. Although I love to use IE9, but I would still like to warn IE development to rapidly upgrade the IE browser by releasing a newer version very often rather than after a long time. The way Google Chrome releases its versions, it should be like that. Focus on innovations and speed and do not just copy paste other browsers' functions.

    Good Work!! Keep it up!! :)

  • While IE9 may offer improved protection for day to day business and corporate users, might it also be over zealous to a degree that it inhibits regular home users / folks from experiencing the web in all its glory?    The other day, I went to and wanted to use thier automatic driver scan and update service.   The IE9 prevented me from running it.  The IE9 provided me with no options to override its blocking.   In conclusin, the IE9 failed me as a home user and has failed thousands of others as well.

  • Nice to know we are being protected by IE9 so well :)

    Thanks IE9 team for a great, fast, secure, and fun-to-use browser!