Update on Windows 7 Beta Availability

Update on Windows 7 Beta Availability

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Due to very heavy traffic we’re seeing as a result of interest in the Windows 7 Beta, we are adding some additional infrastructure support to the Microsoft.com properties before we post the public beta. We want to ensure customers have the best possible experience when downloading the beta, and I’ll be posting here again soon once the beta goes live. Stay tuned! We are excited that you are excited!

UPDATE: The Windows 7 Beta site is up and working and as you may have noticed, it has been up for a while now.

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  • i have the key but i dont now how to download windows 7... please help

  • I do not have product key. Actually it was deleted from me. Now, how I can active my windows 7. Please help me...

  • where do i find updates for 7

  • any help. copying files to a memory stick  were I know there are some duplicate files, there is no pop up asking if I want to over wright, files are duplicated to the stick and have to manually delete, am I missing some thing ? cheers. Love 7

  • EricVdM
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    I installed windows 7, but can't activate it. I receive the error "key is allready in use". If i look why, i find the the error message 0XC004C003 description "The activation server determined the specified product key is in use", when i search deeper i found the message "this is not the right key, it's a key of a differend windows version" I tried also a diffent key and with the same problem.

    What can I do to activate my windows 7 beta

  • I want to thank the windows 7 team for what seems a great product.i have 3 home computers one running xp one running vista and one running the windows7 beta,and I must admit that what i've seen so far windows 7 is the best.

    Keep up the good work and if you need someone to help with your beta test just let me know and I'ld be proud to help



  • toshxp
    2 Posts

    loligoth are you a mac/linux troll this has got to be one of the easiest MS beta 's yet, so far installed on my main pc intel dual core 4gb ram amazing \speed, dell d600 laptop, not so fast but capable, just going to try on old machine using the least specs published, just to see what stumps this os,

       stop griping and enjoy the free experience

  • HI Samith SL

    Thanks for the help.

    The 1st download, did not pause, used manager download.

    start installing until file 34, then stop, it tel me missing or corrupt file.

    I used windows XP.


  • Samith SL
    53 Posts

    @ siewintl

    If u pause da download in the middle and resume, there's a hi chance of getting it corrupted ... If ur using a download manager download it at once.

  • I try to install windows 7, but it tell me a file missing or corrupt, I download 7 to 8 times. I used Nero soft. to burn on DVD. Please help.

  • jih64
    5 Posts

    Firefox works fine for me, well, I do have occasional crashes, but it has been doing that in XP Pro for a while now as well :(

    "Help me, I don't know how to update it ...!"

    Start Menu/Control Panel/System and Security/Windows Update


    Start Menu/Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Windows Update

    Does that help you?

  • Duane Duane
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    Pingback from  

  • halv07
    1 Posts

    Help me, I don't know how to update it ...!

  • GI7OMY
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    Anyone having download problems in Firefox - it just won't work. You have to use Internet Explorer (6 does it as the manager needs ActiveX components and you cam't download without those)

  • All keys in one package with great Windows 7 wallpapers:


  • onslaught
    19 Posts

    Hey ppl

    i have sony vaio laptop ..

    i just upgraded from vista spi to W7 Beta .. in compatiblity check it shows

    scsi/raid host controllers drivers are not compatible  

    i have seen in many pages that vista and W7 Beta have same kernel ..... is it so ???

    if yes then why is it no takin my scsi drivers .. i sure dont have raid config in my laptop ...

  • Aliht
    3 Posts

    When I installed windows 7 I faced a booting problem. It's always stop while it loading this file: Classpnp.sys.

    So, What are the solutions ?


  • I am in Thai. I like windows 7.

  • Mr Bean
    6 Posts

    I have the 64 bit version up and running on a separate partition and it is faster than Vista.

    Only one problem so far. It does not want to connect to the net through my router. If I go directly from my modem no problem.

    It will not even allow me to install the router software.

    The router is a D-Link DIR 655 and works well with Vista.

  • Gary7
    1 Posts

    There is currently a large discussion over at Neowin as to the date this Beta expires. If you run Winver it says July 1, 2009 but I have read here and at at least 4 other sites that say it will expire on August 1, 2009. What is the correct expiration date.



