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I know many of you have had issues with the Windows 7 Beta site over the last 24 hours. As you may have noticed the download site has been up and running smoothly since this morning. That said, we apologize for the inconvenience that it caused some of you.  

Due to an enormous surge in demand, the download experience was not ideal so we listened and took the necessary steps to ensure a good experience. We have clearly heard that many of you want to check out the Windows 7 Beta and, as a result, we have decided remove the initial 2.5 million limit on the public beta for the next two weeks (thru January 24th). During that time you will have access to the beta even if the download number exceeds the 2.5 million unit limit.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, interest and willingness to beta test. It has been great to see the positive early reviews and feedback. As you know, this is a beta product. We are working hard to get Windows 7 ready and right. Your input is a critical part of that process. Thank you!

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  • Thanks good share..

  • where the fu** do you download it if you do not reply ill hack you

  • Hi,

    Can anybody help me in unistalling Win7 BETA.

  • Samith SL
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    Every video types play in windows7 slow, (skippin frames..)  How can i fix this?

  • Samith SL
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    Just go to beta download page where you see the key and the download link. It will show u the key that u took previously.

  • I do not have product key. Actually it was deleted from me. Now, how I can active my windows 7. Please help me...

  • I am having trouble with mulit-displays it only uses the main

    dislpay for my second mon/tv  I'm using a tv as my second

    display and i CAN'T get it to display anything else ie indepent

    displays i would like to have a email sent to me about how to

    fix this

    i'm running a nvidia 5500 with vga/s-video outs and i could

    configure both displays independent of each other in vista

    thanks in advance, a loyal Microsoft user since 3.11

  • Unable to install Windows 7 Beta due to SMART error.  

    I am using a laptop with a SMART error in the bios.   The harddrive is fine, been using it with this error for a year and a half.   Can't turn off the flag, the mfr (TOSHIBA) did not provide any method.  

    Would be glad to beta test on this computer (which I basically use for DVR and email) but you will have to allow this).  

  • Jaknet
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    Just to add. I find the library folders very handy and easy to use.

  • Hi,

    I've downloaded Windows 7 (using Firefox!) and installed it on VMware. So I can't really test the performance, but it seems to work fine.

    I appreciate the new taskbar (the idea is copied from Mac... but is better!) and other changes to the UI... only one thing: in Vista I found extremely useful that in Windows Explorer the labels to sort files by name, type, size, etc... are shown not only in details view but also in the other views. Now they are shown only in details view... why go back?

  • Jaknet
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    Just a quick bit of feedback after using windows 7 x64 for a while. It feels to be what Vista should have been in the first place. So far I have found 7 to be very stable and seems quicker than vista. Everything I've installed has just run. The only problem I can find is running games. Still I've just downloaded Nvidia's latest beta driver and see if that helps. Cannot give any error codes as the games just hard lock my pc so have to re-boot, so far includes Guildwars (bad graphic errors then crash) Dead space, Far Cry2 and Bioshock  All just crash within minutes of starting if they even get past the loading screens. I've tried running in various compatibility modes and as admin etc. Running these in Vista 64 with no problems at all. Will try a couple more later and see what happens.

  • zby67
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    wow glade to see win 7's team working so hard on a great os ^^ iv seen pics been reading and looking things up about windows 7 so now im downloading beta 7000. will comment back with how it runs and so on. also anyone know if world of warcraft runs on 7?? and what about older games like diablo 2, never winternights, morrowind and so on?? what about drivers for older systems say like 4 or 5 yr old systems will everything work?? also will there be problems with ipods, Zunes or other MP3 players?? ty will comment back on ever thing nice job so far on it love how it look and what iv been hearing

  • Rick77
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    Trying to install Java.  Tryed version 11, and the pre-release of 12.  No success,  Can anyone offer some help?

    So far , i think this program is heading nicely in the direction of what users want!  

  • Look at this. I have been using windows since v.3.1. I have used them all. So I am not a novice at what I see and do on my system. I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525. My download and Install of Windows 7 went with a glitch. Very stable, which impressed me. The only really bad glitch I encountered was the driver for the Intel 965 chipset. The updated driver does not work with my Dell, it distorts the picture like a mosaic. But reverting from a v.8 driver to a v.7 driver fixed my problem. But with that said. The Win7 OS is good. My programs run faster I have more Ram compared to Vista. But still Microsoft could do much much much better with the windows experience. I just want to know why Microsoft is holding back. I mean many have not seen the fact that Win7 is detected as NT4 on a particular microsoft download site. So you reverted back to the foundation of NT and XP, while still using the new Technology behind Vista. I am impressed. Because I do understand how the stability of this system works now. But Microsoft, I still want to know whay you are holding back on the consumer. You can do much better. Why should I and the other millions of people using the Microsoft OS have to wait 10,15 or even 20 years for what you are able to do now. It is sitting right in front of you, and you are blind to the really true EXTREME Win7 experience that the end user could be haveing. I wish you would really listen to what we want in our OS. Not what you or th IT people think we want. Until Microsoft really listens to the consumer. I will never truely have the Awesome and Extreme Windows Expeirence that I truely want. So Microsoft what do you say. It is not all about stability, but versitality, viewability, useability, and I could go on. A TRUELY EXTREME windows experience is what I am waiting for. I am not a designer, but if you could pick my brain and that of others who feel the way I do, you would be amazed at the true potential of Win7 and then only make Win8 even more extrordinary.

