Microsoft Security Essentials – new anti-virus software free for genuine Windows users!

Microsoft Security Essentials – new anti-virus software free for genuine Windows users!

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Today, we announced a new reason to own genuine Windows software - free high-quality consumer anti-virus and anti-malware software from Microsoft! Available for use on genuine Windows PCs at no cost, Microsoft Security Essentials is an anti-malware service that helps protect consumers against viruses, spyware and other malware.

Microsoft Security Essentials is available in 8 languages across the 19 countries shown below, using it requires no registration, there are no trial conversions or renewals required to stay up to date with the latest version and it is available for download directly from Microsoft now at

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil
Canada France Germany Ireland
Israel Italy Japan Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Singapore Spain
Switzerland United Kingdom United States  


During installation, you’ll be asked to validate Windows running on your PC to make sure that it’s genuine. As with all of our validation technology Microsoft doesn’t use any information collected during validation about the copy of Windows that is installed or the PC it is installed on to identify or contact the owner or user.


If a copy of Windows fails validation during setup then the screen below will be shown and the user will be offered an easy way to purchase genuine Windows directly from Microsoft.


Once installed, Microsoft Security Essentials provides you with real-time protection that runs quietly in the background, enabling you to continue using your PC without constant interruptions. And since it never expires and is updated automatically, you can feel safer knowing that your genuine Windows-based PC will be better protected by the latest advancements in security technology.

I’ve been using MSE on a few PCs for the last number of months and here’s what I love about it so far:

  • MSE is independently certified by West Coast Labs – that makes me feel good about relying on it
  • MSE uses the same core engine as Microsoft’s enterprise-class AV/AM products and is backed by Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center which makes me feel even better
  • When it does find something that doesn’t belong it enables you to clean or remove it quickly and easily rather than loading a big heavyweight app.
  • It’s free!

Click here to read the official press release or download Microsoft Security Essentials now.

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  • Momo66
    1 Posts

    I don't trust my computer security solely on Microsoft.  i have found that it's unreliable.  I work for a <a href="">cheap health insurance</a> company and security is very important.  

  • Hi yzergirl,

    If your version of Windows XP fails validation and you suspect it might be due to a wrong key incorrectly used by a bad technician, then you could use Microsofts Product Key Update tool here:

    To input your legitimate product key, I haven't used the tool myself.. but it seems pretty easy from the screenshot's.  More info here:

    Good Luck

  • I have been struggling with the WGA problem for a long time - here is my situation:  I bought my computer from a certified dealer;  XP Pro was installed but there was NO back-up disk and I failed to create one.  My computer crashed, totally.  To get computer running again, as I had no back-up disk, a technicion revived my computer using another copy of XP Pro.  I want to ligetimaze my copy of XP Pro using the original Product Key - will this happen with the software offered by MS or will my computer become un-useable??  I paid for the original, legal copy of XP Pro when I bought the computer (pre-installed) - I don't want to have to buy another just because the computer crashed.  Can I use the original Product Key (be prompted to input Key) during the validation process?  Much Thanks with this problem.

  • Finally! Ive been waiting for this.

  • Darren
    2 Posts

    It's a shame that Microsoft decided it's more important to make this product simply look good rather than work well.  The single highest rated problem reported by beta testers is that this product does not always remove what it claims to have removed.  If you have a virus inside a zip file, when you try to open the file this product will find the virus and suggest you remove it.  When you proceed, it will throw up a big green banner telling you it was successfully removed - however in reality it won't be removed, or even cleaned of the virus.  If you look, the zip file will still be there and if you try to open it again, Microsoft Security Essentials will find the virus all over again.  And following that it will pretend to remove it again - and again and again - giving you the big green "successful" banner each time, but if you really want it to be removed you'll have to use a different anti-virus program (any of the popular ones will actually remove it).  The real kicker, though, is that Microsoft claimed repeatedly that this is how the software is designed to work.  It's designed to tell you it removed a virus that it did not really remove - at least according to the people who made it.  I guess it's just easier to make a program that simply automatically throws up a big green banner and claims success than it is to make a program that actually does what it claims it did.  I just have no need for security software that is designed to simply make itself look good by give me false claims about what it did rather than being designed to actually work well and give me correct information about the security of my system.

  • Free or not, it'll be a very long time before I soley trust my computer's security to Microsoft.  I won't say never, but you guys have dug yourselves a big hole.

  • askjaer
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    Sounds good. When will it be available in Denmark and the rest of EU and/or Europe?


  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    Please increase the number of configurable options and advanced settings. It may be lightweight and secure but it is hardly as customizable or configurable as Norton, McAfree, Kaspersky or Eset NOD32.

  • eddyr
    4 Posts

    In fact, I'm really pleased. At last a decent AV product free for legitimate users! Thankyou Microsoft (taken a while though!! ;) )

  • eddyr
    4 Posts

    I'll download it now, this is good- I've always felt the vulnerabilities that have existed over the years should be covered by some in built OS protection- I object in the main to having to purchase additional software just to stop malware etc