  • I got 7 installed today...works great for a beta

    still some glitches, bugs etc. that will obviously be fixed in a year or 2 when the real thing comes out, i like that you can change the task bar back to normal buttons like on vista and xp but there is no quick launch so you still have to dock for that, i cant get the gadgets to work, the gallery wont even launch.  the system tray is good about keeping itself cleaned up.  i have weather bug and it keeps hiding it on me though...oh well, i like the ribon interface in paint just like in office 07, now all of us MRSFT fans know that there are 3 things that mac lovers are gonna say we coppied off of them and that is the auto dim after certain amt of time for laptops, the new int. on the taskbar and the slideshow wallpaper. get prepared "pc's"

  • hey guys i have a quik question.

    I have a sony vaio laptop.

    it came with vista premium pre installed aswell as all the sony vaio programs.

    I was wondering how do i keep those sony vaio programs when i install windows 7?

    I dont have a sony vaoi dvd or anything. I do have a recovery dvds but it has vista with it.

    Is tha only way to do this by upgrading when installing w7?

  • kookie
    2 Posts

    First impressions:

    Playing Tomb Raider right now, it is running very smooth.

    In highest resolution it is a little bit slower than playing under XP.

    Good job so far, MS :-)

  • Wudang
    13 Posts


    Thanks for the heads up on the desktop icon. Wondered where it'd gone.

    Still playing around with Quick Launch which I live in. Like the highlighting but missing the pop up programme name when cursoring over icons. Also preferred Vista's separation of programme link and running application but these are early days and my views might change as I get used to it.

  • Wudang
    13 Posts


    Upgraded Vista SP1 to W7. Real early days but 1st impression is most impressive.

    Need to check tons of stuff like we all must be doing but I reckon we're looking like a definite 2009 pre-Holiday season RC.

    Biggest complaint is Ultimate is running so well MS are going to clear out my wallet as I won't want to settle for less.

  • Majic777
    11 Posts

    PS if anyone is looking for the show desktop icon

    it is the small rectangle at the extreme right hand side of the taskbar



  • Majic777
    11 Posts

    back at last, new os running, good clean install, comp back as it was, ie files and vids etc still in place even my book marks.

    full marks MS looking forward to getting to know the system.

    note for new installies - i choose the upgrade option running the disk from with vista 32 sp1 and not by using the disk as a boot with freash install.

    don't panic when during the migration part of the install if it looks like the comp has locked up. mine stopped at 57% for what seemed an eternity, but then it rebooted and continued.

    good luck all


  • kookie
    2 Posts


    25 minutes to install Win7 32-bit German onto a Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 with 4 GB Ram.

    Installing some other software in the same sequence as I did before on the same machine with XP Pro cost me additional 60 minutes.

    Compared to XP Pro installation with additional software, which took me 3 hours this is very fast.

    I don't want to compare installation time with this other OS called Vista ;-)

    Finally I want to say MS did a good job with Win7 beta up to now.

    If this is something we can expect from the final I don't need my Vista Ultimate with downgrade option to XP anymore.

  • darkmax
    2 Posts

    Thanks for bringing the servers up again. All I needed was the product key for activation and had waited almost 3 days to get it.

  • brat111
    3 Posts

    @any beta users

    What was the average time it took for you to install?

  • jih64
    5 Posts


    That may be of use to you.

  • JonF
    5 Posts

    does anyone know where the help boards are or if this will be them?

  • Thanks guys for all your installation advice, im a big fan of XP Pro and i just purchased a new 1T maxtor with a 500Gig partition to test W7 on....cant wait to try it out!

  • repoman
    59 Posts

    PPL Stop complaining and enjoy the BETA!!! Ok so MS made a few mistakes.. so what??   Just be grateful that this a public beta and not only for us IT pros.

  • onslaught
    19 Posts

    hey ppl ...

    cheers brandon works like a charm ..

    has anybody upgraded vista sp1 to W7 Beta ???

    just curious ..

  • this is indeed DISAPPOINTING!!! Microsoft, the world's biggest and richest software corporation, can't even spare enough servers for the beta of its next major version of Windows OS? this is RIDICULOUS!!! Microsoft should easily be able to handle much much more traffic than this, considering it can handle servers for Windows Live, XBOX Live, Windows update, etc. with ease. this is a JOKE!!! either Microsoft is really way too stupid to know what its users want, or this whole thing is some pre-planned marketing crap!!! Microsoft should really be embarrased by this fiasco!!!

  • When installing in as a virtual pc, do you install as custom/advanced...or upgrade? how exactly do you install windows 7 as?

