Tasks.Show A Windows 7 Developers Resource

Tasks.Show A Windows 7 Developers Resource

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Are you still using yellow sticky notes to remember tasks on your to-do list? Did you ever need an easy, light and quick way to manage your to-do list? Well we have a solution for you. Tasks.Show is a simple Windows application that lets you manage your to-do list in an easy and intuitive manner. Simply create a new task, assign it to a project, give it a deadline, and you are set.

Tasks.Show is a developer resource application, where you get the full source code of a complete and fully functional application that is using Windows 7 unique features like Windows Touch and the Windows Taskbar.















Tasks.Show provides you with a visual representation of how busy you are. Tasks display on a timeline according to project and size, and estimated amount of work. The timeline view at the bottom of the screen also gives you sense of how your to-do list looks over time, and just how busy you are?







Integrated with Windows to easily manage your tasks

Use Ctrl + Alt + T from anywhere in Windows, even if you are a different application, to activate Tasks.Show and start entering a new task. Use special keywords while typing to place a given task in the right order and assign it a deadline. Use Windows Touch to easily interact with different tasks, sliding between tasks, assigning tasks to a project with a flick of your fingers. The application also interacts with Windows 7 Taskbar, allowing you to easily switch to your more important tasks or create new tasks directly from the Windows 7 Tasks.Show Taskbar icon.
















You can download the full MSI package (the installer). The installer installs the Tasks.Show application for you to use.

Working with Visual Studio

You can download the complete source code of the application. Make sure you install Tasks.Show before you run the application from Visual Studio. This way the installer sets up all the registry settings to allow your application to work with the Taskbar.

The Visual Studio solution includes only two projects:

  • Tasks.Show.Data.VS2010 – Holds the data model for the application, basically all the tasks and any related date
  • Tasks.Show.VS2010 – Holds the main WPF application
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  • Pitman
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  • Haim
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    To sync all your tasks and to really connect activity to documents and notes and much more you should try using www.iqtell.com - currently in an invite only stage.

  • There'll be an update to this app? Like cloud-syncing? Please?

  • Thank you everyone for the comments.

    @Prashant C  - yes this is the app that Robby presented ay Mix10

    @raylinder  - I'll make your life easier, try this a Fork on GitHub - github.com/.../Tasks.Show https://github.com/zumpiez



  • I'd like to tie Tasks.Show in with the Remember the Milk API as they both carry the same UI structure and offered it to the public for FREE. Will I be allowed to do this?

  • I remeber Robby Ingebretsen showed similar application in Mix10 session "10 Ways to Attack a Design Problem and Come Out Winning", is it same app?

  • OMG! I was wainting for an app like this for ages! Thanks, it looks great!

  • KooKiz
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    I guess it just lacks a sync feature with WP7 :)

  • Thank you James for you vivid words…

  • Holy c$%p this is neat.