HP and Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 brings more PCs to more students at a lower cost

HP and Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 brings more PCs to more students at a lower cost

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This blog post is being published on behalf of HP.

With the growing demand for technology in the classroom, HP is proud to be working with Windows technologies to address the need for affordable computing and expand the number of computer seats in schools.

Due to current budgetary constraints in education, schools are looking beyond the initial cost of technology deployment to total cost of ownership, maintenance costs and IT support. This focus is leading more schools to evaluate alternative options to bring true 1:1 computing into the classroom. From cost savings to simpler management to environmental impact, moving to shared computing makes fiscal sense and is a trend that will continue in education.

HP recently introduced MultiSeat to meet this paradigm shift in computing efficiency. Working together with Microsoft’s Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, HP MultiSeat is really designed to help turn schools with limited student access to technology into a technology-rich PC experience for every student in a classroom, lab or library. This is accomplished by leveraging the excess capacity of one PC to deliver dependable performance to up to 10 users with just the addition of a low-cost thin client, monitor, keyboard and mouse for each user.

Jefferson County Public Schools and Alvarado High School are already leveraging the value of MultiSeat to bring a key learning tool – the PC - into the hands of students. The best part is, schools don’t have to wait for additional funds to implement this solution – the money is already in their budget.

We’re hearing the consensus from students, administrators and teachers around the world to bring more technology into the classroom to better prepare for students for success in college and the workplace. Joining forces with Microsoft on the development of MultiSeat allowed us to deliver a fully Microsoft licensed solution that answers our customer needs by expanding student access to technology with lower ongoing operation costs.

We’re looking forward to a continued work with Microsoft products to bring affordable technology into the classroom.

Brian Becker
Director, Education, Personal Systems Group, HP

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  • I have passed this information on to my old employer.  This is perfect for a city school district that doesn't have a big budget to spend on Technology.  

    I am aware that a lot of school districts across America do not have technology like this and it makes it hard for them to compete with other "suburban" schools.  This will help these schools save money!  

    Way to go HP and Windows!