You Deserve A Better PC - Get in ‘Touch” with HP and Upgrade Now

You Deserve A Better PC - Get in ‘Touch” with HP and Upgrade Now

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I had the pleasure of attending our HP press tour to launch many of our new products this month, and let me tell you - across all of our product lines, we’re offering better performing and more visually pleasing desktops than ever before and they’re all Windows 7 ready. You’ll find that we offer a variety of quality desktop PC’s for consumers, small businesses, Enterprise and Public Sector customers – from the stylish HP TouchSmart 600 for the home to our powerful HP Compaq 6000 Pro series for business.

HP TouchSmart 600 HP Compaq 6000 Pro

Check out some of the highlights that we shared on the press tour: 

Touch really does make the computing experience come alive. We’ve been innovating in Touch since 1983 when we launched the first touch PC, the HP 150. Fast forward to 2009 and HP is still investing in both hardware and software to help people reduce the complexity in computing. We’ve worked with Microsoft to share HP’s learnings and award-winning touch technology and best practices for integration into Windows 7. The deep collaboration between the companies offers customers the most advanced computing experience they have grown to expect from HP. 

We all know that customers want a great experience, interaction and the total “it was made just for me” feeling when they buy a product. Just recently, I was in a la00rge scale, popular hotel lobby. In a period of about 30 minutes, my husband and several other people walked up to this PC and touched it to start interacting…..not seeing the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen.

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That’s right, it said: “THIS IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN”. To that end, HP is striving to create personal, engaging experiences through applications that you absolutely can touch. The finger is the natural pointing device.  One of my favorite applications that we showcased on the press tour is the HP TouchSmart RecipeBox. In talking with customers, we found that many people have put their PCs in the kitchen.  The TouchSmart RecipeBox lets aspiring chefs discover, explore and learn recipes by voice or touch commands.  It also lets you collect, format and store all your favorites together in a “digital” cookbook that is all yours. 

Not only has HP created specific applications that meet your needs, but you can also see it in the HP TouchSmart software. Partners recognize the PC is a critical piece to the entertainment, communication and multi-media equation and have developed applications with us that work in the touch environment. There are built-in, interactive tiles with key applications from third parties from the likes of Hulu, Twitter, and Netflix.The Hulu TouchSmart tile provides quick access to Hulu’s vast library of hit TV shows, movies and video clips with the touch of a finger. Users can browse, search and watch their favorite comedies, dramas, sci-fi and web-original shows from nearly 200 leading content companies. In addition, users with accounts also can access their queue, subscriptions and viewing history.

Touch is not limited to consumers; there are a number of businesses who are investigating or using HP TouchSmarts already to deliver a better experience to their customers.  At Compass Bank in Houston, the bank is able to extend more services by providing “virtual loan officers” by using TouchSmarts with Webcams at their banks but saving costs by locating the loan officers centrally; they provide a unique, personalized experience to each customer and get the forms submitted and approved in less time. Priscilla of Boston is helping their customers find the perfect wedding dress using HP TouchSmarts (if you’ve ever been married, you know how the dress choice is a very “personal” decision).  Lastly, Sheraton Hotels are using TouchSmart PCs to provide a customized experience for their patrons with immersive touch technology that brings interaction, connectivity and play to the Link@Sheraton – the heart of the Sheraton brand’s new lobby experience. We’ve even launched a new product line of Digital Displays including the 42” HPLD4200tm Interactive Digital Sign which brings touch to more people in more places (hospitality, education, and point-of-sale). 

Besides Touch, HP has expanded on the Compaq Portfolio and brand for the home and business PC user. The Compaq portfolio delivers great design, strong performance and reliability that customers need for ‘just right computing’ at ‘just the right price.’ The Compaq Presario 4010f desktop PC delivers all the productivity of a traditional PC in a sleek, streamlined desktop design. Then there’s the Compaq 500B Series desktop PC which are designed for the budget-conscious small businesses that need PCs that are easy to set up, use and expand. The Compaq 500B and 505B desktop PCs, available with Intel or AMD processors respectively, offer businesses efficient and reliable performance with Windows 7, and configurable hard drives and memory.

Lastly, I wanted to mention this idea of “year of the refresh.” Customers have told us that they have held onto their desktop PCs for 4-5 years. We know the recessions around the world have squeezed budgets. We have heard you ask questions about the environmental impact of the products you buy and how you can manage your costs when it comes to power usage. We know people have been anticipating Windows 7. At HP, we used your feedback and planned for this; we designed a portfolio of products to hit the right price and performance equation for you.  As of today, all of our PC’s are Windows 7 ready. When you’re using your new HP desktop PC at home or work, our testing shows you’ll get up to three times better overall performance because of our HP hardware combined with Windows 7 (when compared to a similar PC from a few years ago.) Boot time is 45 percent faster, suspend time is 50 percent faster and resume time is 90 percent faster. All of these things will help you save time, be more efficient and have a better PC experience. (The testing was conducted by HP Desktop R&D)

These are just a few of the HP Desktop products that launched in the last month. Be sure to check out all of our cool business products here for business products and here for our home and home office products and upgrade to the PC you deserve.

Anneliese Olson
Director of Desktops for HP

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    Is this blog ever going to be fixed?

    Sorry, there was a problem with your last request!

    Either the site is offline or an unhandled error occurred. We apologize and have logged the error. Please try your request again or if you know who your site administrator is let them know too.

  • hitmouse
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    I can see how excited HP is (just like Lenovo)

    I went to a few OEM websites on Thursday to check out laptops. The HP models featured on the website were either discontinued or sold with Vista, <a>for example</a>

    I bought a Dell.

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    "they've lasted for longer than you would expect 4-5 years on average sounds about right"

    My Dell Inspiron 1420 is just about 2 years old, but now the battery is gone!

  • Those Touchsmart PCs look real nice, and my wife is constantly on Hulu so any feature that would make it easier to get that content is definately a win in my book.

    Its kinda funny, my wifes family tends to buy Dells and my family tends to buy HP and Compaq machines.  Weve both been pretty lucky hardware wise, the machines from both OEMs have performed better than expected, they've lasted for longer than you would expect 4-5 years on average sounds about right, but with streaming video, and limited hard drive space some of those machines are starting to show their age.

    Now that Windows 7 is out, I know that many of my extended Family will be upgrading this Christmas.