Windows Summit 2010

Windows Summit 2010

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I have exciting news about a special event called Windows Summit 2010. For those who don’t know, Windows Summit 2010 is a special event designed for hardware and software designers, developers, engineers, testers and other technology professionals who want to learn how to build great products on Windows 7. Originally, the event was to take place here at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA. However, to make this more accessible to a larger audience we decided to make Windows Summit 2010 an online event. In making this an online event, we have made the content more digestible by giving you a month of great topics, tools and resources! Here is the current schedule:

  • May 25th - Device Track: Discover the rich customization features in Windows 7 that enables partners to create a custom user experience for the PC or device. Targeted at software and device firmware engineers, this track will provide you with the direction and technical information to unlock the power of Windows 7 to create a great device experience.
  • June 2nd - System track: Understand the features of Windows 7 that you can leverage to create and deliver the best system possible. You'll see how implementing a few fundamental techniques can dramatically improve overall system quality and key user experiences.
  • June 16th - Software track: The Windows 7 platform makes it easy for developers to create engaging, user-friendly applications by providing familiar tools and rich development features that allow them to take advantage of the latest PC capabilities. The sessions in this track will guide you through the key developer advances in fundamentals, richer application experiences, and the best of Windows and the Web.

Check out the site to learn more including information about registration!

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  • jashina
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    Cool.. I really don't know about Windows submit 2010.. I am a tester and i will  use it .. And i want to more knowledge about it..

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    NOTE :

    WINDOWS7 Service pack1


  • Really i don't know about this version of windows.thank you for this post.It is really very informative to update my knowledge.

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  • I am an amateur but I have an important message to Microsoft and Windows 7 dev. team.

    One of the biggest nuisances of Windows are the countless error messages when installing and uninstalling programs. I also have Mac and the error never occurs.

    The problem is often Windows 7 registration keys locks due to errors by missing userrights. There must be a bug in Windows 7 that makes registry keys [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Installer \ Products \]) extremely vulnerable.

    It must be possible for Microsoft to modify Windows so that it becomes more stable, and avoid error codes at the installation and uninstalling of programs eg. (Error 0x80190197)

    I'm not saying Microsoft have to do as Apple, but you have to take the best from others and implement it in Windows, so that users get the best and most problem free computing experience.

    Otherwise I am happy about Windows and think Microsoft is doing a good job


  • there no next release for vista or is it win 7??

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  • bs2000
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    Im not sure what your Summits consist of but how about going over how unhappy Windows Vista Ultimate users are with never getting any discounts on a platform that never gave any real Extras or Ultimate experience.

  • I dont believe this....does developers are also a part of this summit??

  • 7flavor
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    How about supporting all the Zune models in Device Stage?

  • Personally, I didn't know about Windows Summit, but after reading this post I came to know that developers are also a part of Summit, will definitely make it!