Microsoft and consumers - taking action against global software piracy

Microsoft and consumers - taking action against global software piracy

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Today, Microsoft announced a surge of over 150,000 voluntary reports in the past two years from people who unknowingly purchased counterfeit software that often included viruses or other malware. More than double the amount of previous records, this increase reflects growing concern for the harm caused by counterfeit software and Microsoft’s efforts to give people a voice in the fight against software counterfeiting. In addition, Microsoft highlights Consumer Action Day, a simultaneous launch of education initiatives and enforcement actions in more than 70 countries to help protect consumers and increase awareness of the risks of counterfeit software.

Learn more on Microsoft’s PressPass site.

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  • Ok, thanks a lot for your post.

  • I beleive that Microsoft will make their prices for software lower, that there will no sense for people and companies to use pirated copies. Every 2-3 years change PC and software license, - in our postcrysis days, - little bit expensive for regular people.

  • I just recieved an email from the gentleman who is selling and installing this win 7 "copy". He told me to, "Mind my own business, because it's his copy and he can do whatever he wants with it...That he has installed over 4 dozen of these,copies and MS hasn't done a thing too him because MS is more concerned about the "mass counterfieters", then little guys like him. That if MS didn't want people to download and copy their software to sell to unsuspecting people, then MS should ensure that know one could make it accessable on the internet"! Hmmm...kind of makes sense!

  • Why is it, that a certain person in the Greater Seattle area is continually allowed to sell pirated copies of Windows 7 to unsuspecting buyers on Craig's list? MS is doing nothing to stop him. What the person does, is offer to install a copy (downloaded from the MSDN site), and then uses a SLIC loader (also downloaded) to install phoney certificates. The buyer does not get a copy of the disk, nor a COA!!! He has been reported numerous times and just changes his "location"...yet MS does NOTHING to stop him. Does this mean, that I could make extra money on the side, by doing the samething?

  • I can only believe that this software is bogus if I believe that Dell Computers was capable of purchasing such software. The software on this machine came with the computer. Please explain how Dell could have purchased non-windows software?