  • Neilly
    14 Posts

    Installed fine - Takes a while to get started but once it does its all good.

    i went ahead and installed it on a partition, I had a spare couple anyway, Dual boots fine, choosing partition was simple, its very fast once its on the UI and IE8 is super fast in win7. I'm impressed but somewhat sceptic. It cannot be this good.

    A beta testers gotta do what a beta testers gotta do...

    lets make it crash and tell microsoft how we did it lol


  • @ EnjoiiV2

    It´s right!

    The real machine configuration recommended:

    At least 2 Gb RAM

    Processor with virtualization instructions sounds good too.

    But the virtual machine needs only the minimum requiriments:

    512 Mb RAM

    64 Gb HD

    Virtual machine is an option to keep your real machine and system in safe while you test a different O.S.

    Bye the way, it´s only one option to try Windows 7.


  • EnjoiiV2
    18 Posts

    Note for using Virtual Machines, you will need better specs than listed on the site.

  • @ hoosiers

    For test purposes. You will not need to create a dual boot. It´s like a PC inside your PC.

    This practice allows you to decide install Windows 7 in your real machine in the future.


  • What is the advantage of installing it in the virtual pc vs. a partition?

  • I got the ISO and my key by keeping an eye on Lifehacker. They posted some very helpful links. I am really liking Win7 so far. It seems a lot more responsive to common tasks than Vista. I'm having some driver issues with my sound and touch features on my laptop, but otherwise, things work really well. Anyone else running it on a 64bit laptop from HP? Have you been able to get the touch pad and multimedia touch features to work?

  • Hello All!

    To minimize the install impact, try this:

    1 - Download and install the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 tool: www.microsoft.com/.../default.mspx - Yes, it´s free!

    2 - Create a new virtual machine using the Vista requirements.

    3 - In "CD" menu, capture the ISO image downloaded.

    4 - Restart the virtual machine and install the Windows 7.

    5 - Have Fun!!!

  • EnjoiiV2
    18 Posts

    Awesome, I've got it installed :D

    I thought my disc was stuck at the initial blue screen after the glowing flag, turns out I just needed to leave it for about 10 minutes.

  • R2D5
    19 Posts

    @ ghostwalkr

    i have instalt it by booting with the cd on my second hdd/partition

    vista i on my first.

  • Mail
    11 Posts


    thanks but thats talking about windows update... i am just trying to activate my key otherwise i wil get the boot in 30 days and thats kinda worrying me

  • Hi, The download process is stopped at 15%, its not moving a bit ?

    The Stucked download link has (http://wb.dlservice.microsoft....)

    Iv got another link (download.microsoft.com/......iso)

    will it work ? are both links working ? Will the 2 nd link get interupted in the mid way too,?


  • R2D5
    19 Posts

    @ ghostwalkr

    i have instalt it by booting with the cd an my second hdd/partition

    vista i on my first.

  • Doomofman
    31 Posts

    So yeah, its very fragile... I've lost gadget ands thumbnail previews and can't get them back :( makes the OS just Vista v2

  • @mail

    this error is usuallly related to a connection issue.

    see the following


  • Mail
    11 Posts

    I get error code 0x80072EE2 every time i try to activate my Key any help?

  • Doomofman
    31 Posts

    Make that broken it twice... Gadgets AND the task bar previews have stopped working

  • Doomofman
    31 Posts

    I've broken it already :P

  • @R2D5

    TechNet Win7 Forums


    Also, there is a function within Win7 to send back feedback.

    Check the FAQs

    As for your other question - how did you install and where did you install

    How: Upgrade or Custom/Clean

    Where: Same partion as your current OS, a different one or a completely different hard drive?

  • @ Rachel

    Got it down now, thanks again for the tip, didn't read the FAQ [its a man-thing!] that will teach me!

    Thanks again

  • @shadow_shooter: Thanks for clarifying the issue for me!

  • The keys that were given before are unique, but not today's

  • R2D5
    19 Posts

    i have installed it now and it runs very well. thank you! is there a beta forum for feedback?

    I cant see my vista 32 drive from within Windows 7 64? is this normal? If so is there a posibility to partition the vista  drive that i can use at least some of its space from within windows 7?

  • Can somebody please clarify this for me?

    Is there only a small batch of keys? Even after the beta site went live, I'm still getting the same keys as before. Are there any unique keys??

  • All keys in 1 package and some great win7 wallpapers:


  • jih64
    5 Posts

    "so put win7 on the 2nd internal drive? and leave XP Pro on the master?"

    Yeah, that's what I did, works fine.

