Update your RSS subscriptions and bookmarks!

Update your RSS subscriptions and bookmarks!

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I hope you’re all enjoying the recent upgrade to The Windows Blog – I personally really like the new look and feel.  I wanted to let you know about just one more change as we continue streamlining the way we are delivering content to you.  Because the topics that we have been sharing with you as part of the Genuine Windows Blog (such as activation, validation, and licensing) are just part of the way that Windows works, we think it makes sense to just share these with you through other Windows blogs that you’re likely already visiting. 

Not to worry, all our previous posts will stay put on the blog archive and will be searchable on this site.  However, this means that those of you with bookmarks or RSS feed subscriptions to the Genuine Windows Blog will need to make an update to continue seeing the latest news:

  • For the latest Windows news and announcements, check out Blogging Windows (RSS feed here).
  • You can find future blog posts about how to buy genuine Windows or offers and downloads available only to genuine Windows users on the Windows Experience Blog (RSS feed here). 
  • IT professionals will be able to find news about volume activation, deployment, webcasts, etc. on The Springboard Series Blog (RSS feed here). 
  • Of course, if you want to know about everything happening in Windows and being blogged about here on The Windows Blog, you can subscribe to The Windows Blog’s main RSS feed here.

You’ll continue to hear from me on the Windows Blog – so, until next time!

- Jodi

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  • Thanks everyone for the feedback on the redesign and specifically the issue regarding compatibility in IE8. The site is designed for compatiblity with IE8 and looks great without the compatibility view enabled. We're aware of the issue where the button is there and some people have the blog in their compatibility view list. We'll be making changes to fix this issue shortly. n

  • Yes! I just love the new design! Just awesome!

  • +1 Albert.

    I have the same problem. With compatibility mode on, the menu acts weird when I hover it.

    Without compatibility mode on, it works fine.

  • @Albert:

    i also found the same issue but now it seems to be working well for me. I don't see any issue.

  • Albert
    94 Posts

    I love the new design as well, very sleek and clean. Only thing though: the experience is quite buggy in IE8. IE8 recommends activating Compatibility View for the site, but doing so makes site elements display improperly (e.g. menus, comments box). However, if Compatibility View is kept off, the site works perfectly. So I'm guessing some element within the site is incorrectly telling IE8 to recommend Compatibility View when it's perfectly fine without it. Unless I'm the only one experiencing this...