Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to challenge you to touch the future of technology !

We’ve launched the Windows 7 Touch challenge to inspire you to change the world. To compete in this challenge, we are inviting you to leverage Windows Touch and build solutions to help people use their PC in a more natural, accessible, and interactive way.

Need some ideas to get started ?

Here are some thoughts and some examples of projects:

  • Touch-based search and data manipulation for environments where a mouse/keyboard isn’t practical.
  • Touch solution to assist in accessibility for people with physical and cognitive impairments.
  • Touch-based user interface/website to readily view public data and assist with decision making (such as crime data, traffic flow or the energy grid).
  • Touch solutions for social networking and innovative access to local connected communities and markets (such as a farming or education community).
  • Touch enabled games that teach the benefits of conservation


If you still need a little more inspiration, take a look at the “Imagine Cup Solve This” library and consider helping a global organization create a technology solution.

Imagine Cup 2010 featured a Touch & Tablet Accessibility Award where participants were tasked with creating a new education application that uses Touch & Tablet technology while expanding the possibilities about how a user interacts with their PC. Check out last year’s winning projects:

Team Note-Taker from the U.S: The Note-Taker Project solves issues that students with visual impairment have by combining a custom-designed pan, tilt and zoom camera, and a Tablet PC that supports both pen and multi-touch input. Users simultaneously view live video and take notes on a split-screen interface.


David Hayden turned frustration into motivation, which resulted in an innovative Windows 7 touch solution that won first place at the 2010 Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals.

Team OneView from the U.S: OneView is a Tablet PC application that enables blind and sighted students to collaboratively solve problems. It combines a sketching interface with a synchronized audio-based interface to enable students with different abilities to work together effectively.

Get started on your Windows 7 Touch Challenge entry today and register to compete in the Imagine Cup!

To learn more about the Windows 7 Touch challenge go here

For resources and to get started developing Windows 7 Touch applications visit us here

Good luck!