Important Reminder Regarding Expiration of the Windows 7 RC

Important Reminder Regarding Expiration of the Windows 7 RC

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On February 15th, people still running the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) will receive a notification reminding them that starting March 1st, 2010, their PC will begin experiencing bi-hourly shutdowns. These shutdowns will continue through June 1st, 2010.

On June 1st, 2010, a non-genuine experience is triggered where your wallpaper is removed and “This copy of Windows is not genuine” will be displayed in the lower right corner above the taskbar. This means your PC will no longer be able to obtain optional updates or downloads that require genuine Windows validation.

To avoid any data loss, I suggest making plans to move to a released version of Windows 7 before the automatic shutdowns start. During these shutdowns, your work will not be saved.

Remember, pre-release versions of Windows are unsupported. For more information on the expiration of the Windows 7 RC, see this KB article.

To move to a released version of Windows 7, you’ll need to do a custom (clean) install to replace the installation of the Windows 7 RC. I suggest install, reinstall, uninstall Windows page on which covers all kinds of installation scenarios.

Do you need more time to test your application and hardware compatibility in Windows 7? If so, the Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial provides a great opportunity for IT Pros to finish critical testing with a full version of Windows 7 Enterprise.

If you’re an IT Pro ready to move to Windows 7, I suggest visiting the Springboard Series on TechNet which provides the latest tools, whitepapers, walkthroughs and tips and tricks to help you with your Windows 7 Deployment. On the Springboard Series on TechNet, you’ll find resources such as Deploying Windows 7 from A to Z and Installing Windows 7 on an Existing XP PC. You can visit the Window 7 TechNet Forum for more information as well!

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  • I've just installed the Windows 7 Signature edition on my computer that was running the release candidate.

    I was smart and installed Windows 7 on my C: partition and all of my documents, pictures, music, email, etc is on my D: partition.

    What I did first was use the Windows migration tool to save all of my settings.

    I then installed the Signature Edition and it did not format my C: partition. It created a backup of the old Windows directory and installed a new one.

    I then used the migration wizard to import my settings back and reinstalled my other software without any problems.

    The whole process only took about a half hour.

    It would have been a lot nicer if I could have just entered a new key into my RC1 to make it legit and use the disc or Windows Update to update any changed files.

  • Just had my first 2hr shutdown, actually very impressive I think that is the fastest I have ever seen a Windows system shutdown apart from pulling the power out from a desktop.

    The whole experience is kinda like a power failure, no five minute warning or nothing, really fast.  A five minute notification feature to let you know that the 2hrs are up would be neat, as it is though I was very impressed at how fast I was kicked off my system.

    I'm guessing that my hard drive was OK as it didn't ask to do a surface scan when I rebooted, but yeah it was so fast I kinda worried about that, but IE remembered my last visited webpage so I guess all was good.

    So the question is - is this fast shutdown likely to damage my computer, and if not....

    Is there anyway to make the a retail version of Windows 7 shutdown this fast, because it was very very impressive :-)

  • pj_f4e
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    At least four times now after an automatic update I have been notified that my copy of windows is not a genuine copy.  If I rebood four or five times I can finally get it to admit that it is genuine.  If you're going to have such an invasive program as a genuine validation program you could at least write one that works.  This is becoming more and more frustrating;.

  • I guess my version is affected, I just got the "Your Pre-Release Version of Windows 7 will Expire in 7 days message".. doh!

    Good news for external hard drive makers as people back up their files prior to upgrading.

  • I'm actually running the RTM build 7100 so I'm OK for now, close call, I should really install the real deal sometime soon, that would just slow my job search though so I'm gonna wait a little longer.

  • Time flies when your having fun, wow that was quick I still haven't received a shutdown warning on my machine and its the 16th no doubt that's probably a presidents day delay of sorts.

    Thanks for the heads up, its appreciated.

  • mworld
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    i installed windows ultimate 7 ....i entered the key also but still again its saying 14days to activate again.

  • When i took part in installing this RC i was told i could have a o/s as a thank you. I think it was Vista ultimate but i have never had anything and now i don't have a o/s to reinstail. Could someone help me?? Please.

    Kind regards,


  • Now, my question is.....Microsoft said those personally invited by Microsoft to test the RC would be receiving Win7 free of charge and had 2 choices. They could get the download online last August or wait for the disc to be mailed to them, although it may not be until after January.

    I called in November to see what was happening & was told it would definately not be before January.....Still waiting here.....

    Anybody know whats happening ??

  • Win7 Ultimate Sig Edition ( from House party) can be used as either an upgrade from Vista, or clean install.

  • bikiz
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    Can you upgrade from RC?

  • w2oi
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    I installed Windows 7 RC 64bit  on a brand new desktop.

    I received  Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition for hosting the Windows 7 House Party.  All migration issues reflect a move from Win XP to Win 7 where I have to do a clean install but reference XP which I obviously never installed on the new machine.  Do I have to wipe out my Win 7 RC installation and do a clean install with Win 7 ultimate?

    Is the Win 7 Ultimate Signature edition an upgrade or the full package?Even  If it is not an upgrade, do I have to install a previous xp or vista version?  I have asked this question before, but every answer I get seems to require a previous version of windows on the new machine in order to migrate.

    Does anyone have a definitive answer?  Thanks.

  • does this include the build 7100 ultimate?

  • shinji
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    They had the family pack when Windows 7 originally came out to the retail stores.  At the same time they indicated it was a limited time offer.  It provided 3 Home Premium upgrade licenses for $150.

  • RevRedDog
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    Where is the Family Pack?

    Obviously Micro$$oft is in it for the money as any good corporate giant is but come on.

    Don't tell me how great Windows 7 is at the very same time you make it so that the AVERAGE AMERICAN cannot afford to upgrade their 3 PC's