  • jab_au
    2 Posts

    That will teach me to sleep in, just started downloading.

  • Dbproguy
    24 Posts

    Nevermind...  The download thing won't work in firefox or opera or anything, I had to get IE Tab to get it to work for some reason

  • Dbproguy
    24 Posts

    I click on download and it won't download... :/

  • JonF
    5 Posts

    with vista its easy to start a new partation, in fact they make it easy for you to pick(once installed) if you want windows 7 or vista.

  • @peanut master

    I hit the add button before I was ready...

    I wanted to add the following link so you could read on how to stand up another partion


    Under step 3, look at the section talking about doing a custom / clean install

    Unless you are willing to reinstall your current OS, I strongly recommend that you follow these steps

  • @ Rachel

    Been trying using Firefox for ages, followed your suggestion and used IE, straight through, coming down now, hopefully within an hour.  

    Thank you

  • @peanut master

    create a new partion on your hard drive

  • lj68
    1 Posts

    Uh, the keys are given to you before you download the beta. Are you guys not writing down the numbers before you download the builds?

    You might want to pay attention before you start yelling at Microsoft.

  • Hmmm, I have another issue with the dual-boot deal: I chose the clean/custom installation, and two hard drives came: My primary one that I currently use and a RECOVERY one (which doesn't have enough space to install Win7). Upon clicking the first partition, my normal hard drive, it said that while all my files and folders would be transferred, I wouldn't be able to use the previous operating system I had installed. I want to be able to use both operating systems, so is there any way I can do it with just this one hard drive?

  • Doomofman
    31 Posts

    What the hell have you done to Media player? No more color chooser? No more equalizer? Argh.. Frustration

  • You guys really have made it troublesome for us Linux users to download :P

  • sanginius
    27 Posts

    Thought i'd pop back and give some first impressions, nice to use, fast response, ive had an issue with a few drivers, but thats older hardware that doesnt even have vista drivers, going to have to spend some time working out the firewall, as i got used to comodo, but havent found a standalone version of that for x64. Also have managed to trigger and report a Blue screen stop error. managed to do that by clicking autorun on my motherboard cd while a firewall was installing. but all i can say is shes flying, and im very happy, and no i still havent slept yet lol, that over 36 hours in front of the comp now i believe.

  • Doomofman
    31 Posts

    My first post on Windows 7 :D hooray, Installation took forever. First impressions. Transitions seem laggy, the multiple tab previews only work with IE which is complete crap. Control panel is odd looking... Langauge bar appears on the desktop which is also annoying.

  • @Brandon

    This has been a crazy 24 hours or so and i have finally got it up and running.

    Many thanks to all the Tech info on this site and for all the behind the scenes work by Brandon and his team.

    Very much looking forward to burying myself into this Beta release in the next few days.

    Thanks again everyone.

  • I downloaded the Beta from microsoft, I burned it to a DVD, and start the install but when it starts copying windows files it just stops and says that files are either missing or corrupt. Anybody else having this problem???

  • @ohioviper

    Quick Reference:

    1. Click Install Windows

    2. Install Updates

    3. Read License

    4. Type Of Installation (Click Custom)

    5. Select 2nd Drive/Partition

    Here is the actuall install instructions:


  • Hi all I got my key and ISO . Installed to 2nd HD. Everything working great except I have to go into bios and select boot drive. If I leave it as was before I dont get the option for Windows 7. It just boots right into Vista like before. What did I do wrong or what can I do ?

  • Neilly
    14 Posts


    Now I feel stupid. I hark on about people using the search tool...

    Thanks man


  • I'd also like to thank everybody involved in making this possible, including everybody on the board making positive contribution :)

    That being said, I'm still a little confused over the product keys issue: I'm still getting the same old keys we got when the Beta site was down. No new product keys. Is everybody still getting the same keys like me, or did anybody get a unique key this time around??

    PS- I think I've read almost the entire 224+ pages logging on and off, still my apologies if I missed the answer to this...

  • gumper
    9 Posts

    Trying to install onto a 2nd drive. At start up, it loads the disk then gives me the Windows screen to install now. How do I point it to install onto the 2nd drive? Will it give me the option after I click to install? Don't want to overwrite my existing C drive.

  • EnjoiiV2
    18 Posts

    Okay, so I burn the .ISO to disc, boot from the disc. I get an

    awesome looking Windows flag splash-type screen, then it just stops on this blue screen

    that has a kind of light towards the top and in the bottom right corner

    or my screen it says 'Windows 7 Build blahblah'.

