Windows 7 Editions Announced

Windows 7 Editions Announced

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Today Microsoft PressPass spoke with Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra who revealed our SKU strategy for Windows 7. For those of you interested, click here to read the details.

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  • windows 7 is really good. offers great performance.

  • hrhkee
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    I ask that you participants in this blog rate Windows 7 against XP and Vista... and don't forget to list the pros and cons.... (Dare I ask you all compare it to Xandros Pro, Suse 11 and ?Ubuntu 9+ also?)

    I knew when testing vista - I would never buy it until Microsoft corrected a lot of things about it. I also acknowledged it was a much more secure OS than XP but XP matured very awesome and ran well on all my various PCs. Vista was slow to mature and the hardware requirements to run vista well was a big no no. I out performed Vista with Linux on these systems everyday. Vista's last chance to irk me was not syncing my WM6 phone with Microsof t contacts. What an oversight.

    I say all that to say this... I tested Windows 7 Beta on old machines, mediocre PCs, virtual PCs and I am running 7 RC now on the same... IT ROCKS!!! I know already  that I will buy Windows 7 for at least 1/2 my PCs and recommend it to everyone as the next Operating System to own - IF microsoft syncs it with my phone.

    Take this with a grain (ok a ton) of salt - I am a LINUX BABY who measures an OS primarily on value (BANG FOR THE BUCK).

    So far, I love Windows 7 mainly because it runs on all my crappy computers and make them run very well - better than any distro of Linux could ever dream (right now). Tomorrow I plan to put it on an ASUS EEE PC 1000HE, if that works - I will be sold even more.

    Now - will microsoft fix the sync thing and keep it secure without driving me nuts????


  • Does anyone know will all sku's include AAC (non-DRM) decoding?

  • Surely Microsoft are missing a trick here? the could get some sponship from the car companies and use their grading system

    For example we could have

    Windows 7 L

    Windows 7 GL

    Windows 7 GLS

    Windows 7 GTi

    Windows 7 Ghia

    Everyone would know than that it is all baubles and window dressing for the sake of it.

    Only two versions are needed one with everything and without anything to satisfy the EEC buaracrats and fend off Linux.

  • zed260 interesting idea, Brandon perhaps zed260 is on to something.  A core operating system, Microsoft could set it up sort of like Nero dose, with plugins each with their own activation sn.  You purchase the sn off of Microsoft or your retailer/OEM and you have that feature, you don't want that feature don't buy  it.

  • guyjack
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    How can I get Windows 7 beta to recognize my phone (HTC Touch Pro) in order to sync?

  • Your strategy should be to realize how much was done wrong with Vista and go in the opposite direction.  Any ideas to repeat any of it should be shouted down.  7 is awesome and can really save face, but you're still at the point where it can be screwed up.  Just try one or two versions at $99 and you will reap many benefits.  Repeat the past and you'll watch market share drop more.  I'm pulling for you big time.  Please use common sense and keep it simple and cheap.  After 7 blows up big (if allowed to) then you guys can try the old tricks again if you want and watch them fail.  And keep Marketing out of it.  Have them go fetch drinks and clean up somewhere while you guys make the best Windows yet.

  • eddie_dane, you should take a look at my blog post here diving a little deeper into the Windows 7 SKU strategy that we posted tongiht:

  • Are you guys insane?  You've been doing so well with 7 and now this?  Release a Home and Business version and that's it.  Or better yet, follow Apple's lead and release one version.  Which company has been gaining market share and which company has been losing?  Seriously, someone needs their head examined over this one.  Learn from the past, guys.  

  • Zachary
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    Should have been

    Windows 7 home

    Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Then maybe a SKU for netbooks.

  • djb6
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    I've heard that MS has to do this now, because of the anti-monopoly suit against them.  Not sure if this is actually right or not, but it sounds right and I've read it in more places than just one.

    Although I do agree that they seem to make it confusing.  But it's something we have to live with.

  • I wish there was even a hint of a price bracket.

  • Sounds logical, and I am quite pleased that each version will be a superset of the previous: i.e. Professional offering Media Center capability.

    My biggest question is, what will Ultimate provide that Enterprise won't?  Is Ultimate essentially Enterprise for non-volume license customers?

