Windows 7 Programming Guide – Libraries Update

Windows 7 Programming Guide – Libraries Update

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Last updated: April 14, 2010

This post is an update to the first Windows 7 Programming Guide – Libraries post. It provides an index to the recent Windows 7 Libraries series, including new relevant Channel 9 videos and links to additional sources of information, as well as code examples for programming Windows 7 Libraries.

In addition, we have added 4 new How-to videos (created by Sasha Goldstein, one of the Introducing Windows 7 for Developers authors) showing how to use both native and managed APIs to work with Windows 7 Libraries.

Please note that the some of the videos include advanced patterns for listening to library structure changes, allowing you to update you application’s UI. Each video also includes the source code for its demos.




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  • First of all am so sorry that I came so late to your blog, I missed much important things. But now I am regular to Windows Team Blog, I was just so happy to read today's news, guys I always say Windows 7 owns, and now when you have updated Windows 7 Code Libraries, it's more awesome. I have downloaded the libraries, will definitely look forward to code something. Many thanx again!