Internet Explorer Partners with The Hunger Games to Spark a Catching Fire Revolution on the Web

Internet Explorer Partners with The Hunger Games to Spark a Catching Fire Revolution on the Web

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With the second film in the blockbuster The Hunger Games franchise, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, set for release November 22, Internet Explorer has teamed up with Lionsgate to bring you The Hunger Games Explorer – the go-to destination and hub online for fans to get all the latest on The Hunger Gamesin an interactive and rich experience like nothing else on the web.

Whether you’re a superfan or not, it’s hard not to get excited about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire after seeing the trailer premiere at the MTV Movie Awards. Part of what makes The Hunger Gamesexperience so great is the devoted fan base of the books and movies, who have broken all sorts of social media records with their conversations about the beloved series.


Starting tonight with the global launch of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer, fans can now visit The Hunger Games Explorer to be immersed in this world, track every development of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, including tweets, exclusive images and videos, and then share their thoughts and excitement with others around the world creating a global conversation. The Hunger Games Explorer lets fans explore the online world of The Hunger Gamesin a way they’ve never be able to before.

“We have the best fans in the world, and starting tonight they have a home on the web where they can be a part of The Hunger Games experience and contribute to the excitement for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” said Danielle De Palma, senior vice president digital marketing, Lionsgate. “The Hunger Games Explorer is not only a place for fans to spark the conversation around Catching Fire, it is also a destination for us to continue to provide fans with new content, experiences and unprecedented behind the scenes access.”


When a fan enters The Hunger Games Explorer, they can manipulate the site to customize The Hunger Games: Catching Fire info exactly how they want it – they can tailor and filter content in and out of their stream, pull in fan blogs and tweets in addition to messages from the Capitol, and interact with other fans across the globe. The site is also the destination for all official content straight from Lionsgate, including trailers, excusive videos, photos of the cast and more. The Hunger Games Explorer takes full advantage of multi-touch technology, letting visitors swipe and scroll with the flick of a finger. Fans can also “spark” – similar to letting fans “like” objects while driving discussion around each bit of news or fan-created content.

We partnered with Lionsgate and RED Interactive Agency to create The Hunger Games Explorer, which provides a unique way for fans to explore and be a part of The Hunger Games discussion happening in all corners of the web and around the world. The challenge was to engage fans, give them what they hungered for, and give them a reason to share content and return time and time again. Our goal was to create the best fan site possible, showcasing responsive web design, multi-touch and HTML5, so it really shined on Windows 8 with IE10, as well as other modern platforms across the web. The resulting community allows users to interact and engage in conversations in a much easier, more interesting way across platforms and devices.


We’re really proud of what we’ve created and make sure to stay tuned and check back often as there is lots more to come. Be sure to check out our behind the scenes page hereon how we made this magic happen - and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Roger Capriotti

Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

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  • I get nervous when the movie "Mockingjay - Part 1" comes on 11/21/2014. Do you know Primrose, Katniss's sister? If the plot of the movie has a twist from the book, Prim would have been salvaged quickly right before the explosions start. That would be shown as a victory on Hunger Games Explorer 3.0 when the new version launches in 2014.

  • vieya
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    On windows 8 IE 10 feels fast but on windows 7 it feels slower. Please fix.

  • abm
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    Roger, I am loving The Hunger games on Internet Explorer 10. Keep coming the partnerships with these cool studios!

    Incidentally, please take a look into F12 developer tools modernization

    Developers, testers and designers are counting on you guys to make a move and give a high-end, prolific, firebug-like tool for desktop, tablets and mobile testing. Recently Chrome teams have rolled out mobile testing (responsive designs, based on media queries) capabilities in their developer tools. I hope IE 11 would level them on that front as well as match the firebug's flexibility for CSS. The current implementation doesn't provide ease when altering HTML markup and CSS properties manually. It just doesn't refresh the live UI in timely fashion. I believe that the team responsible for building page inspector for Visual Studio and Mads Kristensen (the developer of Web Essentials extension), can contribute valuable ideas in this regard. :)

    And Thank You so very much for improving Internet Explorer! Stay put.

  • @Drew - For sure.  We've designed it to work in any modern web browser.  If you've got a touch machine running W8, there's some very cool things you can experience.

  • @snus - we had a brief server redirection issue this morning but it's since been fixed.  please give it a try in IE10 on W7 now if you want to as well.

  • Drew
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    Worked fine in Firefox on Windows XP.

  • snus
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    I doesn't work in IE10 under Windows 7, but looks fine and ab fab in Windows 8 :o)