  • mark06
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    no trouble downloading it last week here in oz

    great op system beats vista handsdown

  • rozzie
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    Brandon - is there anyway to make the latest comments come at the "top"

    Just a thought




  • rozzie
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    I initially found a few problems with win7, most of which i fixed by searching the internet, including

    - outlook and word giving a temp environment error - fixed

    - I had no access to folders (even the Documents and Settings folder) which was a pain. I had forgotten that i had gone through the process with Vista to give myself full control over my own machine, another search helped me fix this problem

    - a few problems i was having with Vista seem to have gone away (eg when I plugged my headset in it would disable the sound drivers which meant removing them, rebooting and reinstalling, also my DVD would not recognise disks, even though both of these hardware items had the latest drivers installed, both magically fixed in Win 7

    - But the biggest gripe I have is that I only just took on a 2 year contract for Mobile Wireless Broadband through 3 (Australia) and this will not work at all!!

    No amount of searches, updated firmware, drivers (the key is two weeks old) but nothing, will work on other computers but not here. It is a Huawei E160G key - if anyone has any solutions please let me know - nothing on their website. This issue will probably force me to uninstall the beta when i go back to work at the end of January and need mobile broadband while on the road :-(




  • toshxp
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    I am really enjoying the experience of testing Win 7 so far all is running smooth, can someone explain the activation message on system properties page that says £ days until automatic activation, is this a required step on this beta,   keep going MS you look to have got it spot on this time

  • @Gerry O'Brennan

    When the BETA license expires in August, can we expect to either 1) be able to extend the beta if RTM is not available, or 2) purchase a permanent license key for an upgrade to RTM, or 3) purchase windows 7 RTM and do a reinstall?


    In my opinion really important questions

  • If anyone is interested, I posted a few pages back that the Cisco VPN Client was crashing W7 all together. I was using Version of that client. Version installed and works flawlessly.

  • When the BETA license expires in August, can we expect to either 1) be able to extend the beta if RTM is not available, or 2) purchase a permanent license key for an upgrade to RTM, or 3) purchase windows 7 RTM and do a reinstall?


  • 4nthony
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    this is a point i will have to go 50750 with yes they should ask for your contact details BUT in my mind your code is registerd to your Email address so wouldent that be linked to the feedback report aswell and as suck the code would show the email address registared to it.

    To be honest my laptop is shall we say wierd, with vista it was above minimum spec yet had major system lag when i had office, dreamweaver photoshop, putty and some other programs running,

    with windows 7 i can do all that and not have system lag its great i love it i think the UI is amazing and is simple to navigate i think the whole beta experiance its self is a fantastic idea,

    i have never beta tested for microsoft before so im a noob with MS but i have beta tested for several hundred other products in the past and its not to dis simaler.

    i am upset that there is not a blog post for feed abck in general.

    I.E The libaries i hate it infact i wish there was a way of turning it of to me i think that this should have been left as my docs my pics my vids ect ect, i understand the reasoning behind it for easy access to all files but i will say its a pain i am sorry i would much rather have my pics in one place and my public pics in another. but thats just me. anyway smiles all round 7's better than vista 10000000000%

  • repoman : learn to read, will you? I'm objecting to the fact the feedback tool provides no contact details or supplemental information from the bug submitter in case it's required for resolving the bugs.

    The point of this beta is not to lark around and provide positive PR but to supply useful information/bug reports to improve the product. It is also not something to be 'grateful about' - the reason I use betas is because I know, at some point, I will be using Windows 7 and I want the experience to be as trouble free as possible. *I* am doing Microsoft a favour - not the other way around.

    The aim when finding a reproducible error using drivers shipped with an OS, is to notify the OS vendor and fix the problem, not to advocate buying new hardware for every user that experiences the problem.

    I have to say that based on the brief look I've given it so far, Windows 7 is a less than completely adequate upgrade. In particular, some UAC prompts for normal users no longer use the secure desktop by default and the administration tools are still insufficiently granular : it's not possible for non administrators to view, but not change settings in several cases.

