Anti-Virus Solutions for the Windows 7 Beta

Anti-Virus Solutions for the Windows 7 Beta

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Folks have been asking about anti-virus solutions that work with the Windows 7 Beta. In anticipation of this, Microsoft has been actively working with security partners to help them get their applications ready for Windows 7. Three security vendors have taken the build we released to developers at the PDC in October and have developed solutions available today that work with the Windows 7 Beta. The following anti-virus solutions are available via Windows 7 Security Provider page:

  • Symantec offers the Norton 360 3.0 Beta which works on the Windows 7 Beta
  • AVG offers AVG Internet Security and AVG Anti-Virus that works with the Windows 7 Beta
  • Kaspersky is offering a technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7.

It is great to see that these partners were able to have their solutions working so early in our development process. We will add additional partners to the Windows 7 Security Provider page when they make Windows 7 versions publicly available.

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  • Duane Duane
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    a good antivirus program for windows 7 air gave rise to the operating system I write thank you thank you for your

  • Thanks for the information.

  • Can I install Symantic Norton 360 2.5 into Windows 7?

  • There are the best Anti-virus programs for Windows 7 RC

    -Kaspersky Internet Security

    -BitDefender Total Security

    I think there are best anti-virus programs in Windows 7 RC. I already use this in Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC

  • ESET NOD32 v4 is not beta and it has worked with Windows 7 solidly since the initial beta was released.  Great product - check it out - - you won't even know it's on your machine.

  • smb8731
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    Norton 360 v3.0 caused blue screen Irq confict

    avg worked fine but had to disconect the firewall to acess the internet.

    Kaspersky worked fine with firewall on version internet security 2009

    build 7022

  • Solution from Search-and-destroy.

    If you own a computer, you must have antispyware to keep it running at its best. The problem is choosing a scan that works. I have tried many different types of scans in the past and then I ran across Search-and-destroy Antispyware. I have to say that the antispyware solution from Search-and-destroy is the best that I have used to date. It gets the job done and keeps my computer working like new. If you are interested in seeing for yourself just how good this antispyware works you can click on to learn more. I’m sure it would be worth your time to check it out.

  • I'm running Win7 build 7000 right now, but I tried using build 7022 and Norton Internet Security 2009 won't install on this build.

    It runs very nice under build 7000 for some strange reason ??

    The other strange thing is that Apple iTunes 8.2.20 hangs when looking for the library under Win7 build 7000 to where I have to use Task Manager to close everything in order to shut down Win7.

    Any one having problems with iTunes under Win7 ?

  • McAfee released McAfee Total Protection Beta build for Windows 7, can be downloaded from the following location

  • 99749
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  • NOD32 4.0 Beta also works great with Windows 7 32 bit.

  • dsgnce
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    I had Zonealarm security suite loaded (since Vista).  But, alas, it was preventing me from accessing the internet.  I removed it, kept S&D, added Avast Home personal and problem solved.  The only problem I have now is the indicator light for my wifi always shows "off" (orange) whether It's on or not (Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter


  • I have been using windows seven and Norton 360 3.0 beta. Norton 360 seems to be working fine.

    People say here that they only 14 days trial. This is not true. When you are at the 14'th day just update the subscription and you will then get another 14 days. It is that simple.


  • I have been using ESET NOD 32 Antivirus

    Version 4.0.68 It's a Beta version but seems to recognize Windows 7 with out any problems

  • SysReq
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    I use the free Avast! 4 Home on a Win7 32bit tablet.

    I also have clients for the Trend Micro OfficeScan 8 solution running on one 32bit and one 64bit version of Win7, both of which are in domains. (The 64bit is in a Win2k domain, the 32bit is in a 2k3 domain.)

    The solutions seem to work fine on all computers.

  •, AVG offers version of their products (as mentioned above and on our Windows 7 Security Providers page). You can purchase their products which should install on the Windows 7 Beta or download the trials here:

    I am currently running AVG's Anti-Virus product at home on my Windows 7 Beta PC.

