Windows 7 & Lenovo Rocketing off the Starting Line

Windows 7 & Lenovo Rocketing off the Starting Line

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Today I’m excited to unveil our latest new performance machine: Windows 7 and Lenovo Think computers! It’s like showing off your latest high performance sports car at the big race. We’ve spent a lot of time and expertise getting ready to introduce Windows 7 on Lenovo’s Think business computers and now we get to show it off and share how we did it.

You have to analyze your vehicle first in order to improve performance. Lenovo engineers’ efforts began several years ago by analyzing every detail of the Windows Operating System environment, our PCs and software. That gave us a great foundation that determined where to concentrate our efforts. We worked closely with Microsoft to utilize this knowledge during Windows 7 development to improve the overall Windows 7 experience. Microsoft developers did some great things to speed up the operating system such as modifying when and how hard disk activities run to reduce delays to the user. We at Lenovo focused primarily on the computer components and our own ThinkVantage software.

Like a finely tuned race car, it’s not just the engine you worry about. To get optimal performance you need to design performance into all the components from the ground up. For Lenovo this meant improvements in the (suspension) with the computer firmware being aware and skipping unused hardware function tests, we overhauled the (transmission) with performance aware device drivers, ThinkVantage applications re-engineered for (aerodynamics) speed by eliminating background services and running them just when needed, found the best industry applications (tires) and then the entire system (car) was tuned through the system settings to take maximum advantage of all the component improvements.

Now you don’t just enter a race without trying out your design at the track, so we put the Lenovo Think PCs through rigorous testing and internal pilot testing. Our team has run these PCs around the track for more than six months to make sure we are ready.

This isn’t just a race to see how fast you are off the starting line; it is also about endurance and the driving experience. All Lenovo’s performance work also improves the driving experience and extends your track time between fuel stops. By improving the performance we’ve reduced the amount of power consumption which extends battery life, reduces energy consumption and makes our Think computers a leader in green computing. A key contributor is ThinkVantage Power Manger with an easy new power slider and can save up to $71 annually in energy costs on a ThinkCentre M52 desktop running the Lenovo default power mode.

Lenovo announced the Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification program in September, with our performance efforts as a key ingredient to bringing you great new computers with Windows 7. We’ve made great strides including improved boot speed by up to 57 percent and shut down by up to 39 percent on select Think PCs versus non-optimized, identical configuration PCs running Vista and XP. To take advantage of this new experience Lenovo is encouraging customers to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 through our Lenovo Enhanced Experience program.

How can Lenovo share this great new racing technology with our business customers? Smaller businesses can easily get the benefit of Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 experience by purchasing a new Lenovo Think computer today with Windows 7 ready to go out of the box. Larger companies who create their own unique software image can benefit immediately from firmware, device drivers and ThinkVantage Technology software improvements on new Think computers. For larger companies that want the full Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7, Lenovo offers a new service where Lenovo engineers use our expertise to performance tune the customer’s software image.

We expect Windows 7 and Lenovo Enhanced Experience to give users the best new computing experience in a decade, and that gives us a higher platform to continue developing the next generations of innovative PC technology.

For more information including a list of Lenovo PCs Enhanced for Windows 7 please visit our Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 web page.

Peter Schrady
Vice President & General Manager; Software, Peripherals and Enterprise Products
(And an avid racing enthusiast!)

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