    Despite being quite happy with Vista x64 SP1, I currently see this release as tinkering around the edges rather than having a look at fixing the design. Still, it's obviously better to take the easy way out and placate the drooling masses who didn't understand UAC, rather than maintain security. Either secure desktop is useless and should be removed, or necessary and should be enforced..

  • repoman
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    What uset me is that most people arre adults and act like babies complaining and whining.. It's a BETA !!!! Be grateful thatt MS has allowed you to become a part of a program that is specifically for us IT pros.

    Sure some will have problems. Sure some will be frustrated. But like I said, its a BETA..  And the best beta by far ever to be released by MS.

    So quit your child's play and enjoy it..And if there's something wrong, be patient. The next release will be even bettter.

    And hope that you  are able to be part of that too.

  • repoman
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    Keep dreaming! LOL If that happens I'll be the first one in Times Square. LOL


    Are yiou blind??  To send feedback is a click away..  Top right-hand corner of almost every window.  

    As for the sleep errror.. My PC has no problem  reeturning from  sleep.. And if the error you got  is the same as in Vista.. well I think you might as welll contact Nvidia directly..

    as you said " All error reports to Nvidia are ignored" either that or get a new graphics card.

  • Hi Brandon

    After you guys turned on the tap full, download was quick and I am extremely happy with windows 7, it boots up fast and runs fast with no drama's with any of my applications. Well done to Microsoft, Beta 1 is a good experience.

  • Sorry, I'm less than impressed in comparison with the Vista SP1 beta programme as there is no method of providing proper feedback. This seems like a PR exercise for Microsoft rather than a proper beta programme (i.e. the one that happens with a limited testing userbase).

    Whilst I wasn't a member of the initial, private, Windows 7 beta I was hoping to actually give proper bug feedback including my contact details, process dumps and suitable files instead of throwing a report into a black hole that may well never be touched.

    In particular, I have a possibly obscure but 100% repeatable problem that has not been fixed from pre Vista SP1 release onwards. My computer will not return from sleep without blue screening in the Nvidia display driver. All error reports to Nvidia are ignored.

    Actually being able to collect customer contact details and extensive machine/log configuration might at least give me the illusion it's likely to be fixed.

  • I'm not sure where I might find anything this technical (if it really is 'this' technical), but does Windows 7 'fix' the 32bit issue w/ not recognizing/utilizing more than 4GB of RAM? I searched the main Windows 7 site, can couldn't find anything relating to this.

  • 4nthony
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    the download was realy fast for me i was very impressed only 45 mins to download.

  • I thought the deployment of Windows 7 went well, but there was obviously a media loss. I think there was a mistake in not being prepared on the implementation of the download services.  Although Microsoft fixed the problem, the lesson is very clear. When it comes to a launch, you have one opportunity to make a first impression.

    The first impression of Microsoft was that people could not download the Beta Software.

    I read through many posts, and a few intelligent ones noted that a 3 GB file across one million users was the largest single deployment of a beta install in history. This is a great technical feat.

    But the bottom line, is that Windows 7 is going to be judged on marketing as well as technical ability. There is simply no excuse for a delay when the final product is released.

    Personally, I would release Windows 7 on September 9, 2009 at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard time. First off, this is considered a very lucky day in China.

    It also involves a midweek Launch. That means Monday and Tuesday can be spent preparing for Deployment. Weds the 9th would mark deployment on Wall Street, ringing the opening bell. Thursday and Friday would involve collecting information and solving routine problems.

    The CEO could be available on Wall Street at the opening. Later that day he could speak in New York. He could explain that the goal of Microsoft is making customers happy. He could thank all the Beta Users that made this possible, over 2 million people around the world that sent in comments. He could thank the development team. He could even thank Apple because without their competition and their innovation, Microsoft would not have been motivated to make such important improvements in Windows 7.

    He could explain that he was satisfied that all this hard work will translate into an improved user experience, and ultimately the most important person will be the customer.

    Thursday could be spent introducing the Windows 7 team to the world. Interviews of key developers and their contribution.

    Friday would be spent broadcasting live in the street, the experience of Windows users in Time Square. Windows would set up booths in time square (get the Apple Model of stores) and install Windows 7 live in the street. There would be a Windows Fair, a major media event, LONG LINES (like the I-phone), etc.

    Jerry Seinfeld would come down with his laptop and have his windows up graded (you don't have to pay him for this, you already paid him). He would make a few jokes, and quietly disappear. Some notable IT guys would show up. Fox news would interview people, etc, etc.

    That's how you launch a major new product that (1) Is going to dominate the IT world for the next three years (2) Is not going to run into problems with the justice department.

