Just in case you’ve missed it (where have you been?), today is the day the first PCs with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system and VISION Technology from AMD hit the shelf. Yeah!

Many of us have been looking forward to this day for quite a while. I’ve blogged about the synergy between AMD technology and Windows 7 on a number of occasions before. I’ve talked about how AMD’s latest graphics cards are the only graphics cards on the market to fully support the DirectX 11 API, the API released with Windows 7. And that’s a big deal, because it will enable richer visual experiences and speed up other tasks like converting video files for playback on a portable media player.

I’ve also discussed the importance of a complete PC experience, where hardware and software interact seamlessly so that everything “just works.” With greater usability and an increasingly intuitive interface in Windows 7, your PC works the way you want it to, faster and easier.

I’ve been lucky to be a beta tester for Windows 7, and have personally benefited from a couple of the improvements in particular.

For example with Windows 7, you can drag video to enabled portable media players and transcode the clip automatically. If you’re searching for a file, Windows 7’s integrated search function helps you find what you’re looking for faster than before, even when you only remember a phrase or snippet of what you’re looking for.

And now the wait is over. Today is a culmination of a long effort by Microsoft, and with their new OS, consumers can enjoy a better computing experience right now. Windows 7 is a winner.

This is also a day where consumers can experience VISION technology from AMD – technology which we announced last month. Developed with the goal of enriching users’ digital lives, VISION also helps simplify the PC buying process, by aligning PC models with the ways consumers use their systems. Depending on whether you just want to watch videos and view photos, or create and edit HD movies, VISION helps you easily identify the PC that’s right for you. At a time when consumers have more options than ever, we understand that choice alone does not provide value. The right choice provides value, and VISION helps buyers make the right choice.

From product development to point of purchase, AMD and Microsoft have worked together to ensure a painless decision process and intuitive user experience.

And with Windows 7 on VISION, everyone WINs.

Nigel Dessau
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at AMD

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