  • jegel
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    I'm sorry to say that, but I really hoped MS would learn from its mistakes. Several versions of Vista had the only result in confusing the users. I guess versions Home and Pro will be the most diffused ones, just like we were used to with XP, but still, is there really need of all this variety?

  • 7flavor
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    Microsoft apparently does not get it. It's no use ranting here but I would have preferred a combined Home Basic+Starter, besides Home Premium for homes and Professional which includes everything that Enterprise and Ultimate has. 3 options, 2 mainstream, 1 only for emerging markets was a fine idea but then again, MS spoiled everything by making Home Basic separate from Starter Edition and features like Bitlocker still being kept exclusive to Enterprise and Ultimate. And act as if Ultimate is some super expensive elite lottery prize to be won through contests and giveaways.

  • Im still gonna keep fingers crossed for at least 2 installs per household per 1 retail boxed Windows 7.  That I believe would really encourage sales, without hurting the bottom line to much.

  • So there in effect will only be 2 skus in the USA for home users if I'm reading that correctly Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional, with Windows 7 Enterprise only available for big corporations.

    If that how it plays out it sounds good to me, the proof will be in the implementation.

  • yes 4 or 5 is all they should have and if they price it at or less then vista was then you should have a hit ( anything will be an improvement over vista when it was released) in my limited testing of win 7 it is very good ( i have it set up as a dual boot with vista home premium 64 and win 7 64 on c: and d: partitions my third partition might either have ubuntu 8.10 or fedora core 9 on it in the near future)

    i am just waiting till this friday for my upgrade parts from which include ati 4670 with 1 gb ddr3 and x2 6000 amd and a 4gb (2x2gb) gskill kit @800 then i will be in win 7 more to try out the web slice in ie8

    will this graphics card have any setup problems in win 7 ? i will try the latest vista 64 set up program from ati's web site and if that does not work then the second latest set up 64 bit package

    gl and tc

  • Windows 7 Starter

    Windows 7 Home Basic

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Windows 7 Enterprise


  • i cant wait to have my own copy of windows 7 ultimate! :)

  • rozzie
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    Actually adcworks I believe it should be:

    - Windows 7 Enterprise (has all the high powered stuff for big biz)

    - Windows 7 Small Business (like above but a cut down version)

    - Windows 7 Education (with lots of extra stuff for students, schools and teachers)

    - Windows 7 Home (with media, gaming stuff etc)

    Make sense?



  • I have to chime in with my dismay at the ridiculous number of versions that Microsoft plans to market Windows 7.  I suggest the following:

    Windows Basic: non-USA version for emerging countries

    Windows 7 Home

    Windows 7 Business

    Windows 7 Ultimate

  • dovella
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    see this

  • zed260
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    what id like to see is something like this

    windows 7 core (a stripped down version a bit like home basic)

    and then have the abilty to buy more fetures

    for instance id like to be able to get aero and shadow copy bitlocker

    but i dont want media center

    so why not offer a windows 7 core edition for 50 dollors and have the option of unlocking individual features for a set amount like aero for 10 dollor or bitlocker for 5 and stuff

  • johnboy
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    I really dislike this silly editions thing. Wish MS would release a clean and simple "one for all" package. Optional selection of feature sets at install time.

    Why do I have to buy a "Home Premium Edition"  when in fact it is the "regular" Windows 7? And what about "Ultimate Edition"... "Windows Plus" comes back to mind.

    MS seems to be successful to streamline Vista. Not so with these awkward "Editions"... Apple imo is right here to make fun of MS.

  • dovella
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    Versions of peak are two

    Home Premium and Professional

  • dovella
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    Thx Brandon,

    OK preorder my WIndows 7 Professional :D

    PS i have 3 PC to update

  • adcworks
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    just to summarise for other readers, the "streamlined" W7 offering is

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Windows 7 Home Basic

    i think that's it. for the record i loathe the word premium and don't understand why MS uses it in their marketing.

    it's that word that companies use, particularly on food where they want to make it look like there is some better quality but everyone knows there isn't.

    should have been

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Windows 7 Small Business (pro)

    Windows 7 Home (premium)

    Windows 7 Basic (home basic)

    and do away with the confusing Ultimate.

  • I Can't Bear More , For  W-7.. :-)

    For New Announced and Link, Thanks Brandon...

    See You...