Browse Without Being Browsed

Browse Without Being Browsed

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Privacy is in the news again today.  Apparently, Google has been able to track users of Apple’s Safari browser while they surf the web on their Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs.  This type of tracking by Google is not new.  The novelty here is that Google apparently circumvented the privacy protections built into Apple’s Safari browser in a deliberate, and ultimately, successful fashion.

If you find this type of behavior alarming and want to protect your confidential information and privacy while you’re online, there are alternatives for you.  Windows Internet Explorer is the browser that respects your privacy.  Through unique built in features like Tracking Protection and other privacy features in IE9, you are in control of who is tracking your actions online.  Not Google.  Not advertisers.  Just you.

The Tracking Protection in IE9 is recognized as some of the strongest privacy protection in the industry.  IE9 has been described as the “epitome of browser choice and control as far as protecting user privacy goes” and praised “for making strides towards providing users with greater control over their privacy.”

You can learn more about the privacy protections built into Internet Explorer at

Download IE9 today to protect your privacy online, and enjoy the safest, fastest and most reliable way to browse the Web on Windows.

Ryan Gavin,
General Manager, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing

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  • yepimg
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    Very impressive article. I have read each and every point and found it very interesting |

  • This is a great post; it was very informative. I look forward in reading more of your work. Also, I made sure to bookmark your website so I can come back later. I enjoyed every moment of reading it.

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  • 123kizi
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    I used to google chrome for my pc.. very great ! thanks for share information..Good articles !

  • Googles' privacy missteps are the final straw for me. They have always had a bad reputation concerning privacy issues.

    Now that is not to say that Firefox, Opera, Safari, and even Microsoft/IE have not had their privacy issues. But IE's issues have usually been security related issues that they work to correct. And even though they are slow to come around on some issues, sometimes, Microsoft has more available documentation and more useful discussion about those issues than any company especially Google, Apple, etc.

    I don't see the big, bad corporate giant others like to portray; I see the responsible, professional and long admired company that has the customer in its best interest. Mistakes? Some...but not purposeful.

    I have uninstalled my Google+ which I was trying out - not impressed. I have cleared my Google browsing history before their new privacy policy becomes active March 1st ( I don't buy into evrything EFF says because I'm not that paranoid.

    I ONLY retain Google Chrome as a browser to test how my web sites appear in the browser. That's the same reason I also have Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

  • I wish I could move to IE9 and have better privacy but at home I have a windows XP machine.

    If only the company that's so proud of their browser would allow me to install it on their operating system.

    How disappointing for me...I'll have to resort to Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

  • @DimitriAus

    Did you mention Firefox's system of using RSS feeds? It's atrocious. And Chrome doesn't even let you use RSS feeds out of the box. You have to download an extention first.

  • xpclient
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    Well IE9 doesn't make it easier to see blocked cookies. It REMOVED the cookie blocked icon which also doubled up as the button to see the web page's privacy policy on the status bar that IE8 had. PUT IT BACK IN IE10 IF YOU REALLY WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT P3P, COOKIES AND PRIVACY POLICY!!!

  • Rosyna
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    I think this needs a retraction or an update since Google *also* bypasses IE9 privacy controls.

    Especially since it makes:

    " Through unique built in features like Tracking Protection and other privacy features in IE9, you are in control of who is tracking your actions online.  Not Google. "

    Not true.

  • I do not care if I am tracked. But I do not respect a company playing on fear or paranoia to attract customers. It is almost a blackmailing, a loser's last resort. What is relevant to a product it its a comfort of using it.

    IE's usability sucks. Take Favorites. I user Firefox Bookmarks a lot. I tried IE9… I could not use it for 10 minutes even if I forced myself to use it.

    1. It does not import Firefox bookmarks directly.

    2. Importing  via boobkmarks.html lost half of bookmarks.

    3. Not possible to sort by added or last visited dates. I could not a bookmark to this page I've made 5 minutes ago! It's lost within a hundreds of imported from Firefox.

    4. Search Favorites (in the address bar) does not show some Favorites if not integrated with Windows Search. It is not clear does it search for tags, titles or something else. Windows Search stability and security is a different issue - just Google it (because Google returns better results on Microsoft products :) ).

    5. Not possible to tag Favorites.

    6. Favorites Spacing, Font size takes too much space. Put few dozen of Favorites and space is all clogged up. I do not see any Favorites manager to use screen space efficiently such as Ctr-Shift-B in Firefox.

    Shell I go on ?

  • Does not render things right. Sticking with chrome until fixed.

  • @Kahuna

    Really ? I'll tell you why because OSX or whaever you name is not considered as an Operating System ! its time to move on my friend !

  • Kahuna
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    "Download IE9 today to protect your privacy online...."

    Really? How do you propose I do that when Microsoft hasn't made a version of IE for the Mac in at least 10 years!!

  • abm
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    @Ryan Gavin, now that you know that I am not a troll, can you please comment on this performance nightmare reported on connect 6 months ago I discussed it on every Microsoft and non-Microsoft forums. Be it stackoverflow or IE-blog on MSDN, but unable to get IE-team attention. Is it something so minor that the next-generation-HTML5-rich-application developers shouldn't bother? Closing the ticket with Won't Fix status is simply a very poor show!

  • abm
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    @sneakers71, no I would suggest => Get a life, Get a Windows Phone !!

  • jaimonj
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    There is nothing wrong with this article and making customers aware what IE9 has to offer.  How does one think Apple and Google got popular,  certainly not by sitting back and not saying anything.  These were also companies that viewed/tried to paint a "evil" picture of IE/MS.  Good for you IE team and MS.  Its time to stand up and tell these kinda of behaviors are not tolerated.

  • I can't tell.  Are you suggesting we IE9 on the iPhone & OS X?  

    You know you don't make your product for most of the platforms where Safari would be used?

  • @okungnyo: No No No. It's time for Microsoft to speak up, and remove the blindfolding of Google patronizers who can't see the truth about Google's invasions of privacy.

  • You can really tell how well a company is doing when its competitors have to resort to bad-mouthing, just to keep up. I cannot believe that Microsoft, once a glorious tech behemoth, has been reduced to such a sad state.