  • Hmm I know it can be a bad place for this question but who can tell me HOW I can translate weather gadget from FORECA ? Thats GREAT!  I need it in my language for mom and sister :)


  • I must say, I tested Windows Vista and the instability and incompatibility was woeful - Windows Seven looks like the "new XP". This may very well take all those long time XP users forward the way Vista couldn't. Great job so far!

  • Just completed my install on a Virtual PC setup. It is working, although kind of slow.

  • onslaught
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    it increased my processor subscore from 3.2 to 5.0

    its a major bug if it cannot recognize both the cores

  • onslaught
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    hey brandon i seem to have one problem with beta

    i upgraded from vista spi tp windows 7 beta

    it does not reconizes my core 2 duo .. and by default it only one core is enabled .. ( task bar there is no option for one graph per cpu )

    when i tried to update the driver it didnt work .. but when i rolled back my driver to the vista one both the cores ran smooth and system response increased ....

    i think you should check it out ...

  • I downloaded the beta on the very first day of the public beta. It took me 3 hours or so to download the 32-bit version. I first tried it on parallels workstation, it ran slow because the host system was already constrained by resources, 1.5GB memory running a pentium 4. Another installation was put on the second partition D: drive of the eMachine W3107 running at 1.8 Mhz with 512 memory. After completing the installation, the D: drive had about 800MB left, however it didn't seem to be any problem to its performance. Only one problem was that I had to manually install the audio driver and the sound was bit off and it sounded very odd comparing to what it would be on XP. Nonetheless, the overall experience has been rather pleasant and enjoyable.

    A big thank you to the Windows 7 team. I'm looking forward to the final release.

  • I See the Future In Microsoft.

  • devize
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    Hi guys, is there any way I can use programs on both my vista and windows 7 partition rather than installing it on both and taking up x2 my hard drive? If i install them onto my data partition which vista and windows 7 can both see will it work?

  • iller
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    The problems you had could most likely have been a lot smaller if you just distributed the iso via a torrent file, perhaps even posted it on the piratebay and other torrentsites. It's always better to have an official torrent posted than by some random person.

  • repoman
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    You can send a feedback click on the top right-hand link of every window you open in Windows 7

    it may not be on coonect but it is on TechNet

  • ECJB
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    I have installed the 64-bit version and love the speed. Overall, I'm impressed, especially compared to 32-bit Vista on a 1 GB RAM machine.  However, I can't install a number of programs - most of the Live products, 3.0, BlackBerry Media Center (Roxio), and I think a few others.  I keep getting a .NET assembly error and the install dies.

    Since Windows 7 isn't on Connect, or I wasn't invited (even though I beta tested Vista), I can't find anywhere official to post my feedback or include screenshots of the problem with install.

    The Live package reports that it needs Microsoft Application Error Reporting to be installed.  It's supposed to be a part of Windows (already installed).  I found a download link somewhere and attempted to install, but it looks like the installer silently fails.

    Where can I get official feedback links to report to Microsoft?  I tried calling 800 MIC ROSO but that didn't help much.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    - Eric.

  • phillya
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    thanks for all the work you guys do!  i don't understand all the people who complain when, without you, they wouldn't have windows in the first place.  so i think what you at microsoft are doing is amazing work.  keep it up.


    YEAH !

    (all is working after connect only one monitor and dissconect printer XD )  


  • Wudang
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    see this posting from Tim sneath - MSDN Blogs

    #I Want My Quick Launch Toolbar Back!

    You might have noticed that the old faithful Quick Launch toolbar is not only disabled by default in Windows 7, it’s actually missing from the list of toolbars. As is probably obvious, the concept of having a set of pinned shortcut icons is now integrated directly into the new taskbar. Based on early user interface testing, we think that the vast majority of users out there (i.e. not the kind of folk who read this blog, with the exception of my mother) will be quite happy with the new model, but if you’re after the retro behavior, you’ll be pleased to know that the old shortcuts are all still there. To re-enable it, do the following:

       * Right-click the taskbar, choose Toolbars / New Toolbar

       * In the folder selection dialog, enter the following string and hit OK:

         %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

       * Turn off the “lock the taskbar” setting, and right-click on the divider. Make sure that “Show text” and “Show title” are disabled and the view is set to “small icons”.

       * Use the dividers to rearrange the toolbar ordering to choice, and then lock the taskbar again.

    If it’s not obvious by the semi-tortuous steps above, it’s worth noting that this isn’t something we’re exactly desperate for folks to re-enable, but it’s there if you really need it for some reason. Incidentally, we’d love you to really try the new model first and give us feedback on why you felt the new taskbar didn’t suit your needs.

