Internet Explorer 10 now available for more than 700M Windows customers

Internet Explorer 10 now available for more than 700M Windows customers

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Today we are excited to announce the availability of IE10 for Windows 7, bringing the most modern and high performing version of IE to over 700M Windows customers. IE10 delivers a 20% increase in real-world site performance over IE9 making IE10 the fastest modern browser on the market according to third parties.

IE10’s advancements run deep, from a 60% increase in supported modern web standards to industry leading security, privacy and reliability that makes IE the browser of choice for millions of Windows customers worldwide. For a deep-dive on all of the great enhancements that come to Windows 7 with IE10 head over to the IE Blog for the full update.

You can download IE10starting today.

Perfect for Touch

In conjunction with the release of IE10 we are also introducing a new IE commercial which features singer, song-writer, and composer Blake Lewis. We came together with our friend Keith Rivers and Blake to showcase what is possible on a new Windows 8 touch device with Internet Explorer 10. Check it out…

The site you see Blake interacting with in the spot is also live today at The Explore Touch website provides the individual music components of Blake's track – vocals, strings, bass and other elements – in an interactive touch player that you can use to mix, explore and experiment with via multi-touch on IE10.

Built entirely in HTML5, Explore Touch takes advantage of the innovative touch support of IE10 to create a site that can be swiped, tapped, scratched and rotated to fully explore the richness and depth of Blake’s track, Your Touch.


We are huge fans of Blake's new track so we made it available for streaming for a one-week exclusive at, and as a free download from Xbox Music.

Whether you have a great new touch device with Windows 8 or are a Windows 7 customer who is about to have your web experience upgraded with IE10 – we invite you to hit play and turn up the volume.

Thank you for helping us continue to create a more beautiful and more touchable web!

Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Internet Explorer

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  • Nater
    147 Posts

    I wish Apple released Safari 6 for Windows.  It at least has a Social Share button.  Really, Microsoft?

  • Yes , Good and fast IE 10 ...

    Thank ....

  • Albert
    94 Posts

    I love it so far! I have noticed faster load times...very happy :)

    But, how exactly can we download the song for free? I'm on Windows 7 and the closest I can get to "Xbox Music" is through the Zune client on my PC or my WP. On Zune Marketplace, it shows up as $1.29...

  • Thanks...better late then never. Will there be an offline installation method? This would be easier for

    my staff as we have 220 Windows 7 machines to upgrade.

  • xpclient
    50 Posts

    But why was the RTM version not made available alongside Windows 8 RTM? In Aug.2012? Why the delay of 7 months? Punishment for not having the latest OS which removes your favorite features.

  • dotjko
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    thank you for the heads up. We just completed the paperwork to upgrade our Win7 machines to IE9, because we couldn't get a date for IE10 from MS.

    Now we get to convince management we were wrong and need to upgrade to IE10 instead. Or else do the upgrade twice.

    Thank you very much. Knowing the date of the release really helps with those enterprise upgrade projects.


  • Thank you. I've been waiting to test the preferred Australian English spelling file I provide to clients with IE10/Windows 7 and it works a treat. Much appreciated.

    Kelvin Eldridge