The US Says Goodbye to IE6

The US Says Goodbye to IE6

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Time to pop open the champagne because, based on the latest data from Net Applications, IE6 usage in the US has now officially dropped below 1%!

IE6 has been the punch line of browser jokes for a while, and we’ve been as eager as anyone to see it go away. In fact, we launched the IE6 Countdown site last March to help accelerate the process. Less than a year later, I’m thrilled to say that the United States has joined the ranks of Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway in dropping below 1% usage of IE6.  In addition, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine, Portugal and the Philippines are also entering the Champions’ Circle.  We hope this means more developers and IT Pros can consider IE6 a “low-priority” at this point and stop spending their time having to support such an outdated browser.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of the community and our IE6 Countdown partners –  thank you to everyone for your support.  Since we launched IE6 Countdown, we’ve had over 2.75 million visitors and 5.6 million page views of the site  – it’s clear people are using the content and taking the action to heart! If you’ve attended any events with us in the past few weeks you’ll know that we’ve been expecting this any day now and we’ve had a great time sharing a few drinks and toasts with you in anticipation of this moment.



The Hacker News Seattle Meet-up where we announced Internet Explorer 6 dropping below 1% in the US.

So as we kick off 2012, we call on the rest of the world – make it your new year’s resolution to end IE6 and move to a modern browser like IE8 or IE9.  You can find additional details and resources on how to achieve this at

Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

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  • Weedman
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    Huh?  Your own source ( shows IE 6 holding at 7%.  It has dropped from 11.8 in Feb '11 to 7.3 in Dec '11.  see

    or am I missing something? or "news of my death is premature"

  • rogertr
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    @kashi you must be doing it wrong.  IE9 is standards-compliant.  And IE8 had very few caveats to work around.  

    Glad to see IE6 disappear, now what about ie7??? :)

  • just when you thought that IE6 was finally gone and buried, comes this:

    <a href="">New virus is re-installing IE6 on infected machines</a>

  • just when you thought that IE6 was finally gone and buried, comes this:

    New virus is re-installing IE6 on infected machines.

    <a href=">

  • matt50
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    "make it your new year’s resolution to end IE6 and move to a modern browser like IE8 or IE9"

    IE8, a 'modern browser'!?

    Also, all the people here who say they are going to 'miss' IE6 or have a love/hate relationship with it are clearly insane? At least they don't value their time - IE6 maybe 'dead' at last but I can't get back all the hours of my life I have spent dealing with it's madness.

    I'm surprised anybody who knows anything about browsers uses any version of IE at all.


    Now please use the same energy you guys used to kill IE6 in pushing the usage of Chrome, a much better browser than anything MS has done so far.


  • Karl
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    Thanks a lot. I appreciate the input. That was certainly above-and-beyond.

    I learned over the holidays that DHTMLX had an update that specifically made the library compatible with IE 9. So, I hadn't even bother to debug the application, assuming that it was a library problem (and maybe it is).

    It's not the priority project, but in the mean time, forcing IE8 compatibility is a good idea. I had not thought of doing that as a workaround.

  • My hat's off to you for the spirit in which you've approached this. IE6 Countdown was very nicely done, and you've kept a sense of humor about all of it that's admirable.

    I've had a love-hate relationship with IE6. I've been in too many conversations that went "It's working in every browser but IE6, which not only doesn't render it but barricades itself inside an abandoned building with hostages"... but I'll admit it gave me plenty of cartoon fodder. So I'll share this - - with my thanks to you and your team. :)

  • daver
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    Microsoft wouldn't be in this mess if they (i) hadn't tied the browser to the OS, (ii) had allowed more than one version of IE on a machine, (iii) hadn't waited 5 years from IE6 to IE7, (iv) had followed some standards so developers didn't need to craft apps to IE6, (v) etc!

  • This would be great news if all IE browser alltogether would have less then 1%.

    We just finished the redesign of our website and use several modern design techniques, but only users of opera, safari, chrome and firefox will benefit.

    IE 7/8 users wont have a different layout based on screen width.

    IE 7/8/9 wont see text show applied to titles. As well as multi column article layouts. Even background-gradiants, css transitions and css animations which produce very nice visual effects on our website are not available if you use IE.

    But even worse is the fact that IE users of our mobile application wont have async loading of javascript, ajax history feautres or an offline mode.

    The list of things modern browsers support but not IE 7/8 and even 9 goes on and on ...

    Of course if users of our website use IE their pageload time will increase significally and therefore their experience will be less good.

    We asked ourselfs, should we add dozens of hacks and quirks to ensure that IE users have a similar experience on our website, but we decided not to do it, because we would have had an increase of more then 100% of development time. We simply show a message to IE users asking then to switch to another browser before visiting our website.

  • abm
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    @Karl, 5 minutes of searching n researching gives me the solution to YOUR problem:

    Either set the page's default compatibility mode to IE8 or checkout why popup_menu.xml, cvalue_menu.xml are not loading ... on this line => menu.loadXML("popup_menu.xml");

    F12 dev tools reports throws script error in console: "Object doesn't support property or method 'load'"

    BTW, FWIW you need to update the dhtmlx plugin. The newer version is optimized for the entire set of known browsers. Hint:

    My guess is IE9 treats xmlDoc and doc as a reserved keyword or try to map it or confuse it with some other JS keyword.  Last time when I reported this issue on Microsoft Connect, I was getting the same error on the Results page of GoogleLab's Sputnik test website for Javascript Conformance (which is discontinued now). I asked about that issue on different forums, and it is my understanding that ECMA (ECMAScript specification authority) doesn't impose any restriction to any vendor in doing so. So whatever they have done with the "doc" object, it's not against the ECMA specs but no doubt its pain in the butt!