  • "hmmm a black screenn with the watermark on the lower corner?  no icons or taskbar?? "

    Exactly xD

    I must try to install it without second monitor cnnected it can change something (I do not have ideas) pity that none of the developers or even people from MS is not written down:(  I noticed that not only I have a problem like that: (

    I`ll write here after my try :D

  • Great very Thank you

  • Hey, Great job guys..!  

    The only problem is the video playback  after install GPU Driver (  GeForce2 MX 400) before was play perfect both in WMplayer and KMPlayer..

    Any idea about..?

    Thanks anyway, Keep Working on boys.!


    CPU: P4 2GHz/512/400/1.5v

    GPU: GeForce2 MX/MX 400

    RAM: 2x256 pc133 sdram/1x512 pc133

    HDD: WDC 80 GB, 100 MB/s, 2 MB Cache, 7200 RPM (74 GB,IDE) PSU: ATX 12V W/PFC MPT-301P / 300W

    M/B: Chaintech 9BJA (5 PCI,1AGP,1CNR,3 SDR DIMM)

    Monitor: AOC Spectrum 7Klr(A) / 17" CRT

  • repoman
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    That is weird.. hmmm a black screenn with the watermark on the lower corner?  no icons or taskbar??


    I'll look into that but for now check out this site

    you'll porbably find an answer there :)

  • I have downloaded it 2 times and reinstall it 4 times XD

    more proposals ?


  • repoman
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    True I also prefer the quick launch. and I prefer a different style of the task bar. In fact on my vista and XP i have object dock from Stardock.. Hopefully MS will change the taskbar so it wont look so palin. And put back the quicklaunch as well.  Aside from that a few minor things Win7 is pretty damn good considering its only a beta.


    Try downloading it again. I know its a pain but itss easiser to download now then it was a few days ago.


    Again try re-installing  it..  I installed it on an old PC and had to reinstall it it 1 times for it to work.. mainly cause the PC was   pretty old.  

    And if it still gives you trouble.... download it again.

  • Hello !

    I downloaded windows seven of curiosity [ from this site :) ].

    After installation process (new installation  not the update) appears to me a beautiful logo "starting windows" and then only a black screen with an inscription in the lower right corner. Although I do not know how long the wait it does not change. What should I do? I would love to use w7: (

    My PC configuration is:

    Dualcore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 4200 +

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H (2 PCI, 3 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x4, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Video, Gigabit LAN)

    2GB RAM

    BIOS: Award Modular (03/03/08)

    Geforce 8800GT graphics card.

    That's all you can be important.

    Yours Vallhalen.

    Help me please :D

  • Have downloaded the beta version and am eager to install. But am getting the below error

    STOP: c0000221 Unknown hard error


    not able to proceed.. can anybody help?

  • markm66
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    The install went smoothly and all appears to be running smoothly and is working well. Its is certainly one of the more advanced beta of anything I have tried. It feels fairly close to be being finished. I am not however a fan of the "new" taskbar. I have been using it for a couple of days now and I find it slows down my workflow compared to the the quick launch bar/taskbar combo I use in Vista and XP. Its too much like the Apple dock and I am not a fan of that either.

  • Sounds like great news, all the better for testing

  • thank you microsoft. Downloaded Downunder on 09/01 in less than an hour (@ ~ 2MB/s oh yeah, super smooth :)

    p.s this OS will make u famous :p hehe, kudos & a big BIG thank you to all of the microsoft team!

  • I've been trying to download for a few days. i click download now and it takes me to this other page that says please wait while the download manager begins then after a few seconds it redirects back to the download page. any ideas?

  • FreeBSD
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    My problem with dual-booting with Windows XP on a Gateway laptop seems to have been caused by Windows XP not being on the first partition. The first partition was occupied by the Gateway recovery files. After reformatting my hard drive, deleting the recovery partition, and reinstalling Windows XP, I was able to install Windows 7 and boot to either OS with no issues.

  • gumper
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    Pretty sure you will have to reformat the drive or partition you have it installed on, then install your other OS.

  • mushley
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    Changing the subject, How do you remove Windows 7 from your computer ?

  • steedee
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    Congratulations... you just made another version of Mac OS X Leopard with a windows theme.

    Yeah... Good job

    Are you kidding me... people, all these new and yet to come features already exist on Mac OS X Leopard and some of them even existed on the older version Tiger.

    Come on, get real.

    Now, I know I sound like a mac user but I actually prefer windows but after seeing the future of windows I must say I am disappointed, BIG time.

  • gumper
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    So far all is well. I don't know anything about Vista, just an XP user. Do I need to install any other drivers (new computer-dual boot 2nd harddrive)? Everything seems to run ok without using MoBo install disk, etc.) Using a new Nvidia 790i FTW board.  (The MoBo install disk would not work on W7 anyway). I did download a new Nvidia driver for my GTX 280 Vcard that was for Vista and is working just fine so far.