  • Mark
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    I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 installed in compatibility mode as their Windows 7 preview version did not update anti-virus definitions at all.

    The 2009 version is running as it did in my 64-bit Vista Ultimate.

  • I am running a beta Windows 7 and tried to get Symantec 360 beta3. I downloaded it and installed it. It never ask me for my product key. When I try to run it, it tells me that my subscription has expired. Talked to Symantec for several hours and they have no idea how to help. Does any one on this blog have any suggestions.  I also tried AVG and they said that they do not suppot Windows 7 beta.

  • Ghani
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    I am using AVG 8 Free. No problem.

  • ThreeOS
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    Norton Internet Security 2009 also works without a problem with Windows 7 as does Comodo Firewall.  These are the 32 bit versions that I am running on Windows 7 64 bit.

  • duel boot with xp, have zone alarm on xp wont install  7 so use pc tools antivirus free edition, works fine and are happy with it

  • i've been a Windows user for a very very long time now. I just dont understand why operating systems like Windows doesnt have any Antivirus software included or built-in to the os. i mean it should make perfect sense if windows includes an antivirus since its an operating system.

    what do you think?

  • been running W7 for two weeks now... flawless.... Avira Antivir Personnal (free) is the way to go as far as free AV .... Free, reliable, and always on top of the Test everywhere... ;-)

  • Personally I'm using the word kav 7 stations for windows, and I feel great and super safe, I recommend it without fear to make mistakes ...

  • Aulakh
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    AVG Internet Security working smoothly in Windows 7. It provides high security by colaborating with Windows Firewall.

  • McAfee Anti-Viris Enterprise 8.7i is working fine !

  • I am disappointed ZoneAlarm is not being able to run. I know ZoneAlarm had many problems with XP Pro. An FYI; System Mechanic 8.5 does work but with some initial incompatibility error messages.

  • First thing, the Norton 14 day trial can be extended when it gets close to ending.  Mine is already renewed until 23 Feb.

    I have Win7 64bit on 3 PCs and 1 laptop.  I've run it with Kaspersky, Norton and AVG.  I had some issues with AVG but that was most likely my fault.  Kaspersky had issues with one program, but I was able to work around that.

    I have used all 3 AV suites on all 4 machines.  All work fine.  Win7 is a stable BETA, but it is a BETA.

  • keminor
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    I am glad that there is some antivirus solutions. As an avid user and advocate of Windows Live One Care I was astounded to see that it is unsupported in Windows 7. DUH!

  • dtenner
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    hay all

    just wondering if windows one care will have a update to work with win 7 anytime soon.

    thanks heaps

    windows 7 is totally amazing i have not been disappointed at all yet

  • jward52
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    Just installed Windows 7 beta as a dual boot with XP today, solved a constant freeze problem but ditching the ps2 dell mouse for a usb model (it was long overdue anyway). It's good to see all these reports of AVs that work with 7, since el cheapo Norton 360 beta will only give me a 2-week free trial.  I'll do Avast Home after Norton times out.  Specs on my somewhat ancient pc:

    Dell dimension 4600

    2.8ghz p4

    2gb ddr400

    Maxtor eide hard drives - 320gb, 200gb

    Radeon 9600

    comcast broadband, home network

    The install hiccuped twice, probably because of the legacy mouse issue, had to do a hard boot both times, and I was impressed that 7's install picked up where it left off.  The install took 40 minutes total.  4.75 outta 5 stars so far...

  • i was using windows live one care with vista , i had to reinstall to another virsus programme.

    if windows one care is made by windows why would that not work with windows 7

  • tomhob
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    Another reason to get away from all the problems caused by Symantec and get with NOD32, I've not had a problem with Vista or XP since I switched.   And it works great with the Win 7 Beta too.

  • mordie
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    Kaspersky beta actually blue screened my Virtual box

  • zby67
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    anyone know if wireless adaptor works like netgear WPN111 or any other wireless adaptor?

