Windows 7 Puts it’s Finger on Enhanced Biometric Support

Windows 7 Puts it’s Finger on Enhanced Biometric Support

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I’ve always found biometrics to be an interesting aspect to technology. And I was excited to discover that Windows 7 offers changes to the way Windows handles biometrics to enable better experiences. Windows 7 introduces the Windows Biometric Framework which makes integration easier and more consistent to help deliver enhanced reliability, compatibility and usability of fingerprint-based solutions. The Windows Biometric Framework also makes it easier for developers to include biometrics in their applications by providing a common API that can be added independently with each biometric fingerprint solution. For a more in-depth look at the Windows Biometric Framework check out this whitepaper from Windows Hardware Developer Central.

This week at CES 2009, we have several key partners announcing support for the Windows Biometric Framework in Windows 7.

With tens of millions of notebooks in the market with UPEK fingerprint sensors, UPEK has worked closely with us on the development of the Windows Biometric Framework and sees strong value in using applications that support fingerprint biometrics through the Windows Biometric Framework. If your laptop uses a UPEK fingerprint sensor, such as my Lenovo X300, you can download the pre-release Protector Suite software here which utilizes the Windows Biometric Framework in the Windows 7 Beta today. I’m currently testing it out myself and its pretty slick! Rob Blau, UPEK’s Vice President of Development, talks more about UPEK’s support for Windows 7 here in their press release (Word Document).

AuthenTec has also worked closely with us on the development of the Windows Biometric Framework. They are providing beta test participants with access to software that enable convenient logon for Windows 7-based PCs, thanks to AuthenTec fingerprint sensors integrated with the new Windows Biometric Framework. You can download their 32-bit software here and their 64-bit software here. AuthenTec fingerprint sensors can be seen in business and consumer notebooks from the world’s leading brands from ASUS, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and Toshiba. Andy VanDamia, AuthenTec’s Director of PC Software, discusses working with us on the Windows Biometric Framework here.

And Validity believes the Windows Biometric Framework facilitates greater adoption of fingerprint security solutions by providing a flexible platform, enabling easy fingerprint sensor integration into PCs.

The early adoption and readiness by these companies has played a vital role in validating the suitability of the Windows Biometric Framework as a platform for fingerprint biometric devices in Windows 7.

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  • Authentec Links not working..

    Here is the direct link for 32bit for 64bit.

    Thanks you for posting.

  • Duane Duane
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    at a time when everyone was very nice windows 7 now, and cooling an operating system from vista was supposed to come out was nice to win 7 out of

  • hamster
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    UPEK just launched a developer contest co-sponsored by Microsoft for biometric applications on Windows 7.  Check out the details here:

  • It looks like AuthenTec has moved their driver download links without updating their main page for Windows 7 that is linked from here.

    If you want to download the 32-bit drivers, go here:

    If you want to download the 64-bit drivers, go here:

    I wish they'd fix their main page because those links above are hard to find!

  • cbkos, I am not aware of any password required to download the beta bits from AuthenTec. Sorry! If it works in IE8 at least there is a way for you to get it without the password.

  • cbkos
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    If you youse Firefox 3.0.5 the Authentec Website ask for a Passphrase to Download the Drivers..

    If you Use the Win7 BuildIn Internet Explorer the Download starts without any Password-Action

  • cbkos
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    anyone knows the passphrase to get the authetec download?

  • Honk
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    Can someone please kick AuthenTec's butt for putting the plaintext passwords in the log files?

    C:\Program Files\WIN7TS\logging\TrueSuite.EnumWindowsUses.log

  • juramon
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    For that they don't begin making a driver and they improve the application for their own FingerPrinter Reader  

    Is the current  only works with the MS Internet Explorer (for when FireFox or  Chrome? ) and of course for when with windows 7

  • john g
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    UPEK makes a great fingerprint reader peripheral that's fairly cheap.  You can get it at:

  • 7flavor
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    Do Authentec's drivers currently use WDM or WDF (UMDF/KMDF)?

  • I have years of experience using fingerprint biometrics at work. All I can say is that it is a great idea but a social challenge. Almost everyone complains about the biometric device. Most of the time at work, one person logs in a few other people.

    Of course, if you work at a computer company like Google that never happens. But the majority of these devices are installed at non-mission critical, non-security applications, non-computer based organizations because of a need to comply with the security and privacy laws.

    My recommendation for improving the biometric experience is social. Windows 7 needs to allow settings that transport across enterprise services. For instance, hospital employee one needs to have access to an EKG system, a charting system, an email system, and web based email. The OS based biometric software should allow (1) recognition of the employee (2) customization of the account (3) portability of the user account (4) scalability across the organization (5) password saving for third party software (6) automatic boot sequences of regularly used programs. Thus, Doctor A logs in using biometrics, the programs are all loaded and Doctor A's user experience is that system "works" meaning it is scalable, portable, and seemless.