    Cant game though : (    PunkBuster wont work with W7 and kicks anyone off using it. PunkBuster says its not interested in Beta's.  Too bad, I was looking forward to trying out Battlefield on it. It did look fine though the brief few seconds I had before the kick.

  • Where is the email on Windows 7

  • hey Allan M check this out

  • Allan M
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    Well, I see that I am lucky that I had no issues while downloading the beta.

    Although I have had some issues since installing. I read earlier in this blog that someone else also had the same issue with resuming from sleep/hibernate, where the computer will go to sleep, but it will power off completely.

    Another issue is with media center. Unfortunately, the only way I was able to set it up while having a set top box was through a coaxial cable :( I prefer the high quality A/V cables I was using with Vista. This issue was due to the fact that the hauppage IR jammer does not actually get noticed by windows. (This issue has been around since Vista, and there have been many blogs in regards to that issue.)

    Other than that I haven't noticed any large issues yet. I was wondering though if you would be able to point me in the right direction as to a forum setup and monitored by microsoft for Windows 7. I believe we may be able to share information and get things moving in the right direction if we worked together, but also had a place where you (The Developers) can see the issues that the users are having right "out of the box" so to speak.

    Keep up the great work, and Thank you very much.

    *** Also, Is there a possibility that I will be able to use my Windows Live OneCare? Currently stating invalid OS.


  • adcworks
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    i wrote a couple of articles on some aspects of windows 7; one i do not like, and one i very much like;

  • yankie
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    I have not been able to download the beta, I have been trying for several days noe with no success,

  • just wanted to say how much I really like the new windows 7 so far it has been really awesome. Havent found any flaws as of yet and it is running extremely smooth. I was surprised at the speed it had starting up and shutting down ( could have been my computer too but it was said it was supose to be faster and I do see that in some aspect). Great work and Im sure that the final version will be as good as or better than the beta. Thanks for letting everyone try it.

  • falcon7
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    Brandon, I know this has been a rough few days for you....take some time and chill !!

    This build (7000) is awesome and like others have said, cannot believe this is beta.  Looking forward to more updates and of course RC.


  • All keys in one package with great Windows 7 wallpapers:

  • windows 7 doesn't shows the snapshot of windows which i ve opened in photoshop... i m sure u guys are working on it... n fix this in final version... :p

  • Downloaded my copy yesterday. 7 is a Gem. Installed flawlessly and runs GREAT!! far.

  • This is a wonderful OS.  The beta works better than Vista.  I do have a couple of issue: 1) Windows Media Center does not playback my TV recordings I made in Vista (these are unprotected recordings).  It just crashes the program and exits.  2)  When I use Windows Journal with my pen, I get strange looking cursors, not the dot that I used to get in Vista.  This also happens in PDF Annotator.

    I am really impressed with the small footprint of the Windows 7 and its speed.  Windows 7 is a homerun for MS.  Nice job and congratulations.

  • glh70
    1 Posts

    I have been useing windows sence win 95.

    I dual Win 7 with Vista ultimate.

    Runs Great!!!  only 1 Problem so far and that is returning from sleep.

    I have tried many beta's .

    I can't believe this is a beta---Great Job I'm look forward to the finished product.

  • brio
    6 Posts

    I've testes Windows7 now for two days.......and it's really great. Everythings going easy and smooth (and the snipping tool is a really awesome invention; in the past I always had to use Paint etc..:)). I wont use my XP til the 1.August and then I'll buy a new PC with Windows7 on it;)

    Great job, Microsoft.

    greats, brio

  • FreeBSD
    19 Posts

    To all of you who are impressed by Windows 7, I agree that it' seems pretty stable for a beta release (other than the way it installs beside Windows XP in a dual-boot confiuration).

    However, aside from a new task bar, a fancy start-up splash screen, and a few minor navigation tweaks, is Windows 7 much better, or at least very different, from Vista?  It looks and feels very much like Vista to me.  Only time will tell if it's less buggy.

  • @chileno

    I'll have a look into it again then. Weird cause i've tried it on another laptop aswell and even there it refused to start. Perhaps i tested it before the patch. thanks for the heads up

  • Thanks for posting the beta. I am running it and very happy.

    One thing that puzzles me: When I try to sign into the Feedback Tool using either of my Live IDs (I have one for work and one for personal use) I am told I am not authorized to submit feedback. This seems odd, as I believed one of the points of the public beta was to allow a larger group of testers to submit feedback to Microsoft?

  • thanks

  • very thansk

  • @cowboy3398: You don't need to use IE. I've Downloaded my Beta-version with Firefox.

  • I'm enjoying Windows 7 beta so far.  The install was quite an improvement over previous Windows OS's.