  • Office ’07 Crashing caused by Avast anti Virus <

    I have been using Win 7 since it came out and it's been working Great. BUT <

    Last week I encountered a conflict with some of my Office ’07 Crashing everytime

    I attempted to launch – All programs, Outlook, Word, Excel, Ect.

    I spent 2 hours with MS tech support troubleshooting and we discovered the conflict with Avast.

    After removing Avast and installing AVG free all is running Great again…

    >High Five< to Rajiv Kumar  - and Microsoft Product Support Services,

    Rajiv spent hours with me trouble shooting and he had no exposure to Win 7.

    MS does not provide Win 7 support but I was able to file the support ticket as an Office ’07 issue……

  • Wilber, I'm not sure why it didn't work for you.  I am using the Kapersky version that was recommended when I installed the Windows 7 Beta, and it's working just fine.  I had no issues with the activation key I got from Kapersky for free.

  • I installed the Kaspersky Version they recommend for windows 7 beta & was not able to use my key. Kaspersky should be a shamed i can not test out my favorite Internet security with this copy of windows 7. They clame to have a compatible version but in finding you need to buy another key for it makes me sick. Once windows 7 is out of beta testing & ready to buy, i will not be installed Kaspersky on it. You would think they would want some feedback on how its going to work with windows 7 but like most of the world its all about money.

    Once i uninstalled that version of Kaspersky on my copy of windows 7 & reinstalled the old version of kaspersky on here everything is working just wonderfully. Keep up the great job guys


  • leo_hou
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    I  want to recommend some wallpaper for Windows 7.I come from China and I am high on photography. I was born in Beijing and take some photo for it. I hope that you would be interested. Here is some photo: (!925) and my email is,ths

  • After reading all these comments, I would like to say this:

    Windows 7 IS A BETA RELEASE!

    If you are having problems with your OS, you need to be taking advantage of your "Send Feedback", which is on almost every window, and should have a link on your desktop.

    I put W7 on my "primary" computer, because how am I going to beta test if it is on any of my other 4 PCs..... that i'm not using.

    Back on Topic: I have McAfee Enterpise 8.5i, and it will not enable, nor scan. I noticed that a poster has 8.7 that worked, so I will look to upgrade when I get home, and hopefully that will resolve the issue. If not I am glad to hear AVG works. To address the comment of another poster about virus scanners not mattering on a new OS:

    Any virus can be downloaded to your PC irregardless of "OS", having a scanner that can detect upto: xx-xx-xxxx , is of the utmost importance. I'm sure these companies are developing new viruses to send out so they can clean them, but the reality is, that there IS some 14 year old kid out there who has downloaded W7Beta, and is developing some nasty virus, so he/she can laugh at people's computer crashing. Can we protect ourselves from viruses 100%, no, but with regular backups, and up-to-date virus signatures you can come pretty close.

    I honestly was hoping that Windows would integrate their OneCare and Defender, and give us a great Virus/Adware/Malware/Spyware remover that comes WITH the operating system, and put these other companies out of business. But I think the last statement is why they don't.

    I just don't buy into the virusscan business, and i'm sure you guys have run across it, where only one brand of scanner will clean and even detect a specific virus. Always been kinda fishy to me.

  • oh yeah...

    I tried to install Symantac Endpoint Protection for Vista on Windows 7 and the installer failed. I am disappointed in that and is part of my previous complaint.

  • This is an upsetting issue.

    The way Microsoft promoted Windows 7 was: "If it works on Vista; it will work on Windows 7"

    I have been finding out that this is certainly not the case. Drivers are glitching and programs refuse to install.

    Backwards compatability is extremely important in the transition to the new operating system and a major player in why so many people had problems with Vista. If Microsoft cannot get the software to transfer from Vista to 7 without issues, then expect to see the same complaints files against 7 as you saw for Vista.

    General consumers do not want to have to purchase new software for the new computer if they just bought it for Vista.

    I'm really enjoying this preview build, but BC is something that really needs to be worked in if Microsoft wants 7 to succeed without working through the same issues people had with Vista.