    Any ideas what's up, I'm stuck on that screen?

  • eBiBy
    3 Posts

    For LJ4000 you have to search for the driver via Windows Update

  • @Neilly

    Yes, install Windows 7 on your second patition as a Dual Boot option. That will leave your XP Pro there as is (This is a beta after all). When the time comes to uninstall, there will pleanty of tutorials on how to do it without losing your XP installation. I have done it many times with Vista without problems. Windows 7 may actually use the same removal process as Vista.

    For installation, follow the instructions below for a "Custom" install.


  • eBiBy
    3 Posts

    When trying to install my good old HP Laserjet 4000 Win7 has no drivers anymore...

  • Just wanted to say:

    Thanks to Brandon/The Windows Team for giving us updates and working so hard at getting this Beta back online. And putting up with all of us without the patience to wait!! Looking forward to testing and helping to bring this version to it's final release!!!!

  • Getting everything pres and starting install asap. Great ay for Windows enthusiasts. ;)

  • Neilly
    14 Posts

    so put win7 on the 2nd internal drive? and leave XP Pro on the master?

  • jih64
    5 Posts

    Neilly, Dual boot, XP PRO, easy, all I did was point the installer to install on my second drive, it took care of everything, at boot up you get the choice of Win7 or your other OS, no need for dicking around in the BIOS, couldn't be easier.

    Win7 Rocks !! Well done MS

  • Downloaded !burned !now partitioning to try a dual boot fingers crossed !Thanks again Brandon and co @ microsoft !!!!

  • Have anyone notest that the x86 can show 8GB Ram !!!

    I run Vista x64 with 8GB an installed Windows 7 x86 an shows all 8GB :D

    That is something new...

  • ja37
    2 Posts


    I want to say I got a copy of 32bit 7000 just to verify if it was actual 7 or not, after seeing all the arguments, and I found it to be real, so I got on here to get the beta release of 64bit and sample that too.

    I am amazed at the feel, not so much the look.

    I do have issues....

    1. Classic start menu; will we be able to get it back too?

    2. Drivers seem to have issues recognizing W7, although compatibility mode is excellent, and troubleshooter work great; is there going to be access to the driver updates with the beta?

    3. Vista was a be EVIL, if a MB died or cpu died, changing it invariably meant loose everything and re-install with the new hardware; if Windows7 is that way, all the new features and smooth running system will not be worth the time or money to purchase and use; will that will issue be resolved now?

    I haven't been that far yet in my tests, but in the next day or so as time permits, I will do a motherboard swap out and see what it does..... Hopefully tomorrow night, I have too many pc jobs to complete before I can get back to my experimenting and sampling.

    PS, I am angry at MS for 3 major reasons, India for 1, and mandatory re-installations on hardware change in Vista machines. Other reasons include the waste of our time by not allowing FSX to use our libraries of older planes, but advertising it as if there was no change in that area, to me FSX is worthless. Everyone knows it would have been simple to allow, as with older versions having an extra app you could manually install, and was more work to block it. Will there be fixes for these things?

    Lastly, get some rest Brandon, I was on here following everything last night too, It seems the system is doing great today, I got excellent dl speeds, no busy status after 2am, and today helping others was smooth as silk... Thanks for the work.... Enjoy...

  • arj154
    6 Posts


    For some reason it wont let me download the beta in both internet explorer and firefox. Nothing happens when i click the link... Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • eBiBy
    3 Posts

    Downloaded 64 Bit, installed on a Dell D830 and it works as a charm...

  • David, since it seems like you're trying to create the dual-boot option as well, when you finish, could you post saying if the dual-boot works?

  • Thanks Neilly, partitioning as we speak.

    Have you noticed that now the Beta is up and running, people can't be bothered to comment again.

  • The Peanut Master you need to chose for 'custom' install to have this onpoint to install on a seperate partition, not 'Upgrade'.

    Dual boot should work, it didn't in my case, probably because i had a lilo boot record on the mbr.

  • I have a very important question: I have everything set up and the last step is just installing Windows 7. However, after installation, after every computer startup, I would like to have the option of either starting my normal Vista or Windows 7 (what should usually show up if you have two operating systems installed, such as Vista and Linux). Which of the two installations should I use so as not to remove Vista and always have the option of starting Vista up?

  • Birtan
    1 Posts

    Everything functions very smoothly...wow...