    Only two real issues so far...

    (1) I can't get my Dell All-In-One Printer 922 to print even though Windows 7 automatically recognized it and I have it set as the default printer.

    (2) I tried to webcam using Windows Live Messenger 2009 with my Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX webcam, and WLM 2009 just froze up and wouldn't connect with my contact.  I switched back to my Vista partition with WLM 2008 and was able to webcam just fine as usual.

  • chileno
    8 Posts

    Ok I have a Tri-boot PC!!!  Windows 7 is definately awesome!! I love it!!

    Everything from antivirus, to office, to dvdfab work flawlessly!!

    A few glitches here and there.. Media Center needs a sliht fix..  WMP also needs a fix when inserting a DVD.. Plays with no sound.  Funny thing is the DVd palys fnie within Media Center..

    as for the internet radio.. no problems here.  


    I'm listening to DI.FM as I type this

    So I dont know why it isnt workin for you..

    And no problems here with playing MP3s.. after installling the patch of course...  


  • First of all, this is one great Beta version of Windows 7.

    Second of all, the only 2 issues i have met so far is that i cannot open internet radio through windows media player. It starts but that's about it.

    Also, windows messenger works fine on win7 except that it gives a black popup screen when moving over the title in the taskbar.

    Also apart from that everything installed just perfectly and i'm even using an old laptop. Compaq Evo N800c. Pentium 4 2.0ghz 512mb Ram.

    Booting is slowly (hey that was expectable) but when it runs, it runs smooth so i'm really happy with the looks, the feel, the speed of Windows 7. It sure has improved compared to Windows XP on the laptop.

    Is there anyone else who has problems to run internet radio on windows media player? DI.FM hasn't worked for me, nor has other radiostations. I'm "forced" to use winamp for that.

  • Wudang
    13 Posts


    I'm running XP Home on a fit-pc:

    CPU: AMD Geode LX800 500MHz    

    Chipset: AMD CS5536

    Display: Integrated Geode LX display controller up to 1920x1440  

    Memory: 512MB DDR 333MHz soldered on-board

    As a low energy (5W) 24/7 file server it's perfectably capable and handles most regular XP Office type appications with aplomb.

    The spec meets XP requirements but not W7  - even so any thoughts whether W7 will stoop this low.

    If it does not only will this be yet another lump of cash I'll be needing to hand over to MS - on top of my already spoken for main PCs - but would absolutely confirm the netbook market is going to be a Windows 7 dominated sector for many many years to come.

    Loving W7

  • I have had Windows 7 installed for a few days and love it!  I disabled the all the services dealing with Windows Media Center in order to stop it from locking up when coming out of screensaver and had some issues with Internet Explorer not loading the whole web page real well but I am on an older (8 yr old) computer so that is to be expected.  My audio card doesn't work but it took awhile to get the right drives for it too run with Vista as well.  I think this is probably the best Windows in a long time.  I do wish that with the UAC you could have them remember certain programs so that everytime you open them you do not have to keep allowing access or turn UAC off.  Maybe there is and I just haven't found it yet.  Oh well back to playing with Windows 7!! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Install went great. I'm sporting an older system and Vista wouldn't install because my video card wasn't 100% DirectX9 Compatible. But Windows 7 not only installed, the Aero design looks great on it. I had to download drivers for my onboard lan, but once that was installed I found out I had waisted my time downloading the rest of the missing drivers because windows silently went in and downloaded the rest of my motherboard drivers and installed them without bugging me. Although the sound is cruddy on my system, I'm sure they'll fix it. This was the easest windows install I've done. The dual boot works flawlessly. WinXP really doesn't care that 7 is there and vise versa. Heck, 7 didn't even give me problems with Ubuntu Linux being there on another HardDrive. XP had a fit about that initially. (When is Microsoft going to catch on to the things Compiz is doing and multiple desktops?) Windows 7 is far better then Vista, runs smoother on another system and is just by far, even as a beta, all around the best Windows yet.

  • BuckFix
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  • What are people using instead of Windows Mail?

  • tjnome
    1 Posts

    That was good, even if i was one of the lucky ones who got to download it the friday night :=)

    I hope that the failures with Vista will not follow this Windows 7 and it seems like we can have some good faith in this next Windows version :)

  • Ghostee
    1 Posts

    Downloaded the image overnight saturday night after work, burned it sunday after I got some dvd's, just installed and WOW!!!  This is awesome.  I am so freakin happy I cant think.  I would like to say Thank You Mr. Gates!!!  Thank You Windows 7 Development Team!!! Thank You to EVERYONE involved with Microsoft Development!!!!  Wow.  WOW!!!!  Time to get to work testing this software to see what it can do.  So far, its . . . . its . .  .it brigs tears of joy to my eyes!!!

