What do IE and Twinkies have in common?

What do IE and Twinkies have in common?

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They’re both back and in heavy demand. But, there are some common misconceptions about both. It turns out Twinkies don’t really last forever, and if you haven’t met the new IE yet, it probably isn’t the same browser you remember.

This got us thinking about other common misconceptions. IE is slow (nope, not so say multiple third parties). And a few other things that are also not true:

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We teamed up with singer-songwriter Laura Gibson to remind you that things… well they aren’t always what they seem and the new Internet Explorer will help you shake those old misconceptions of IE.


Rebecca Wolff, Internet Explorer Marketing Manager

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  • vieya
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    I have both windows 8 and windows 7 and ie 10 on both. IE 10 loads up much slower on windows 7 could you guys fix this?

  • Microsoft has been doing amazing work with Internet Explorer. It has been an exciting ride watching IE from conception, to ruins (as far as public perception goes), and its subsequent climb back up into favor. Keep up the tremendous work, and I'm looking forward to the final release of IE11.

  • dotjko
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    So, when will IE11 be available for Windows 7?

  • I like this... will we be seeing it on TV?