  • Jaknet
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    Just to add Avast home works perfectly on windows 7 64 for me as well

  • djberry
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    I'm using the Norton 360 3.0 Beta on Windows 7 and it's working just fine.

  • djberry
    2 Posts

    I'm using the Norton 360 3.0 Beta on Windows 7 and it's working just fine.

  • also works fine with iolo Antivirus - not a well-known name, but I understand it uses the Kapersky engine - only issue was I had to turn off Windows' AV check as it said I wasn't running one, even though it was fine.

  • bendg92
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    I saw you said you were using iTunes and it worked fine, is there something that you are doing, or are you just using it as is?  I attempted to install and use it, and i have not been able to save the library, rip CD's or download podcasts or music.  

  • zby67
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    glade to see some AV that are being worked on for win 7! do we have a spyware and malware remover/protectors yet?? and dus win 7 come with a firewall??

  • MissETC
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    IS Kaspersky FREE?

  • I installed McAfee on my Windows 7 beta laptop and it's working just fine.  I clicked Yes when prompted by McAfee to proceed despite not being "meant" for the OS.  It's been downloading McAfee updates too.  I am using an enterprise version.

  • FreeBSD
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    To all of you saying that your AV program works in Windows 7, how do you know?  Just because it installs doesn't mean that it's actually doing anything useful, especially if there are no virus signatures for Windows 7.  I imagine any virus that attacks Vista could harm Windows 7 but who's to say that a special exploit hasn't been devleoped for Windows 7 that no AV software has been updated for?

  • Still waiting for morro..

  • noop
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    Avast! Home Edition works great for me!

  • Hey Avira Antirivus (Free) works greatly  too !

    WinSeven Ru7ez ! :)

  • zonealarm internet securty suite earlier version is working for me (7.0.470)

    New version is showing some error.

  • Hi,

    Do you know how much memory will Windows 7 will be able to recognize on the 32-bit version?

  • Alisa
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    I successfully installed Win7 Beta but when I went to install my printer which is an HP Photosmart C3180 using the software downloaded directly from HP it refused to install stating unsupported OS/not compatible OS.  I have restored my machine back to XP SP3 (and beyond) using Norton Ghost because I wanted to see if there is any sort of list of apps, games, and devices (printers, webcams etc..) that are compatible.  I didn't want to wind up trying to install everything I have only to wast a whole lot of time finding out each one is not supported/installable.  Any suggestions?  I have games like Hoyle Casino 2009, several CSI games Quicken which I use religiously a LogiTech webcam (older) and that printer.


    Amazon Princess

  • I tried Kaspersky, but kept getting corrupted signature files.  I'm using Avast! Home (free) as well, and it is working fine.

  • Hey, you may also want to use COMODO Internet Security, works fine with vista and have installed in W7 and works great too.

  • Thats awesome,and i have trend micro running fine on windows 7. Most programs,drivers, and such in vista seem to work well in windows 7!

  • Just downloaded windows 7 and mounted it with Power ISO. Went to install it on my laptop and came up with this error- the file "autorun.dll could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup could not continue. Error code

    [Ox3E7] It launched fine on my desktop!

  • I just installed Avast! Home 4.8 Antivirus and its works perfectly!, maybe when I use more the OS the problems with the AV will start to appear....

  • Symantec apparently does not support IE8 in Win7.  They stated "do not support IE8 as it is a beta version".  The virus reminder in Win7 stated 360 3.0 beta would work with Win 7.  Could not download the software from the Symantec website.  After agreement and clicking would not form.

  • I use Avast Pro, and it works fine for me.

  • Link
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    Windows 7 is much to my liking (except the notification area, I liked the older one much better). I'm currently using Avira AntiVir free as Norton 2008 is incompatible.

  • mikeumd
    2 Posts

    avira is good too

  • As a side not-so far I have had few incompatabilites. The main incompatabilites have been loss of icons I know this is not A-V related

  • edvista
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    Im running Windows 7 Beta for the second day straight. I install the Avira Antir Personal Edition antivirus. The installation went smoothly and fast, as well the scanner. I have trouble installing the Free Avast Antivirus with no success.

