Windows 7 Programming Guide - Taskbar

Windows 7 Programming Guide - Taskbar

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Last update: May 3rd, 2010

This post is an index to the Windows 7 Taskbar posts and resources. It includes Channel 9 interviews, links to additional content on MSDN, as well as code samples for programming the Windows 7 Taskbar. Our latest addition is six “Programming the Windows 7 Taskbar” How-To videos (created by Sasha Goldstein, one of the Introducing Windows 7 for Developers authors) showing how to use the native API to program the Windows Taskbar.


Developing for Windows 7 Taskbar – Custom Preview and Thumbnail Clips (Coming Soon)



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  • Noticed a minor problem with Windows 7 touch interface - during windows screen refresh. There seems to be a latency where in the windows 7 screen does not refresh fast enough for objects drawn with transparent forms. For objects drawn with opaque or translucent forms the screen refresh has no problems. Is this a bug within the windows 7 touch screen I/F or can this be fixed using an update from microsoft. To give an example - download "freeapps for windows" from - "". Instantiate the "JMini" application. Try one of the "draw ops" from the pull down menu with "transparent form" and then "translucent or opaque form". You should notice the screen refresh difference. It seems with transparent form the windows 7 screen refresh lags behind compared to the translucent or opaque forms.

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    Alas! If only SP1 of Windows 7 fixed these issues:

    - Clicking a grouped application's taskbar button or thumbnail when it is active (in the foreground) does not minimize it like XP. Only ungrouped application buttons minimize upon being clicked again.

    - Bring back icons removed from the tooltips for the notification area system icons such as Volume, Network, Power and the taskbar date and time for a richer look.

    - TaskbarGroupSize reg value to configure after how many windows to group.

    - Showing number of combined taskbar windows using Windows 7 Taskbar overlays.

    - Bring back Network activity animation on Network Connections icon in the notification area.

    - When grouping is disabled, the ability to manage multiple taskbar items using multiselect (Ctrl+click) to tile, cascade, minimize or close the selected group of windows has been removed.

    - Make all three power plans available to choose from the taskbar.

    The taskbar has lost features of the XP/Vista taskbar.

  • Awesome! :)