We want to let you know about a new addition to our Volume Activation TechCenter on TechNet. The section, called Cheat Sheets, will contain short but detailed technical whitepapers covering topics that were too lengthy to post directly to our team blog. 

The first cheat sheet, How to troubleshoot the Key Management Service (KMS), explains how to use the Event Logs and slmgr.vbs to troubleshoot issues with KMS activation on the KMS host and KMS clients.

The second cheat sheet is aimed at helping both IT implementers and licensing folks how to choose the right volume license key for Windows. In How to choose the right volume license key for Windows, you will read actual deployment examples for both Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) and Key Management Service keys (KMS) and learn how to choose the right key for your organization. 

Visit the Cheat Sheets section on the Windows Volume Activation TechCenter site to get started.


- Kim