New Internet Explorer TV commercial featuring Alex Clare

New Internet Explorer TV commercial featuring Alex Clare

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Tonight we are releasing a new Internet Explorer TV commercial celebrating the beauty of the web.

We recently got to work with some really awesome friends that shared a similar passion towards celebrating the artists who are helping to unleash a more beautiful web. The spot you see above features the work of Keith Rivers, a Seattle-based filmmaker who became part of our team for this project, and Alex Clare, a British singer-songwriter, whose music has been on repeat in our cars and offices for the past two months.

If you want to read more about Alex and his inspiration, click over to the Microsoft News Center where we got a few more details from Alex about his creative process and music. We want to thank our friends Alex and Keith for sharing their passion, vision and work with us over the past few months.

Just around one year ago, with the release of Internet Explorer 9, we started talking about the idea of unleashing a more beautiful web. It’s been fun and sometimes pretty dazzling to see what designers, developers, and artists have created over the past year. IE9 with Windows 7 really did mark a departure from the past in so many ways. It has allowed developers to transform the web we all love into something that is rich, fast, and more creative than any of us could have imagined when we started this journey. It has been a pretty inspiring year, and yet in many ways, the best is yet to come.

As we celebrate nearly one year of IE9 I invite you to turn your speakers up, hit play, and get inspired to experience a more beautiful web with IE9.

Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Internet Explorer

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  • miclpea
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    Absolutely a brilliant commercial!!

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  • Martyn
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    I have 2 questions-who is the artist,"Forest" that is on the commercial and what is that very cool car that is shown?

  • I love the new commercial & I'm singing every word in the ad.Now I need to learn the whole song.It makes the ad interesting & I'm actually listening to what IE & Microsoft are talking about.

  • blahism
    14 Posts

    @jamiet no, you have missed the point. Vimeo isn't a MS website, If you want to watch the videos, elect to html5 support in Vimeo or use the flash vimeo player.  Or you can watch it on HTML5 site on youtube. Or if you're in windows8, you can use the vimeo app or on windows phone, use the vimeo app.  Being dense isn't an option either.

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    It doesn't work in IE10 desktop without Adobe(which I am not installing) and if you think opening an app is the solution then you have missed the point.

  • blahism
    14 Posts

    @jamiet  You can view this on Windows phone and IE10.. in Windows phone use the Vimeo player and on IE10, open in desktop mode or use the Vimeo app in Windows 8..     IE10 is all preview anyway and i'm sure a lot of sites are just confused about the version info and the html5 javascript player functionality is broken until they update.

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    One would think Microsoft would publish a video that can be viewed on a Windows Phone or IE10. Sadly....

  • T Windows
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    Great Job guys, thanks for sharing.

    The web is truley beautiful again because of Internet Explorer thanks for all you do to keep us safe, fast, and fluid.

    We look forward to an even better web experience to come.

    - Powered by Windows

  • Tommyinoz
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    Every browser on every OS can display the following web site..

    Except IE.

  • Lou322
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    Nice commercial. If you can only get Bing to work better I would not have to keep using Google who tracks your every move. Why not use an American song writer for the US? You are adding to job displacements.

  • i'm using ie9 and is very slow on facebook.


  • MMJZ
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    Why advertise the browser? It's gone on mac, and Windows users are stuck with it. It's not like you need people downloading...

    Nice advert though, don't however agree with the New York Times.

  • JamesNT
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    This hands down is THE BEST COMMERCIAL I HAVE EVER SEEN FROM MICROSOFT.  Period.  But it is totally useless if I, and the rest of the world, don't see it during Prime Time television.  Oh, and extra cool points to you if I see this commercial during shows that blatantly show Apple logos in their programming (e.g. NCIS or CSI).

  • blahism
    14 Posts

    very nice!  now just show it on tv, put that up on hulu commercials and show it as movie pre-rolls in theaters to get the word out heh