Introducing the Genuine Windows Blog

Introducing the Genuine Windows Blog

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Today, another blog joins The Windows Blog family. Previously my Genuine Windows/WGA blog, the new Genuine Windows Blog will feature posts not only from me, but from other genuine Windows team members, genuine Microsoft software partner teams, and other guest bloggers who can shed light on not just the challenges of fighting piracy, but the work that Microsoft is doing to help protect its customers from the risks of counterfeit software.

In the meantime, we'd like to add a few links to past blog posts that you might find helpful:

Thanks and I look forward to the discussions that will happen here at our new home!

- Alex Kochis, Director, Genuine Windows

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  • Strange, I've lost my Win7 RC local Network access permission.

    Lost Windows 7 Home Group access permissions

    I have three computers on my local net,

    Dell-Inspiron w/Win7 RC

    Dell-XPS w/Win7 RC

    AMD w/Windows Home Server.

    Only the XPS laptop has lost access to both Homegroup and Windows Home Server. The Inspiron is all OK.

    Backups to WHS continue and seem all OK, I can access the WHS console. I just cannot access folders and files on the WHS.

    I can see the the Homegroup computers but cannot access any of the files.

    I receive this error message. might not have permission

    I have setup a new USER, no success. I deleted the Windows Live Upload Tool, no success. I reinstalled the WHS connector and no success.

    A suspect is Windows Update  "Broadcom driver update for Dell Wireless 1500 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card" as to timing of this problem.  I did a system restore earlier than that Update no success.

    Help! Thanks,  ...Sam

  • I have been struggling with the WGA problem for over a month with little help from MS. I bought my computer at a certified dealer with XP Pro pre-installed but with NO back-up disk. Computer crashed, and another XP Pro CD was used to get it working again.  Then, the WGA came along.  Just how to I coordinate my current copy of XP Pro with my original Valid Product Key??  I have sent emails, etc for over a month with no help from MS, meanwhile searching the site for an answer.  I do NOT want to pay for a copy of XP Pro twice, having already paid for it pre-installed with original purchase. Please send some link or info - NONE of the directions I have found say anything about giving me the chance to input my original valid product key during the validation process - I don't know if MS will hit me up for more money, or just de-activate my machine.  Please Help - thanks.

  • Good luck with the new blog. As some may know, I rip on the WGA Team constantly for wasting our time with useless activation methods that my 5-year old neighbor can crack.

    My hopes for you in the future is that Microsoft will continue to fail with WGA and hopefully do something smart and disband the team, transferring them to other departments within Microsoft that will greater benefit the user, like making prettier mouse pointer icons, which in my opinion would be a greater achievement than the WGA Team has ever accomplished in it's history of never being successful. How many other people in this world have a job where you fail 100% of the time and still get paid? Yes, this is the perfect description of the WGA Team, a group of poor individuals wasting their education and talent devising activation schemes that will never work and have never worked since they were created. I would wish you guys luck, but there is no need to explain what the future holds............more failure.

  • Piracy is a problem however the consumer sometimes finds it hard to know what is genuine, I once traded a genuine version of Vista Home Basic which I had for a boxed version of Office 2007 Small Bussiness.  You get all sort of people trading on Craigslist, and this guy seemed trustworthy.

    Anyway I didn't notice until I got back home that the box was missing its COA, I called the guy back and he said that it must have came off when he openend the box.

    Now everything else in the box looked real and genuine, manual, box product key disc with holograms...and the circular label and place where the COA should have been looked like it was ripped off.  So yeah its probably authentic, but it is hard to tell for even the educated.

    The question for me was really why did Microsoft design a box where if it was opened as intended/designed the COA would easily come off the box?

    I realise the anti-piracy thing is a hard balancing act, hopefully Office 2010 will have a better box design when it comes out.  Im actually really looking forward to its release.

    The only other COA issue is actually kinda funny more than anything else.  The COA on my wifes old DV6000 HP laptop is slowly melting, its now kinda grey, and its hard to see some letters... probably due to the CPU heat, the machine runs pretty hot.  I took a photo of that one incase it burns completely someday only time will tell if the COA will outlive the laptop!

  • Thank you admin.

  • Vaiks
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    I am the IT manager on one company and consult fo another. I am always trying new instalations and replacing hardware (upgrades mostly).

    You can imagine the HELL my life is every time I have to activate XP and Vista again! Endless phone calls, hundreds of numbers, everytime.

    Even on my personal computer, at home, where I am always changing hardware, the nightmare is present. I can't scape even when seting up my Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition.

    Of course, people who pirate their software don't have this problem.

  • Is there any improvement on the RE-activation of Windows?

    A Hard drive fails, becomes corrupt, you need to install windows (that you purchased and installed already) and then activate.

    But as it has been activated before you need to call an automated phone line to enter around 32 digits, to get 32 digits back to enter and activate.

    Formatting a HDD, Replacing a HDD happens, and you need to reinstall Windows.

    There should be allowances in the system to allow for activation again.

  • How about those of us who honestly bought a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate and then were ripped off by Microsoft's dishonesty?  We spent a lot of money for language packs.  You said a lot and did little.  What do we get for our money?  Besides being laughed at by Apple users of course.

  • I guess every other Windows related blog is getting merged here. Thats good! A one stop area for all the Windows news.

  • Tommyinoz
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    I remember a number of years ago I was helping one of my neighbours with their Windows XP machine that was badly infected with numerous viruses and malware.  I spent a bit of time removing the viruses and malware using anti virus software but I found after removing them all Windows still had problems with damaged system files.  Having had experience repairing Windows NT and Windows 2000 using the 'Repair' feature found on the Windows CD by booting up from it.  I decided to repair Windows using this method using my own Windows XP Professional CD.  After happily going through the repair process I was eventually prompted for the Windows Product Key, so I typed in the product key that is on the sticker attached to computer which I know to be valid.  To my surprise Windows rejected the product key.  After a bit of investigation I found out that because the Machine I was trying to repair was a HP and the Windows CD I was using for repair wasn't for a HP computer, therefore I couldn't use this CD to repair Windows despite the fact that it's the same OS (XP professional)!

    Well, that just made life for me quite difficult and for no good reason.  This just goes to show that it's the paying customer that are the victims here.

  • Nosmo
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    If you really want to help, you might be so gracious as to let us honest folk know how a re instalation of Win 7 upgrade medai will work??

    We all know that the upgrade media must be set up from within an activated previous OS. No problem there.

    But say a hard drive fails and the user needs to re install Win 7.

    Does he have to re install XP, activate over the phone then re install Win 7 from within XP and re activate also by phone.

    Please let me and 27,000,000 others know.