Internet Explorer 10 Wins (Again) on Performance

Internet Explorer 10 Wins (Again) on Performance

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Internet Explorer 10 is fast and fluid, and built from the ground up for real-world performance. Growing evidence shows Internet Explorer as the fastest web browser on Windows 8.

1. Earlier today, New Relic published additional evidence showing that Internet Explorer 10 is the fastest Windows browser. New Relic monitors page views for thousands of Internet sites, and found that IE10 and IE9 have the “fastest browser response time on Windows, with IE10 showing a notable increase over IE9.”


New Relic blog showing Windows browser response times. (Lower scores are faster.)

Find your web browser on the chart above. Are you running the fastest Windows browser—or the slowest?

2. On September 24, 2012, Tom’s Hardware ran a story on RoboHornet, a set of open-sourced micro-benchmarks released with Google participation on Github. Not surprisingly, they found “Internet Explorer 10 smashes the competition, performing 37% better than even the latest version of Google’s Chrome.”

Our team built a demo using RoboHornet to run the micro-benchmark suite in the context of a real-world scenario, releasing the demo as RoboHornet Pro. We believe that this type of real world testing is much more representative of web browser performance than micro-benchmarks.

3. On September 18, 2012, Strangeloop Networks published a report showing performance results from 2,000 of the world’s top retail sites, finding that “Internet Explorer 10 rendered pages faster than other browsers” and that “IE10 served pages 8% faster than Chrome 20.” The tests used, an open-source project primarily developed and supported by Google.


These unpaid, independent endorsements are just three votes in favor of IE10’s real-world performance. Since the arrival of Windows 8, millions more are using Internet Explorer 10 and learning first-hand that IE10 is fast, fluid, and perfect for touch.

Roger Capriotti

Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

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  • cckang
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    Firefox and chrome can install in xp, 7, and 8; but IE 10 cant.

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    Are you guys going to constantly be updating IE and not once every so often? Also when is windows 7 going to get IE 10?

  • WebGL is just like H.246 a video codex, but it's not a standard, Chrome doesn't support all video codexes eather...

    You forget the fact that Firefox also beat Chrome. Anyway, can you use Chrome on you game device? No, you can't. Anyway, IE10 is available on every device you can think of: PC, tablet, smartphone, game console, etc. Can't say that about Chrome he?

  • Speed between the browser start loading the page and is finish, or the speed between user click somewhere and the page is finish? The speed of IE  9.0 is great, no question, but unfortunately I waste too much time inside the GUI of the desktop version. Simple task like hold the CTRL key and click on a facebook notification, open an url on a website that the browser not detect as link, open a site with the ctrl key and close the source website before the new tab is finish, many many more little things. Overall the speed of using Chrome is faster for me. :(

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    @pc repair 1912, lets say Apple is your witness. IE10 has best results on Apple's sunspider test (

    Then on ECMA test (, if you run the test you will find that IE10 has most completed JavaScript features implemented. (ECMA is the standardization body for JavaScript and many other computer programming languages).

    Then there are number of test on Microsoft's testdrive (

    Microsoft has done a very good job in offloading the chucks of JavaScript code and graphics to the multi-cores and even GPU. GPGPU is relatively a new way of programming in which you make use of CPU and GPU to get parallel processing capabilities (the hardware-accelerated-graphics). Most of the graphics-related or vector components are offloaded to GPU. Because if you take GPU and CPU of same class and era, you get roughly 10x faster processing of vectors (yielding graphics)! The Windows 8 is using hardware accelerated graphics at its core, which makes Windows 8's Start animates at 60fps.

  • Leila
    12 Posts

    , how many different platforms do you use in your daily life? If you look at Microsoft's stack: Windows datacenter, server, desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and xbox, they all share same rendering engine (Trident that is?). Well, *nix stack (Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mac) is not equipped with Trident and hence Internet Explorer. Firefox did a very good job on Windows and *nix stack for that matter.

    And about Chrome security: sending your each actions to Google corp (notorious for harvesting data, user-profiling and selling it to highest bidders). Well that kind of security makes some people really very uncomfortable.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    @Pushpdeep, when you have IE10 as default browser, you have metro version as well as the desktop version (which looks similar to IE9). If you set other browser as default, the IE tile on Start would open the desktop version

    Follow these steps to make IE10 default:

    > open IE10 (desktop).

    > open Internet Opetions (Alt+X+O).

    > open Programs tab.

    > press Make default.

  • So according to this chart, IE 10 and 9 beat Firefox. I say, whose fixing this poll? Both Internet Explorers have given me nothing but blues.

  • Let's have a broad look at IE capabilities: It is best in performance, best in security, best in enterprise support, has excellent core features and excellent support for standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SVG, PNG), is worse than abysmal in extensibility, worst in home user support, worst in web video support (H.264 only) and worst in platform support (Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 only).

    Now, let's see how competition holds against it: Google Chrome is excellent in performance, second best in security, second best in enterprise support, has excellent core features and standards support, is second best in extensibility, good in home user support, best in web video support (H.264, Ogg Theora and WebM) and best in platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS).

    So, question: "Hello, Microsoft. I adore IE. Can I use it on my device?" Answer: "Hello, sir. No, you can't. Our license agreement has made sure that even if you could bypass technical barriers, you couldn't legally use outside its exotic supported environment." Question: "Hello, Google. Chrome is not perfect but still a good browser. Can I use it on my own device?" Answer: "Hello, sir. Yes, you probably can. It supports the most common platforms."

  • I had this new IE10 working very fine in first few days with 8.. but now the new interface is gone suddenly.. and it luks same like ie9 or earlier.. however, the version check says its ie10 .. but then how to get back its new full screen interface in which the aaddress bar was at the bottom..?

  • Tommyinoz
    46 Posts

    Try this bench mark test:

    Here are some interesting 3D games to try out:

    Doesn't it feel great to be able to use any browser on any OS at any time and everything just works across all platforms?  Oh, and then there is IE.

    'Reboot Tuesday' is next week, hope you are all prepared for it.  Good luck!

  • Congratulations! Quite impressive! :) I know I love using IE10 on Windows 8, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on Windows 7 as well.

    However, and it's a biggie, I'd prefer you to continue to work on improving your HTML5/CSS3 scores.