  • Karl
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    I was looking forward to the day that IE 6 was retired, but then IE 9 came along and it seems we are stuck with the same problems.

    My main site works just great in IE 7, IE 8, Chrome and Firefox.

    It broke big time in IE 9. Were not talking about a little alignment problem but a complete, can't-enter-data-into-the-UI type break.


    So, pardon me, but I personally don't see this event as any big deal.

  • There is one blue chip FTSE 100 company in the UK still holding on to IE6. I couldnt believe it until I saw it.

  • My W2000 system won't install anything newer than IE6. There is no software for my scanner for XP or newer. therefore I am stuck with what I have. W2k does all I want so why do I have to pay for these new versions. If Gates wants to get me off these old version then he should pay.

  • We're coming to the end of an era, then! MSIE6 made me learn a lot of "compatibility" hacks but I'm still continuing to learn the oddities of Microsoft's "modern", "HTML5-compliant" browsers for example; declaring the HTML doctype is not enough but one needs to add "X-UA-Compatible". Standards compliance"...from a certain point of view".

    Congratulations, Microsoft! I love how prepared you guys are, too:

  • End of an era. I will be sad. IE6 taught me how to be a good web developer and taught me how to think my way around browser bugs. You will be missed. Hopefully the new browsers will keep developers on their toes and will save us from sloppy CSS.

  • fordcom
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    The last time i used IE6 was i think 5 years ago, im now on IE9 on Win7 ultimate...

  • I like IE9, but i think the address bar and tab is too  compactly coupled.

  • JohnNJ
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    IE (any version) is great at one thing... downloading Chrome or Firefox. ;-)

  • Makes me want to do a happy dance. I'm thrilled to see IE 6 go. Soon as IE 7 goes, we'll finally be able to focus on industry standards, and correct practices. It's going to be amazing! Thrilling even. I will miss all those little blue png files though. Just kidding.  Thank you Microsoft for making my life easier!

  • abm
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    @kashi, you are kidding me right? With IE9, they have improved alot. All the major concerns have been addressed and the IE10 dev-preview is actually the leading fastest and standard-compliant browser till date. Check out the test and come back with the results of various browsers. IE is being used in most of the Government departments and enterprise/industry worldwide . So it shouldn't be ignored and I agree that it SHOULD cater all the standards of web. IE6 was a mess and 7 was just a bit improved. But with IE9 and particularly IE10, you need to admit that it does work swiftly with perfection. And that's all we want. Not to download another crapware such as chrome after every installation of windows. Its 2012 and the world has changed alot since 2001. I believe with IE10, this browser war will end soon!

  • 1% in the US is great.... but what does that equate to:

    Enterprise Users: Our last statistic was around 28% was stuck in IE6 (especially hospitals - Thanks GE!)

    China: Arent they still at around 40%? and doesnt that account for about 10x the amount of users in the US?

    Other Countries?

    I am all for HTML5, it sounds like a wonderful pipe dream.... Well it was nice 10 years ago when cross browser compatabilty was worked out with plug in technologies....

    How is the Microsoft team getting along with Apple, Google, Opera, Adobe, and the troves of others now implementing the standards in the way they see fit?

    I was looking forward to someone restarting the Browser Wars from scratch. Thanks Modern day "Open Standards Compliant Browsers"! I love how my site works different on one sub version of chrome to the next.... thats pretty awesome.

    IE9 doesn't seem to pair well here: - someone should let the Silverlight team know they may still be needed.

    I am not a troll, I am a realist with a sarcastic sense of humor - and I do love IE, always have, it is my browser of choice. I just think Microsoft and Adobe had shown us the light at the end of the tunnel and people were starting to really get it, and this year that all got flushed away and I am back staring at a pinhole of light... one a time.

  • Now if only we could say goodbye to the Outlook 2007-10 that uses the Word HTML engine (which isn't even as good as IE 6) to render emails.

  • Goodbye to IE6. In my case it's goodbye to IE itself. I use Google Chrome and far prefer it to IE. More screen space and lots of tools and apps to extend its use.

  • JKrems
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    @Joel Braun: Windows NT4 isn't a valid excuse for using IE6. See:

  • I am the 1%! One of my PCs is still on NT 4, and has to use IE 6.

  • Necroman
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    I guess it's time to create new site :)

  • @kashi My website looks great in IE9, and the Microsoft team even has great tutorials on how to add site-pinning and jump list functionality to your website.  IE9 is fast and reliable.  

    @7flavor I don't care much about customizing my browser experience, but I do with I could find a way to disable the yellow notification bar at the bottom that shows up on some sites.

    Congrats Windows Team!  It's good to see the death of IE6 finally here.

  • kashi
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    Designing websites for IE (any version) is sheer torture! Therefore, I call on the rest of the world – make it your new year’s resolution to end IE6,IE8 and IE9, and move to a modern *standards-compliant* browser like Chrome and Firefox, and make the lives of us well meaning web developers easier.

  • 7flavor
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    The IE6 UI was a million times more customizable than IE9/IE10 though. The UI has regressed severely and there are many IE users on Connect complaining about it but Microsoft never listens.