More than 10% of all PCs worldwide now on Windows 7

More than 10% of all PCs worldwide now on Windows 7

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Today we reported our third quarter earnings for the period ending March 31st, 2010 with a record $14.5 billion in revenue. You can read our earnings results here. Windows 7 continues to be a growth driver for Microsoft and people continue to be excited about Windows 7. How excited?  Exactly 6 months after the launch on October 22, 2009, we’ve sold well over 100 million licenses of Windows 7. To put that in context, more than 10% of all PCs worldwide are already running Windows 7 today. That’s amazing!

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  • I was hesitant to try windows 7 at first because I was so used to windows xp, but when I lost my booklet with my windows xp key code I decided to try 7. Initial thought it was a bit troubling to navigate. But the more I got used to it the more I seemed to had seem to like it. I have less crashes with 7 than I did with XP. The thing 7 is missing is the ability to minimize the windows media player in tool bar mode like XP has. Please bring that idea up to Microsoft, I like listening to music in the background and having the player in tool bar mode for when I'm alt tabbing between two gaming clients. The last thing I want is the media player popping up on me.

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    I just love Windows 7! Mac OS is s.h.i.r.t!

  • I love Windows 7. It's the best OS I ever liked.

  • Windows 7 is a great OS, but I believe it is thriving for the same reason Windows 95 did. Remember the disaster called "Windows Me" folks?. 7 rescued Vista the same way XP rescued Windows Me.

  • Only 10%? And that includes all the new PCs with the cheap Win7 given to OEMs? Let's have some real data not this ridiculous Win7 marketing nonsense.

    You do yourselves no favours putting out this stuff, unless your target audience is housewives who don't know any better, although judging by the majority of comments here, most posters seem to be aged about 16.

    Once MS finally stops giving out security patches for XP, I'll be changing to Linux.

  • installation and uninstalling of programs eg. (Error 0x80190197)

  • @lars66: You are right on the fact that both Windows 7 and Windows Vista virtually appears the same. But the success of Windows 7 does not just come from the GUI. It comes from the better resource optimization capabilities of Windows 7 compared to Vista. Just try this. Triple boot a netbook with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You'll see the clear difference.

  • lars66
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    Can anyone please explain why Vista "sucks" and 7 is "great" when both are virtually identical ?

  • @ieee802 There are major technical reason why I upgraded to Windows 7.  Win 7 supports supports Trim for my Solid State Hard Drive.  My windows loads in under 10 seconds.  My Laptop battery life has increased by over 30min!  Vista is a resource hog, my CPU usage at idle under vista was 23%-30% now it is only at 2%.-6% which probably explains why battery life has increased.  Programs run a lot quicker, the whole user interface is much smoother and easier to use.  These are just a few of many more reasons that make Win 7 worth the purchase!

  • ieee802
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    I won't be part of that marketshare for Windows 7 until pricing comes down.  I have yet to read a compelling technical reason to dump Vista for Win7 unless you consider all the GUI enhancements and a few minor ones such as XP or driver compatibility as being foundational changes to the OS that should deem it as something very new and not something revised.  I'm having trouble justifying the upgrade prices -- although you had it temporarily correct with the 50% discounted Win7 Family Pack last year (which I just learned about!) -- in the name of a new OS that still appears to me to be Vista 2.0.  Please strip away the GUI enhancements and help me understand how process, thread, disk, and memory management has been significantly enhanced over Vista that makes this version worth calling it a new OS and not just an old OS with a shiny, new paint job.

  • Windows 7 is the new XP. If you like XP you'll LOVE Windows 7.

  • kio_http
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    You posted this to promote Windows 7.

    Windows NT series shares a lot of stuff.

    XP is as good as 7.

    Ubuntu is the way to go.

  • Windows 7 is the greatest OS ever. Well done.

  • WOW!

    I told you earlier! And I always say that Windows 7 owns big time! Everything else sucks big time!