How an “oil change” can keep Windows 7 on top

How an “oil change” can keep Windows 7 on top

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At Staples, we’re glad to be able to offer the power and impressive new features of Windows 7 to our customers. The ability to find files in only two clicks, or to start up and shut down quickly, will make day-to-day computing so much easier. However, we want customers to be able to continue to enjoy the features of Windows 7 just as much after six months as they do on the very first day. That’s why we are on a quest to remind people that PC maintenance is just as important to software performance as routine oil changes are to keeping cars running smoothly.

As people spend more time online and doing work, they should be conducting preventative maintenance every 3-6 months, depending on the age and usage of the computer. With all of the impressive media management features in Windows 7, we expect customers to be even more active with storing and sharing photos, music, games and entertainment. But if customers do not take proper steps toward safeguarding their PCs, they won’t be able to really get the most out of the new operating system.

While Staples EasyTech service provides a range of tech services at our stores, anyone can follow some simple steps at home to keep any computer, and Windows 7, running smoothly:

  • Have an antivirus solution and keep it up to date.
  • Use Windows Disk Cleanup to safely remove any temporary files from your hard drive.
  • Store computers in a well-ventilated area and be sure to clean out any dust or dirt that has accumulated inside the computer case.
  • Check for Windows Updates. Periodically visit Windows Update to download any security patches and drivers that are available for your computer.
  • Back up digital files, music and photos on an external hard drive.

Look, most drivers are not experts when it comes to what’s happening under the hood of their car, and we really need to think about PCs in a similar way. Put a reminder on your calendar twice a year to spend an hour on your PC maintenance so you can continue to enjoy the media and performance capabilities of the new Windows 7.

Bob MacDonald,
Vice President of Technology Services, Staples

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  • Hi Isham,

    There is a limited free upgrade offer for a free upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Bussiness or Vista Ultimate to Windows 7, for users who bought those versions of Windows Vista from June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010.  

    This offer does not apply to Home Basic versions of Vista.

    Your PC manufacturer may be running this offer or you or it might be through Microsoft if you bought a boxed copy of Vista.  Details here:

  • I love Staples, your my favorite store after Target.  Although I have personally never used Staples Easy Tech services, because I’m a nerd.

    I do appreciate that Staples return policy for technology items which is vastly superior to Office Depots.  For this reason alone I will always shop at Staples over Office Depot for Tech items unless an item is significantly cheaper at Office Depot.

    It's also nice that your Staples coupons which I have used on occasions don’t have a ton of exclusions on tech products.

    Keep up the good work.

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    is it possible to upgard a windows vista home (newly bought) to windows7?was that free of charge???