  • I use Avast Free plus Webroot Firewall on 1 comp; AVG Free and Webroot Firewall on my laptop and on the 2nd desktop my last install of Bit Defender Internet Security 2008 (all 3 have Win 7 64 bit)

  • Well Windows7 started off find. It was very fast booting and shutdown. after about 6 or 7 reboots to move back and forth between my primary OS Vista Ultimate and Windows& I suddenly could no longer access Vista, the Computer froze up, I was finally after about 1 1/2 hours able to get Vista to boot and opened MSConfig I found that Windows7 had installed as the default OS, I switched Vista back to the default OS, and was then unable to access Windows7 getting errors that I needed disk drivers. I finally F_Disked my D drive and re-installed Windows7. At completion of the install I checked MSCONFIG and re-set Vista as the default before trying to access Vista. I then stqarted a 476 Meg down load and during the down load Windows7 crashed. this download had been secussfully completed under the initial install, installed and worked VERY well...............Gentlemen you have an issue.

    my systen is twin Xeon at 3.06, 4 GIG ram 2-250 SATA drives.

    Any one have any Ideas ??

  • I wanted to use G-Data InternetSecurity 2009 but when I install it, I even can't start windows again......if the Explorer process wants to start, it doesn't do anything....I had to start in secure mode to deactivate the autorun of it to remove it.....

    Hope you get it to run!!



  • Avast Anti Virus Pro 4.8 working fine for me :-)

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection mostly works as well (both 32 and 64 bit).  Latest release-MR4, works as an unmanaged client without the Firewall/Device control components (i.e., AV/Anti-spyware only).

  • The Free AVG version seems to be working fine on mine. In fact I've had Win7 installed for about a week now with no problems at all, except for an ocasional browser crash. Thumbs Up!


  • AVG Free 64 bit works perfectly (3 days now) as do all my other apps/progs. Win7 is stable, very stable.

  • HI all.

    I'm using AVG on WinXP and it's very good. I'm gonna install it on 7 tomorrow. From now, still early, i'm amazed how good (compared to Vista) 7 is.

    Can't wait for launch.

  • Nod32 and Symantec Endpoint Protection works fine on Windows 7, i have no problems what  so ever. But i am glad to see the support from the other companies, windows 7 will be great!!!!!!

  • I have been using the Eset Security Suite without issue and very happy.

  • F-Secure Client Security v.8.00 in standalone, works excelent!

    Installation done in Vista mode.

  • vajlent
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    Avira Premium Security Suite Version 9

    As of December 16th 2008 the beta of the new Avira Premium Security Suite, version 9, is available.  

    The Avira Premium Security Suite is an integrated security solution for single users and SOHOs. The product features virus- and malware-detection, scanning of incoming and outgoing emails(POP 3, SMTP, Imap), AntiSpam and AntiPhishing and scanning of http-based internet traffic.

    New features in version 9:

    Parental control as add on to WebGuard

    Imap support

    Easy to use configuration wizard after setup

    Enhanced self protection (registry, files, processes)

    Http upload of quarantined files

    One click repair feature for the On-Demand Scanner

    Improved drive-by protection (integrated in WebGuard)

    Netbook support (resolutions starting from 800x400)

    WMI Support

    Improved update system

    Minimum system requirements:

    - Windows 2000 SP4, Service Rollup 1

    - Window XP 32 bit, SP2

    - Windows Vista 32bit

    - Windows 7

    Note: 64 bit operating system have only limited support yet.  Fully 64 bit compatible versions will be available at a later stage during the beta test.

  • Forgive the bluntness, but are you guys serious with this? We're talking about an anti-virus solution for a very, very beta version of Windows...

