I am posting this on behalf of Ian LeGrow, Partner Group Program Manager here in Windows.

As you may have heard, we now have a new Windows 8 app developer blog to help you build Metro style apps on our new Windows 8 platform.

In the new blog, we share our learning and converse with you as you enter the new world of Windows Metro style app development. The blog complements the Windows Dev Center and community forums, and you’ll see a lot of pointers to content and samples to help you get going. We talk about our experiences building the platform and building apps, pitfalls to avoid, tips and tricks, why we made certain choices in the platform, and anything else we can pass along to help you create amazing apps.

Developers, testers, and program managers from the Windows development team are posting to this blog regularly from now through the release of Windows 8 and beyond. We already have several great posts that you can check out for info on topics ranging from using the Live SDK in your apps to async patterns to ways to improve the performance of your apps, and much more.

Come join us in the conversation on the Windows 8 app developer blog. We hope to see you there.