More Treats for Developers - IE9 Share on Windows 7 on the Rise

More Treats for Developers - IE9 Share on Windows 7 on the Rise

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It’s looking to be a good Halloween for developers. Windows 7 share continues to climb, and as early as next month, IE9 on Windows 7 could be the leading modern browser behind IE8.  For developers this means that most Windows 7 users have a modern browser capable of running exciting, interoperable, HTML5 experiences - allowing developers to use the same markup across their websites.



Source: Net Applications

It also means more and more top websites are recognizing the value of IE9 and are adding additional functionality to their sites to provide their visitors with even more access to new content. The Wall Street Journal recently implemented various pinning scenarios across their primary sections for their readers. If you pin the “Tech” or “Life & Culture” page or to your Windows 7 taskbar, you’ll be able to access the latest stories in that section in just one click! Developers interested in implementing this functionality can visit to learn more.


We’ll check back next week after we’ve recovered from our trick-or-treating to see what the final numbers are. Until then, if you haven’t already made the move to Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7, try it by visiting

Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

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  • abm
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    @Tommyinoz, turn on the activeX filtering and IE will never let it track your location.

  • Tommyinoz
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    IE9 = Too much rebooting.

    People should check out how 'trackable' their web browser is, you can test it from the following web site...

    People maybe surprised to know that they can be tracked even with InPrivate browsing turned on.

  • I love IE9. Had it since the RC.

  • Fed44
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    Im not sure about the US graph but the worldwide estimate seems a bit hopeful. It is clearly a logistical function and therefore you could estimate it to be f(x)=21.0274-(12653.9)/(2.55261^x+638.914).  That gives me an estimate of a market share of 20.86%. Not 22.5%.

  • I'm using IE9 right now on this newer Windows 7 PC, and I love it.  The only thing I would change is the notification bar.  I would completely disable it if I could.

    On my other Windows 7 notebook, I use Chrome primarily.  We use it for streaming videos, and it works better on that machine with lesser specs than this PC.  I should note that the notebook I'm speaking of has some age on it, crappy integrated graphics, and was previously a Vista machine.

    Glad to see IE9 on the rise.