Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview Now Available for Windows 7 Customers

Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview Now Available for Windows 7 Customers

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Today, we’re excited to announce that Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview is now available for our customers using Windows 7! Building on IE10, Internet Explorer 11 is faster and advances the web platform on the hundreds of millions of devices running Windows 7, bringing standards like WebGL coupled with industry leading JavaScript performance.

In July, we released the IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7. With that release, we brought IE11 to Windows 7 and encouraged developers to download the browser and test their sites. Today, we invite a broader audience of tech enthusiasts and consumers to download and experience IE11 for Windows 7. This release also signals the final preview release before general availability of IE11 for Windows 7 later this fall. IE11 for Windows 8.1 will coincide with Windows 8.1 GA (starting at 12:00am, October 18, in NZ) - making IE11 available to more than 50%of all desktops worldwide.

We are proud of the new Internet Explorer and how far the browser has come and we know that users will be impressed, too! In fact, we recently took to the streets to find out exactly what people think about Internet Explorer and found that when it comes to IE, there are still some misconceptions floating around out there. But as you’ll see, actually using IE11 and Windows 8.1 was enough to change a few minds.

In particular, people were impressed with how perfect for touch browsing IE is. With just one finger (or all five), users can reach out and touch the internet – snapping, zooming and swiping to a new page, at will. With our built-in page prediction and pre-rendering features, pages load nearly instantly with Flip Ahead or a swipe back. With Snap and press-to-call integration, users can easily resize windows and make calls from inside the browser, making the things you do every day – from browsing email and the web to calling for a reservation – easy and intuitive with IE11 on a Windows 8.1 touch device. In addition, IE11 supports up to 100 tabs per window and a favorites folder that syncs across your Windows 8.1 devices, making it easy to find your favorite websites, even from device to device.

For developers specifically, we are also releasing virtual images of the IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 on our developer site, this week, along with updates to the F12 developer tools. Regardless of platform, developers can now download and test the latest version of IE11 with their websites. Follow @IEDevChat to learn when the VMs are available.

I encourage all of our Windows 7 customers to download the IE11 Release Preview today. And, we look forward to bringing IE11 and Windows 8.1 to touch devices around the world in October!

Roger Capriotti

Senior Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

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  • you should be fighting advertise that do crash the browser every time we need to navigate

  • alunj
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    Liking this a whole lot.

    Wish I could set the emulation mode, but I suspect that I may not need to.

    Favourite feature is that this version goes out of its way to avoid Internet Explorer detection, and as a result it works on so many sites that either outright ban Internet Explorer (usually for misguided or outdated political reasons), or offer crippled support for modern IE while trying to support backward versions. It's amazing how many of these sites work smoothly for me now!

    For most sites now, they work as if I'm "a generic new browser that supports just about all the standards". Which is how they should work.

    Developer Tools still need a packet / field tampering ability, but hey, there's always Fiddler for that.

    Can't tell if you've fixed the irritating intermittent problem where the page's history (right click the back button) fills up with links.

  • Sweet.  I'm running IE10 on Windows 8 right now, and I can't wait to see how IE11 ends up.

    Thanks for the update!

  • Gmail does not work, shows just plain text !!!!

  • Hello Windows Internet Explorer Team, I love the new setup of the internet explorer, I do find it faster and more reliable HOWEVER... HUGE issue with not being able to enter login in info on any sites, even this one, I have tried both in compatibility mode and regular mode and when you click on the space to enter sign on info on any site, comcast, microsoft, even to search update on the microsoft site. it will NOT place the flashing curor to type and will not even place it there if you attempt to tab your way to it... So maybe this is something you wish to look into as I am un-installing the browser until it gets resolved, I love using internet explorer and have used it since windows 95 and will continue to use ie9 until ie 11 is fixed I have used ie10 not a huge fan however as I have said I do like the fluid browsing of ie 11 I love the look and the reliability however this issue of not being able to log into site or search site, another site is youtube, make me not such a huge fan... Fix this issue and we will see....

  • vieya
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    Looks good but when is the final release going to happen? I would like to test it out but I don't want to have opinions on something that isn't finished. Hopefully all the issues I have with IE10 are solved because a lot of websites are broken and IE 10 is slow on windows 7.

  • abm
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    Thank for releasing the preview for Windows 7..

    Would you guys please consider revisiting IE shortcuts? Users are accustomed to some shortcuts which are available in *ALL* non-IE browsers. Off the top of my head, I can think of three of them:

    - "Paste and Go" in address bar's context menu

    - While holding the Ctrl button, if you press browser's back or forward button it should open the corresponding (previous or next) page in new tab. This behavior is present in Firefox, Chrome and Safari

    - While holding the Ctrl button if you press 0 (zero) on qwerty keyboard, the zoomed page is reverted to normal. But if the 0 is pressed on numpad, the shortcut doesn't work. Please fix this

    All the functionality is there and can be accessed implicitly. Overriding these shortcuts would make things smooth for the prospective adopters.