    Employee two is a janitor and only needs access to hospital email. For this person, the clinical services are unimportant. The janitor never sees the more advanced structures of the hospital IS system. The experience of the Janitor is that the system "works". Meaning, it does some basic stuff, but who really uses it.

    With biometrics, there is always a balancing act in organizations which is the role of oversite versus free speech.

    Personally, I am of the opinion that rewards of freedom clearly outweigh the threats of security. I think this is because sophisticated players that seek to penetrate security will use far superior means. This leads to most biometric devices being implemented to prevent web based surfing.

  • thanks fergff. i'll try it out.

    looks like the microsoft fingerprint reader is officially NOT going to be supported for 7. Thanks Microsoft! This is why I'm hesitant to buy a Home Server. I feel like I'll buy one, then the platform will be abandoned.

    Fingerprint Reader

    No beta software is available. Fingerprint Reader is not supported on Windows 7.

  • After installing the latest drivers from UPEK for my Dell Latitude D820 laptop, i had a hard time getting it to work. Every time i tried to configure the scanner it would connect and disconnect from my machine which would result in an error message.

    I was able to fix this problem by disabling the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in driver properties.

  • fergff
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    rev23, Upek (named Eikon) makes a very nice biometric device that works very well in Vista x64 as well as Win7 x64. I have been using it for the last year, and it does a fantastic job.

  • ymhuang
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    Validity had been built-in several HP and ACER laptop last year.  

    Here you can download their Windows 7 software -

    and read their announcement -

  • My assumption is that since they've removed that product from, the likelihood of us seeing x64 drivers is low. maybe they've got another model in the works. i've had my ms fingerprint reader for years and years and would upgrade to a new one. i just want SOMETHING that works on x64.

  • I have to agree with Gumpster, Microsoft needs to set the example and write 64 bit software for its own fingerprint reader first. Never adding Vista 64 bit software support for Microsoft's own fingerprint reader was absolutely poor. Time to make amends and correct this for Windows 7.

  • Thanks for the great links regarding the authentec x64 drivers for windows 7!

    I'm just installing them on my fujitsu tablet, although I should note that Kaspersky detected a false positive with regards to the drivers, just though I'd throw that out their.... I should really send an email to the kaspersky team though....

  • Well i was going to post the irony that is this Blog,  Telling us all about the advanced biometric capabilities of windows 7 when microsoft won't support there own biometric devices.  However it appears several people have beat me to the punch.  So i will simply add my voice to asking when, or will microsoft be supporting its own product?  

    It's almost impossibe to find a fingerprint reader thats not pre-built into the laptop for the average consumer.  It is very discouraging to have this wonderfull capability and not be able to take advantage of it.

  • ymjiang
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    Hi, I am a developer for fingerprint scanner, we want to find more information to make our scanner work with the Biometric Framework for Windows 7. But the information is limted. Can you tell me how to get more in depth development information or who should I contact to get the technical information? Thanks!

  • Albert
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    Its good message for all to get Enhanced Biometric Support in Windows 7.

    Thanks for the information.

  • 7flavor
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    Great that out of the box, fingerprint is supported. Brandon, can you really find out if:

    1.  The Windows Biometric Framework will be available downlevel on Vista?

    2.  The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader (DigitalPersona) for the desktop will ever have 64-bit drivers?

  • John-D
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    Is there an ETA for the Windows 7 Beta download service to be restored?

    If it is not going to be available today, that information should be posted to save everyone a lot of time.  

  • chez_the_great, not yet! I'll be posting when the Windows 7 Beta goes up and available for you to download at Stay tuned!

  • Have i missed the download window?

  • Fantastic.

    Now how about you go work closely with DigitalPersona and your own Microsoft developers to get some x64 drivers for the Microsoft branded fingerprint reader. It's ridiculous that Vista never had x64 drivers for this device.

    What's better, is that the Keyboard that had the fingerprint reader on it was CERTIFIED for VISTA, without the x64 drivers, which, to my understanding, couldn't be the case.

    "If an application is dependent on kernel-mode drivers for operation, x64 versions of these drivers must be available.  The application setup must detect and install the proper drivers and components for the 64-bit Windows OS."

    I'm a software developer, I know the challenges, but come on. Seriously. Please get this thing working in Windows 7 x64.

  • TLTD
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    Why do we need this anyway, we already have bar code scanners.  We just need everyone to take the mark of the beast I mean NID # then we can just scan that for access right off their hands or foreheads.  USB scanners are cheap and have been around for a while already.  In reality, it will probably be a chip that can be scanned through bluetooth or existing wifi and will appear invisible to the naked eye.  

  • Why can't MS finish there own fingerprint reader first?? I have been waiting months (ever since going x64) for driver for this fingerprint reader.