KNFB’s New Blio eReader Redefines the eBook Experience

KNFB’s New Blio eReader Redefines the eBook Experience

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This week at CES, Ray Kurzweil (CEO of KNFB Reading Technology) revealed Blio, a free eReader application that we believe will transform the digital reading marketplace through significant advances in display and interactivity. The rich-media design will deliver a vast range of eBook titles, across genres.

The Blio development team was able to take advantage of the .NET 3.5 Framework, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), XPS file format, Microsoft Speech API and UI Automation for accessibility, all of which have native support in Windows 7 and are core Windows technologies. In addition, Windows Touch in Windows 7 and support for small netbook form factor will be utilized by Blio to improve usability for Windows 7 users. These technologies have enabled our team to streamline the creation of the application and provide seamless integration into Windows 7 devices.


The free Blio eReader application provides a superior way to view and interact with electronic versions of books, newspapers and magazines. Blio preserves a book's original layout and color images, enabling image-rich titles to be as vibrant on screen as they are in print, for the first time. Blio users can now enjoy a full-color display, embedded multimedia, and a 3D virtual book mode for an entertaining and intuitive reading experience.

We are excited about this close collaboration with Microsoft in redefining the digital book experience, and we appreciate the Microsoft team's close cooperation in our development process and their ongoing support. The application will be released in February, and you can find out more on our website:

Forrest Dobbs
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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