IE Comes to the Living Room with Xbox

IE Comes to the Living Room with Xbox

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Today the Xbox team announced an update to the Xbox 360 dashboard that marks the beginning of some exciting stuff on the biggest screen in the house.  Internet Explorer has come to Xbox 360.

Starting today Internet Explorer will begin being rolled out on Xbox LIVE and will be available to Xbox LIVE Gold members. IE on Xbox enables you to view content on the web on your TV and includes great features like the ability to personalize your dashboard by pinning your favorite web sites and watching HTML5 videos on the web.

Earlier this year at the E3 conference the Xbox team demonstrated the power of bringing the Web to your TV on Xbox. Now with the upcoming release of Windows 8 on October 26th, customers can use Xbox Smart Glass to easily navigate the web through features like text input, scrolling, pinch and zoom providing a seamless experience between your TV and Windows 8 tablet and Windows Phone. 

If you are ready to give it a try, get an Xbox LIVE Gold membership to experience Internet Explorer and all the other great updates being released to the new Xbox 360 dashboard.

If you are looking for some cool sites to visit, check out Facebook and Pulse.

Ryan Gavin

General Manager Internet Explorer

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  • cytoman
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    Sorry if my question may look like newbie. I just buy Xbox 360 from amazon , but i don't know how to use it ! may i know some resources on how to use it?


    Adam ,

  • It's time for XBOX one. Going to purchase it soon.

  • The more important question is: when is IE10 coming to Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

    Alex from

  • @Ibacud If your ISP requires you to login via a webpage then you could never have used any XBox Live services anyway. Same deal with many DVRs that access programming schedules online or even many cable TV boxes.

    Out of interest which ISPs do this? I know many WiFi hotspots do this at the router level but of course that's a bit different.

  • lbacud
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    There is a very serious problem with requiring gold members to access the browser. Some ISPs require users to login using a browser in order to access the outside Web. How can IE verify a Gold Member's status, if the system cannot access the Internet, because of a block that can only be unlocked with the browser, you create a nasty Catch 22. Please open the browser to all members, or only include basic browser functions for free members.

  • There's a really good white paper about design and developer considerations for IE on Xbox. You can find it at

  • Remember when just a box and a bunch of cartridges was all you needed for a video game experience?

  • The fact that you guys are able to pull this off so smoothly with only - what? 512MB of RAM? - is pretty amazing.