    Anti-Virus solutions in general are pretty useless and, over the long run, do more harm than good (false alarms, performance hits). I agree that it's a good idea to run some sort of A.V. on a production server or other mission-critical machine, but personally I don't think the average home user needs to shell out 40 bucks to Symantec. What is everybody doing that they need all of this protection? I think a little education would go a lot farther. Tell people not to open suspicious-looking emails from people they don't know and not to run programs from untrusted sources and you'll eliminate 99% of the risk.

    More to the point, Windows 7 is still beta and probably will be for the better part of the year (I haven't looked for the release schedule). First and foremost, no one should be running it on their primary machines, save, maybe, the case where it's run in a VM. Next, I hope and prey that those intrigued enough in this release are cautious enough not to go download a virus.

    Vista was a flop. This period of open beta testing is an opportunity for the community to influence Windows 7 so that the end result is something more people can be happy with. Let's not waste this chance getting all paranoid about viruses.

  • phermi
    1 Posts

    Hi all,

    Got the image, burned the DVD, boot a test machine (actually running Vista SP1) and install aborts as it can't find

    Any ideas?

  • I use COMODO Internet Security on my Windows 7 32Bit and works fine

  • What is important (IMO) is that these programs should be FReeware at least during the beta)

  • Airik
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    I had no trouble finding it right away and installed Kasp within 5 minutes of my install since the link was provided right on the A/V page in set up within Win 7. How can "folks" miss that is my question?

    In 90 days I'm going to try the Norton A/V there and see if they really have turned a new leaf.

  • mvadu
    8 Posts

    I have Kaspersky AV 2009 (which I had on Vista) and it is not that great. Occasional database corruptions and BSOD. Have to try W7 compatible Technical Preview tonight.

  • RogerR
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    I have Sunbelt VIPER working.

  • im using nod32

    everything ok

    the only problem i have was using tune up utilities there is a problem triying to install

  • boe
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    Symantec Endpoint does not install without a LOT of work (or work fully if you manage to get it to install)

  • cpburns
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    I signed up for the Norton 360 Beta when I reinstalled Win 7 on the weekend, and I was shocked to find that the beta "subscription" lasts a mere 14 days... not impressed with that. Since I've messed up this installation with a failed try at Easy Transfer I'm going to move back to Kapersky which is really stable.

  • Odin
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    Why not run a Microsoft product?


    Works perfectly for me and with the current cheap price for the non managed edition it's worth it.

  • yeah, i'm using Avast home eidition and its cool. Dont know about that Virus VRBD (?) thing...really hope the free windows version of antivirus software comes out soon...bye bye OneCare, it was nice to have known you for your short existence...

  • My existing antivirus software will not install on Vista, so I went looking for alternatives.

    I downloaded and installed the Symantec product only to find that it is a 14-day trial, seemingly expecting full payment after 14 days.

    Symantec should be offering a full beta trial, extended to the August 1 expiration of the Windows 7 beta.  They have full access to verify that they're running on beta software, and they should unlock their solution during the full extent of the beta.

    Asking testers to pay for the privilege of protecting their systems from viruses during a beta test is an insult, and Symantec has certainly lost my business.

  • ESET NOD32 v4 Public Beta has been working normally for me on Windows 7 Beta 1.  Normal being extraordinarily well.

  • AVG, Kaspersky, NOD32, Norton 360 v3 Beta works perfectly without any glitches or compatiility issues. Norton Anti Virus 2009 works if you install it in Vista compatibility mode, according to our forum thread. McAfee isnt working.

  • Eset's Smart Security v4 (Beta) is working fine for me with Windows 7 Beta 32bits.

    If you want to try it:

    And if you encounter any trouble go to Eset's Support Forums at Wilders:


  • Duane Duane
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    Pingback from  

  • pjb
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    I can also agree that Eset Smart Security 4 Beta works really well on Windows 7 for me. :-)

  • 4nthony
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    mcafee isent working :( shame realy i loved mcafee but i have the windows 7 kaspersky installed seems to be working quite well. will have to change once mcafee comes out though.

    one thing i did notice is that everything els is working smothly this OS is so sleek and smooth running its hard to beleve its not linux :O yes sorry i said it.