Bloomberg: “Microsoft Outpaces Apple in Customer Satisfaction”

Bloomberg: “Microsoft Outpaces Apple in Customer Satisfaction”

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It is great to see the excitement for Windows 7 translating into customer satisfaction with Microsoft overall. Earlier this week, Bloomberg posted an article headlined “Microsoft Outpaces Apple in Customer Satisfaction” that examined data gathered by YouGov Plc showing that Windows 7 has contributed more than twice as much to Microsoft’s customer satisfaction than Snow Leopard has to Apple’s. The data shows that customer satisfaction for Microsoft was at 64% the day before Windows 7 launched on Oct. 22nd, rose to 67% in the following week, and grew to 73% by the end of 2009 for a total increase of 14%. After Apple’s August 28th release of Snow Leopard, customer satisfaction rose 1% to 65% in the first week and grew 6.9% by the end of the year.

Business buyers will also likely take note, according to InformationWeek who said, “For CIOs, this news is likely to inspire additional confidence that Windows 7 can be regarded as a viable upgrade strategy.”

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  • RevRedDog
    17 Posts

    It's great to see that posters like Mr. Cameron decide that posting personal attacks on my profile is ok. It's a sad situation for said person when they feel it's ok to personally attack a person that has an opinion that is different from their own.

    God Bless you Mr. Camerson and God Bless America

  • @RevRedDog,

    "Don't tell me how great Windows 7 is at the very same time you make it so that the AVERAGE AMERICAN cannot afford to upgrade their 3 PC's from XP "

    Microsoft sells to more than just the United States. Have you considered that the average American is lower than the global average?

  • ZdrX
    2 Posts

    They said the same stuff when they launched windows Vista, and it was the worst platform ever, I think if you paid for Vista, you should get 7 for free Just for the time you spent waiting for your computer to recover from"unexpected shut down" and unlimited useless patches.

  • I love it!! Since my first PC in 1982, Apple has been the most liked computer even though you couldn't run most 3rd party apps on them. Windows has always had thousands of Apps available for it, so this news makes me happy!   {:0)


  • Why Can't They Make Windows DreamScene For Windows 7

  • shinji
    5 Posts

    The Windows 7 Family Pack was listed as a limited time offer.  It was never intended to be kept on the market.

  • Windows 7 is by far my favorite OS that I've used yet. and I've used quite a bit. (almost all of them if you count my computer refurbishing class I took back during my freshmen year of high school. Back in 2004/2005) My family got its first computer from the shopping network QVC back in 1999 and it had Windows 98 Second edition on it. Though out the next few years we purchused newer machines. Finally got XP in 2002 and then vista in 2007. We have two PCs in the home, both running Windows 7.  Thinking of getting another once but using it solly for Media center on our 65" HD-TV.

    Windows 7 IS advanced, from Home group, to intergration with Windows live to the revamp UIs of the classic programs since Windows 1.0 and  many more,

    but so is Snow Leopard. BOTH are great OS, and BOTH have their ups and downs.

  • i love windows 7, i liked it a lot.........the experience is really different

    And definitely windows 8 and so on gona rock.........

    my wife who most of the time oppose upgrading softwares liked 7 as well......

    so upgrade from XP to 7 worth to me........

  • Zod
    12 Posts

    I love Windows 7 so far but of course it can still be a lot improved,with its optimizations i believe it's going to get faster and faster and so I hope. I personally have found 7 a bit laggy when playing music,nothing terrible but the gui could me more fluid. As someone said before me,keep improving and don't sit on laurels!

  • Arithon
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    I'm pretty happy with Windows 7.

    However, don't sit on your laurels.

    I was happy with Apple and I still like their products (although my wife says my iPhone sounds terrible when making a call to her).

    Apple as a company though, treat their customers like an expendable resource.

    They launch products, stop supporting them, then deny all knowledge.

    Not to mention the issues with iTunes 9 and Win7 x64...

  • praveen
    2 Posts

    windows 7 can be made more better.

  • RevRedDog
    17 Posts

    Which is just more proof they do NOT care about their customers.

    When the economy gets rough they take away the Family Pack forcing their customers to pay more for the very same product they offered 2 months earlier for a low price.

    Sounds like classic price gouging to me.

    Where is the Family Pack?

    Don't tell me how great Windows 7 is at the very same time you make it so that the AVERAGE AMERICAN cannot afford to upgrade their 3 PC's from XP