“Hilo world” – presenting the Annotator!

“Hilo world” – presenting the Annotator!

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In June, we announced Project Hilo and promised a set of cool sample applications written in C++. At that time we released the first application in that series. Since then we have been busy publishing some articles that walk you through all the steps that go into developing that application (See Chapter 1 thru 8 here ).

This time we are back with the next application in the Project Hilo series. We call it the Hilo Annotator.

The Hilo Annotator provides basic image editing capabilities but more importantly it illustrates how to take advantage of the following Windows functionalities:

  • Ribbon: To provide a modern, easy to use and easy to learn user interface.
  • Windows Imaging Component (WIC): To display and manipulate images.

What’s more is that it even tells you more about the Windows Animation Manager and Direct2D that we have seen in the previous articles.

Feel free to download the source code for this application from the Hilo Code Gallery Page. The article introducing the Hilo Annotator app can be found here. As we did earlier, over the coming weeks we will be publishing a series of articles on the MSDN library that will walk you through building this application.

As always, you can also follow Hilo updates on Twitter @projecthilo. Stay tuned and code-on!

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  • Well, this is really nice news for me! ;)

    As long as I have more practice with C# than C/C++, I use to develop on C#, and I'm actually pretty familiar about the ribbon markup language thanks to the windowsribbon.codeplex.com .

    Having code samples in C++ is what I wanted for so long, so I may read it and learn... and may be write an app in C++.

    By the way, I'm a student I've just started to learn C++... and I like it!

    So thank you for sharing!