  • ja37
    2 Posts

    Just a quick note...

    I installed it in 4 different configurations, and even upgraded one way from the 32 bit to 64.

    All instances were within 20 to 40 minutes for full install of Windows, and an additional 2 hours to install motherboard drivers and additional software from original discs, including downloading additional programs from the net and installing and updating all including Windows.

    The most impressive thing is a RAW install of 64bit Windows7 on a 3.1ghz dual core x2 AMD and ASUS m78n-vm w/4GB DDR2 x4.

    After setting the bios, then putting the Windows disc in and hit save bios and exit........ It took 21 minutes and 30 seconds to logged onto the desktop, WITH windows already updated, all drivers nearly new.

    Next it took just a few minutes to install the mb drivers from the disc, but that wasn't so smooth, the installer from ASUS took a nap after the first re-boot, and I had to use task manager to see what it was doing, and essentially it was done, 5 minutes.

    Next the NERO Essentials disc took about 12 minutes, and then I started to download aVast, Ad-Aware, Anti-Maleware, Windows Live Messenger, WinAmp, Firefox, and a host of gadgets, desktop picture packages,  and other utilities, some of the normal things I do for people as I build computers for them, consuming much more time than this.

    I think I make a batch dvd to install most items and nearly have a full process down to less than 2 hours, and with out hardly any attention.

    Brandon I have 3 questions.

    Release date?

    How much for OEM and Retail - Ultimate 32bit and 64bit?

    How much for an upgrade from XP or Vista?

    I already have a lot of people interested, word is get around fast. Everyone says Vista is over priced, and I agree, I hope this is more in a reachable range for the average person. I build a lot of PC's and I have been for many years, it slowed a bit for a couple years but recently has picked up again, mostly XP is the choice, but I can't help but want to PUSH w7....

    Live for today, as tomorrow is the future, and it is always tomorrow, it never gets here, because we only live in today, and it has enough worries without heaping those of tomorrow on top. You can quote me...

  • lee25
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    onslaught, windows 7 has a different kernal to vista but it uses the same boot manager as vista.

  • Seba
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    I have installed Windows 7 and I really liked it, but when I was using it my impression was totally different.... now I love it more than other OS ever!!

    Now I have a dual boot of Windows XP and Windows 7, removing Windows Vista forever and keeping XP as my secondary OS, and Windows 7 became my primary OS.

    Windows 7 behaves stable, very fast and for me is a very reliable OS (even in its beta 1 stage, which is far good compared with the vista beta mess). Now I cannot think my life without Windows 7.... keep up the awesome work.

  • chileno
    8 Posts


    you can try control panel and change the language there. The welcome center I think shows what language its installed in..

    otherwise install win7 on another partition

  • Quarrtz
    3 Posts

    After going through 13 hrs of trial and error to download Windows 7, I finally managed to get the key.


    but when installing (as an upgrade in English), I could not do it, because it says that the windows Vista installed in my computer is in a different language.

    can anyone help me to find out how can I get to know in which language is my Windows Vista installed in my computer, and if I can change it into English ?

    I thought it was installed in English.


  • chileno
    8 Posts


    Yeah I installed the patch as soon as I installed Win7.. But what found is that when you watch TV using Media Center, the CPU activity goes nuts! lolol  I mean everything works fine while thats ha[[aning.. but in Media Center you get an ocassional skip..  Guess they gotta work on that.. In  XP or Vista that doesnt happen.  

  • noop
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    Oops, links didn't copy over well from my last post.  Here are the updated working links to fix the MP3 curruption errors.

    32-bit download:

    64-bit download:


  • onslaught
    19 Posts

    can anybody tell me that windows 7 uses the same kernel as the vista ??

    if yes then at up grade iit said the scsi/raid host controllers are not compatible ..

    i dont have raid config .. but it should accept the drivers ryt ??

  • noop
    15 Posts


    Only 1 patch has been released that I know of:

    32-bit download:

    64-bit download:

    @Brandon LeBlanc,

    I posted this on page 5, but I have found a few things and have submitted about 20 Feedback's now.  When submitting these, will people actually read them?  In a few of my submissions, I have submitted some ideas/suggestions and was wondering if they might get implemented, or do you just mainly look at the Broken submissions?  Also, is there a way that you can track what you submit?  I have signed up for Connect, and I was hoping that now I have a registered key to my email it would add me on Connect to my history so I could have a better chance at accessing future beta's, and that I would be able to view the status of my submitted suggestions/feedback/bug submissions.

    Again looks great and am glad to be apart of this experience!


  • chileno
    8 Posts

    Anyone having mp3 issues yet?

    I havent tried media player.. all my music are stored on an external drive which I have yet to hook up.